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There’s something about pom-poms that just instantly brightens my mood. They’re like little clusters of fluff and joy! That’s why we’re devoting this post to our favorite pom-pom projects. These tutorials are simple, fun, and perfect for the kids!                                  .. read more →

“Trick or Treat” Bag A new twist on the traditional pumpkin makes this trick or treat bag a sure winner. Phoomph makes it easy. Designed by Iliana McGrath Supplies: Phoomph for Fabric, soft- 3 sheets 1 black canvas tote (approx. 14”x18”) Variety of Halloween print fabrics 1 sheet glitter foam Ribbon Scissors Trick or Treat.. read more →

If you will be attending Fall Quilt Market in Houston, TX this month, mark your calendars for a fun afternoon with our expert panelist for the debut of The Thread!! Joining us for a “modern chatfest about Coats Thread” with amazing bloggers Susan Beal, Becky Jorgensen and Amy Gibson from our industry. Friday, October 24th 3:45pm –.. read more →

We are in love with An from Straightgrain. She is a pattern designer and super-creative who makes the cutest kids clothes around. Check out our favorites and let us know what you think!                                       We love the.. read more →

15 Oct 2014
October 15, 2014

Halloween Fun: Skull Banner

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Colorful  Skulls create a little scary fun for your Halloween party decorations. Phoomph makes it a great kid’s project. No hot glue or fusing with an iron- just cover, peel and stick. Designed by Iliana McGrath Supplies: Phoomph for fabric, stiff -4 sheets White Felt -4 sheets Assorted colors felt- 5 sheets Scissors Pinking shears.. read more →

“Haunted House” trick or treat bag This trick or treat bag is so stylish, you may just want to use it as a tote! Phoomph makes it easy to add Halloween motifs to a purchased bag. Designed by Iliana McGrath Supplies: Phoomph for fabric, stiff – 2 sheets Variety of felts or fabrics Black Ribbon.. read more →

Sewing machines can do lots of things, but perhaps you haven’t exhausted all the possibilities yet. Attaching buttons by machine is not only fast, but secure as well. Any flat button with holes will work for this process. To prepare the machine, lower or otherwise inactivate the feed dogs–those teeth under the presser foot that.. read more →

A new look for Halloween, this colorful wreath is a collage of Halloween themed cut-outs. It’s so easy when you use Phoomph. Designed by Iliana McGrath Supplies: Phoomph for fabric, stiff,-5 sheets \ Black felt- 2 sheets 9″ x 12″ 1/2yd Black and White chevron fabric 3 Assorted print fabrics Felt in assorted colors 12.. read more →

Who says scary can’t be stylish?  Add a touch of style to Halloween decor with this Chevron and burlap wreath. Project by Iliana McGrath Supplies: Phoomph for Fabric, soft- 5 sheets Phoomph for Fabric , stiff, 1 sheet 1/2yd Chevron print Fabric Variety (5 to 10) of  Coordinating fabrics, 9″ x 12″ Burlap:  2 Strips- .. read more →

14 Oct 2014
October 14, 2014

Halloween Fun: Boo Banner

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Perfect for your door, this vertical banner will welcome, not scare your guests. Phoomph makes it quick and easy. Designed by Iliana McGrath Supplies Phoomph for fabric, stiff- 7 sheets Orange felt -5 sheets 9”x12” Black felt- 2 sheets 9″ x 12″ Ivory felt- 1/4 sheet Fabric- 5 rectangles  9”x12” 4 brads Scissors Small hole.. read more →