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Hey, it’s Me Made May! Are you participating? If so, let me know in the comments. And if you’re wondering what the “needle” I’m talking about, read on! I first heard about Me Made May a couple of years ago from my favorite blogger/podcaster, Isabelle of Fluffy Fibers. She talked about wearing something she had made.. read more →

  There are lots of ways to hem a garment, and sewing a blind hem on the sewing machine is both fast and easy. The goal of hemming by machine is to have the stitches that hold the hem in place be invisible (or almost) from the fabric right side. If your machine has a.. read more →

Spring! Flowers! Gardening! It’s such a thrill to be outside digging in the dirt again . . . but last year’s Garden Gloves look pretty bad. So, I was delighted when a friend pointed out this Gorgeous Gardening Gloves DIY on the Prima blog. It’s always great when you can take something simple and pre-made.. read more →

27 Apr 2016
April 27, 2016

Zippered Cosmetic Case


  Add a little pizzazz to a zippered bag with contrasting zipper and topstitching. Two simple notions- thread and zipper – add style to a basic design. Coordinating a solid and print fabric adds to the look. The extended tabs on the zipper lets the bag open wide for easy access to what’s inside. Designed.. read more →

Gardening can be tough on your knees, but as makers we can quickly stitch up a little attractive protection – a Garden Kneeling Pad! This is a fun, easy project that you’ll really enjoy putting together. Plan to make a stack of pads so you’ll have enough for the whole season. Let’s start with fabric.. read more →

Oh, goodness – this Reusable Strawberry Pouch Tote is just the cutest thing I’ve seen this year. Just look at it – the whole fabulous tote folds up and stores itself in a strawberry. So, so cute – you’re going to love it, too! ‘Tis the season! For Reusable Totes that is. As the weather warms,.. read more →

Some of the most fun I’ve had lately involves old clothes. No, I don’t mean washing them – that’s definitely NOT fun. I’m in upcycle mode right now! So, with Summer coming soon and April being Earth Day month, I was thrilled to find this adorable Floral Cardigan Upcycle to share with you. Sachiko from.. read more →

There are so many valuable aspects to Upcycled Fashion. It’s planet-friendly, good for your budget and a fabulous creative challenge. We don’t all have the gift of transformation that allows us to envision pieces of our wardrobe magically remade into something new, though. Have you found yourself interested in re-fashioning, but unsure of what to do with.. read more →

I know you’ve seen these amazingly gorgeous pillows in all the home décor magazines and upscale décor stores. And . . . I know they usually have amazingly high prices. So . . . I know you’re going love learning how to make Dimensional Flower Pillows all by yourself! Spring means the flowers are beginning.. read more →

Ah, Spring! The birds are singing, flowers start to bloom and the whole world celebrates the return of warmth and sunshine. This adorable Garden Flag will add a festive, unique touch to your budding entryway and it’s perfect for those of us who must sew and make! Kelly of the Peek-a-Boo Pages blog created this.. read more →