If the precious girls in your life are always in need of 18” doll clothes, you know how expensive they can be! Handmade clothes for her 18” best friend make a wonderful Christmas gift and you can save loads of money by sewing up a dozen or so. I’ve got a quick review of free patterns for 13 adorable options for dolly’s wardrobe below!

Holiday Finery

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Image from TheRealThing.com

Two for the price of one sewing session! The Reversible Holiday Wrap Skirt designed by KC of The Real Thing blog will be versatile and fun in prints or solids for any time of year. Velvet and satin would be perfect for the holidays. Click here for the tutorial on The Real Thing blog.

18" doll Christmas dress

Image from SewAdollable.com

The Sew Adollable blog is a fabulous source for all things in 18” doll clothes. This Christmas Dress is sweet, festive and just right for any dolly holiday occasion. Click here for the tutorial.

Nighty Night

18" Doll fleece nightgown

Image from XOXOGrandma.com

This Fleece Nightgown is easy to sew and thrifty, too. It’s made from a dollar store fleece throw! Click here for the tutorial on the XOXO Grandma blog.

18" Doll Pajamas

Image from CraftPatch.com

An 18” doll clothes wardrobe should always include Pajamas and dolly will love the Sleep Mask, too. A matching set for the doll mommy would make a very special gift! Click here for the tutorial on the Craft Patch blog.

Everyday Style

Here’s an adorable upcycle! Start with a lace hankie, wave your magic sewing wand and suddenly you have a sweet jacket. Click here for the tutorial on the XOXO Grandma blog.

18" Doll Gathered Top or Dress

Image from WrenFeathers,com

There’s so much potential in this Gathered Top or Dress. It could easily be made in modern Bohemian style or dressed up in a brocade for a night out. Click here for the tutorial on the Wren Feathers blog

18" Doll Ruffled Skirt and Top

Image from SewMamaSew.com

The 18” doll clothes you sew will put dolly on the best-dressed list when you add this on-trend Ruffled Skirt and Top. Click here for the tutorial by contributor Marie on the Sew Mama Sew blog.

18" Doll fur trimmed parka

Image from APinchofJoy.com

Baby, it’s cold outside and dolly’s going to need a cozy jacket. This fur-trimmed parka will make sure she stays toasty warm.  Click here for the tutorial on the A Pinch of Joy blog.

Whether dolly is a professional or just likes to be properly dressed in her own kitchen, a Chef Set is just what she needs. Click here for the tutorial on the Daydream Doll Boutique blog.

Under It All

A girl needs proper unmentionables so we’re going to mention these adorable panties. Quick to stitch up and absolutely essential for a set of handmade 18” doll clothes. Click here for the tutorial on the Make It and Love It blog.

18" Doll leggings

Image from SewAdollable.com

She may wear them for style or just to keep warm, but leggings are a required piece of fashion for any doll. These would be fun to duplicate in little girl size, too! Click here for the tutorial on Sew Adollable.

Fantasy Play

Today’s dolls are fascinated with cosplay and fantasy, so a Star Wars Costume will be a perfect gift. There are a couple of fun options, so you may want to make more than one! Click here for the tutorial on the Jinjia Mixed Goods blog.

The most popular costume of the year definitely belongs in the handmade 18” doll clothes you’re stitching. And, dolly’s mommy would love one, too! Click here for the 18” Doll Mermaid Tail tutorial on the Angry Chicken blog. Click here for a tutorial to make a Child Size Mermaid Tail on Crazy Little Projects.

I’ll never forget the delight in my daughter’s eyes the year she received her first 18” doll for Christmas. She loved that doll and dressing it was an essential part of play. Good thing I knew how to sew! My daughter’s doll came with a historical background story and it was interesting to research and recreate the clothing styles of that period. The adorable, economically friendly wardrobe I was able to produce was far more full than anything we could have purchased at that time. And, I know they were even more treasured because they were mom-made!

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Annette Millard began sewing at the age of three, made her first dress at ten and is always happiest with needle, fabric and thread in her hands. Annette feels very privileged to have spent most of her work life in the sewing industry and loves teaching, making her own handmade wardrobe and writing about sewing. She spent over ten years as the newsletter and web site content writer for the Pacific Northwest's largest locally-owned family of fabric stores and is now thrilled to have the opportunity to share her passion for sewing with the Sewing Secrets community. Follow Annette and more of her sewing adventures on her own blog, www.sewfullife.com.

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