As of late, there seems to be so many natural disasters which leave people with literally the shirts on their backs. Earthquakes, floods and hurricanes occupy the news and give us reason to pause. Sewers, generous by nature, love to share their abilities with others by using this wonderful lifeskill to give back. Such was the case of a small church group in Indiana that spent a day making dresses for little girls in Haiti.

The fabric and embellishments, including thread, were donated. Sewing knowlege was not required to participate, just a desire to do something good for those in need. The results were 124 simple dresses sent to Haiti through an organization called Missions of Love.

A local quilt shop and doll club in Alameda, CA are joining forces to sew dolls and teddy bears in the hopes of bringing comfort to the children in Haiti. The shop selected a day in May in which they are asking the community to gather together to create. The only requirement, a desire to give back. Volunteers were needed to cut fabric, sew button eyes, package dolls and yes, to sew.
Sewers have always known that it is fun and cool to create using fabric, thread and a sewing machine. Even better, the craft of sewing is a way to gather together people from all walks of life, creative or not, for the betterment of society or your community. Check around in your community. Make sleeping bags for homeless children. Sew for newborns in crisis. Or join the crusade to make One Million Pillowcases in your own community. Then, share with us your charitable sewing ideas and stories. Together, let’s spread the word and sew! For a comprehensive list of charitable websites, click here.
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