Boo Hoo Owl finished

It’s summer and that means bumps and scrapes are inevitable as the kids spend more time running and playing outside. This charming little Boo Hoo Owl will soften the blow, help to calm their tears and become one of Mom and Dad’s best summer friends. Designed by Jenna of the Craft. Sew. Design. blog, Boo Hoo Owl lives in the refrigerator, always on call. She’s stuffed with comfy fiberfill in the front and rice in the back, so she stays cool for comfort. This is Jenna’s second take on an owl cold pack and her earlier design contained just rice – either one would work well.

The Boo Hool Owl Cold Pack uses simple materials that you may already have on hand. But, if you need to get out of the house, print out the list and head for the store. You’ll need three fabrics, fiberfill, rice, felt and any trims or buttons you want to use. You can make your owl a her or a him so think about what fabrics and trims will work best for your end result. I suggest making several so each child has their own. Who knows? They may all take a tumble at the same time!

Boo Hoo Owl template

Jenna thoughtfully included a template for the Boo Hoo Owl body, but you could draw your own free-hand, too. When my children were young we had Boo-Boo Bunny and Dr. Mouse who came to the rescue when an accident occurred. You could easily re-draw the owl’s ears into bunny, mouse, puppy or kitty ears and create your own design!

Boo Hoo Owl fused eyes

If you’re making the version with a stuffing tummy and rice back, you’ll cut three bodies. For an all rice buddy, cut just two bodies. Be sure to add your eyes and embellishments to the front body before assembling your Boo Hoo Owl. And, if you’re making this for children under three, it would be safest to embroider the eyes or use a fused felt “iris” rather than buttons.

The original Boo Hoo in our house was a baby shower gift. It was one of the presents I most appreciated because it wasn’t just about soothing scrapes, it was encouragement to me as a new mother. “Yes, your precious, longed for child will get hurt and yes, they’ll cry. But, you’ve got this Mama! Your hugs and reassurance accompanied by a little Boo Hoo friend will help your little one learn to handle life’s challenges.” That’s a big message in a little package and it meant so much! Stitch a few more Boo Hoos, attach a little note and pass on the encouragement to the new moms you know.

Boo Hoo Owl finished close up

And, that’s about it! Click here for the tutorial, cut, embellish, stitch, turn, stuff, place in frig. Bring on the boo-boos and your Boo Hoo Cold Pack will be ready to turn those tears to grins at a moment’s notice. You’ve got this Sewing Mama!!

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