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We always look to our fav crafters and makers when the season turn. Prudent Baby is always on the short list. We found these easy to sew Koozie’s that are simple to make and will keep are drinks chilly for a long time. In the Georgia heat that is something we struggle with. O.K. not.. read more →

One of my favorite fabrics, one that I work with most often is serge de Nimes. This amazingly versatile textile originated in Nimes, France and you might know it by it’s everyday name, denim. Yes, this American staple was founded in France, and jean fabric, which is created by denim dyed with indigo, originated in.. read more →

Sometimes its OK to make something for yourself. I know its rare that we makers don’t give it away or stick it in an Etsy shop the second the last stray thread is snipped away. I will definitely be making this sweet pouch and sticking it my purse for sewing on the go. Its easy.. read more →

We absolutely adore Dana Made.  Her projects are easy to follow and range from beginner to advanced. She sticks a little sunshine into all of her projects and we can’t get enough. The placemat bag is such a cool idea. You always have a mismatched placemat or find some incredible vintage find at a tag.. read more →

Summer is warming our hearts and sparking all kinds of creativity. We have a little more time on our hands now that we’ve wrapped up the school year here in Georgia. This is the time of year that I get to sit back, relax, and start on all of the projects I pinned all winter.. read more →

What’s not to love, really? Esther Boller writes over at Esther from the Sticks and sells some of her lovely creations in her Etsy shop. She is in her freshman year at SCAD in Savannah, GA. She is super duper talented and a brilliant seamstress and absolutely adorable and blows our mind. She dreams of becoming.. read more →

We couldn’t wait to share these 7 summer crafts because they are just bursting with creativity and color.  We specifically had the kids in mind this time, from clothes, to accessories, to art projects. Try these out when you have a free afternoon and let us know what you think!              .. read more →

These napkins are light and summery, perfect to take on a picnic or even use for a patio supper. Use my chicken scratch embroidery design to make them into a summertime heirloom. Makes four napkins Supplies: (8) 12” squares of Delilah Picnic Check Fabric JP Coats Embroidery Floss in White (1001) Basic sewing supplies Instructions:.. read more →

We found 7 darling 4th of July dress tutorials for your baby girl and thought this was the perfect time to share. Okay well we did slip in a onesie and a skirt but you get the idea. These patriotic get-ups are so cute she won’t want to wait another year to wear them again!.. read more →

How fun is it to use sewing notions in unexpected places? When we think of piping, we normally think of a small fabric covered cord along the edge of a garment portion or perhaps a slightly larger twisted cord running around the edge of a home décor pillow. In both instances, the exposed portion of.. read more →