by Elizabeth Hill A few thoughts about sewing …             Teaching sewing to young people is a wonderful opportunity to help young minds be creative, develop confidence, learn practical life skills and just have productive fun.  When I see the light bulb of understanding go on inside a pupil’s mind I am thrilled. All.. read more →

21 Oct 2015
October 21, 2015

Crazy Quilted Lunch Bag

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We recently posted this Crazy Quilted Lunch bag on our website, Not long after we had an email saying, “I love this bag, but I’m a beginner and the instructions are hard for me to follow.” So we went back to the designer, Elizabeth Hill, and asked her if she could break it down.. read more →

Have fun mixing and matching these silly animal parts. Create funny new animals by just switching cards. To play: For a simple game of matching jumble cards. Put in a pile on a flat surface. Ask children to sort the body parts to make completed sets. For creative fun mix and match body parts to.. read more →

Autumn is my favorite season of the year.  Whenever I think of fall I think of beautiful earth tones of red, orange, gold with a hint of green and brown.  I enjoy watching from the window in my sewing room the leaves swirling and falling. Raking leaves, now that’s a different story.   In celebration.. read more →

For hours of creative fun, make paper dolls using Phoomph! Create your own patterns or usethe patterns provided. Dolls can be personalized by cutting the child’s face out of a picutres and gluing it in place on the doll’s head. Supplies: Phoomph, Stiff, 1 sheet Phoomph, Soft, 1 sheet Assorted fabrics Flesh tone Scrapbook paper.. read more →

Let budding artists help decorate the table. Store bought vinyl placemats make a perfect backdrop for chalkboard placemats. Supplies: Phoomph, Soft, 2 sheets per placemat Vinyl Placemats, rectangle or oval Chalkboard fabric, ½ yard Craft Foam Sheets, 4 Dinosaur and Flower patterns Steps: 1. Peel off paper backing from one piece of Phoomph, Soft. Attach.. read more →

This vintage game is still a hit providing hours of fun and giggles. Personalize dollar store paddles with Phoomph and fabric. Have a Paddle Ball Tournament! To play: Give each player a Phoomph Paddle Ball. On the word “Go” each player tries to hit the ball by either hitting up or hitting down. The person.. read more →

Combine Phoomph and a potato chip can to create a Kaleidoscope that will entertain and amaze the kids and a few grown-ups, too! Supplies: Phoomph, Stiff, 1 sheet Phoomph, Soft, 2 sheets Print fabric, ½ yard Coordinating solid fabric, 1/8 yard Metallic Dura-Lar Film, Silver, 1 sheet (9” x 12”) Scrapbooking paper to coordinate with.. read more →

This is a fun game for children plus it helps them practice basic skills in matching and recognizing a pattern. It’s also a great way to use small fabric scraps to make a portable game for road trips or rainy days. Instead of matching numbers, match fabrics in this version of an age old favorite, Dominoes. Be.. read more →

Finger puppets encourage creative play and storytelling. Use Phoomph to make a stage and puppets for little fingers. To make the Finger Puppet Theater: Supplies: Phoomph, Soft, 3 sheets Blue print fabric, ½ yard Foam Board 12” x 18” Glitter paper, 1 sheet Plastic embellishments, (optional) Finger Puppet Characters Finger Puppet Patterns   Steps: 1… read more →

Help toddlers learn their colors with this sweet confection matching game made with Phoomph. Precision cutting is important with this project. Supplies: Phoomph, Stiff, 4 sheets Brown fabric, ¼ yard Pink Polka Dot fabric, ¼ yard Fabric in 6 different designs, 1/8 yard or fat quarter Cupcake pattern   Steps: 1. Copy and trace cupcake.. read more →

Playing dress up is always a fun activity for little girls. Let them make their own jewelry with Phoomph, fabric, and satin cording. For the boys, fabric prints featuring their favorite action heroes can create medals to wear. Here is what you will need-  Supplies: Phoomph, Soft, 1 sheet Assorted fabrics Satin Cording   And here.. read more →

“I’m bored. There’s nothing to do.”  Have you heard this familiar complaint yet this summer? We have created fun games and toys using our fantastic fabric-crafting product Phoomph to chase away summer boredom. These also provide a fun way from children to practice skills needed when they return to school. Phoomph is safe and easy to.. read more →

  When does 1 + 1 + 1 = 2? When you combine Indygo Junction’s SoHo Bandana fabrics with Indygo Junction,s IJ947 Patchwork Pals doll pattern and Coats and Clark Threads! Add these all together and you have a too cute duo sure to delight the whimsy in each of us. The updated bandana patterns.. read more →

10 Jun 2013
June 10, 2013

Sew a Bedside Caddy


Everything at your fingertips…books, magazines, glasses, and pencils. It’s all within reach with this stylish bedside caddy made with two fat quarters (or two ½ yards of coordinating fabrics). You can make the caddy to fit your needs with pockets just the right size. Feel free to change dimensions to suit you. This caddy measures.. read more →

Everything is hearts and kisses with this darling little bouquet. It’s super easy and quick to make when you use Phoomph to make your heart flowers. No glue, no mess, just an adorable gift for Grandma or teacher. Need a centerpiece in a hurry? Phoomph Heart Bouquets are just the ticket.   You will need:.. read more →

By Elizabeth Hill Needles seem to have this magic quality that makes them disappear without any effort. Pins are a little harder to lose but for some reason needles vanish just when you need them. This little needle case is a great project for using scraps and teaching students to take care of their sewing.. read more →

This is the third project in our Teaching Tweens to sew series from Elizabeth Hill. The skill learned this week is sewing a curved seam.           The Sew Easy Sun Visor is easy to make and fun to coordinate with summer outfits. It’s reversible too!  This project features convex and concave curves . Gentle guidance.. read more →

This is the 2nd project in our Teaching Tweens to Sew Series by Elizabeth Hill Bucket of Humbugs           Young people love to work with scraps once they learn the basics of sewing. This fun and easy project allows them to have fun and master a basic skill in the process.  While making the humbugs.. read more →

Welcome to the first of in a series of 4 learn-to-sew projects by Elizabeth Hill. Tweens love to sew with scraps. This Sew Easy Strip Pieced Mini Shoulder Bag builds on the idea of sewing small scraps together using the presser foot as the seam guide. It is a perfect project for developing good straight.. read more →