DIY Gorgeous Gardening Gloves

Spring! Flowers! Gardening! It’s such a thrill to be outside digging in the dirt again . . . but last year’s Garden Gloves look pretty bad. So, I was delighted when a friend pointed out this Gorgeous Gardening Gloves DIY on the Prima blog. It’s always great when you can take something simple and pre-made and sew it into something fabulous!

You’ll start with an ordinary pair of canvas gardening gloves that can be purchased at your local hardware or variety store. The example is created from a plain off-white pair of gloves, but keep your eyes open for prints and other solid colors, too. Might as well make these as perky as possible, right?

Free Spirit Fabric designs by Juliana Horner, Tula Pink and Philip Jacobs

Free Spirit Fabric designs by Juliana Horner, Tula Pink and Philip Jacobs

These gloves are now in for quite a transformation and will have wonderful, colorful gauntlets added to them. That means that you get to pick fabric – always one of the best parts of a project! I immediately thought of some of the amazing floral style fabrics in the Free Spirit designer collections. You’ll see three examples above – click here to see even more. You may need several pairs of gloves, because they wear out, right?

Prima is a British company, so the supply requirements are in centimeters. I live in the USA and don’t automatically convert centimeters to inches in my head.  If you’re a mathematical type, it may be enough for you to know that one centimeter equals 0.3937007874 inches. But, if your mind leans more towards sewing than mathing, you can click here for a handy online convertor.

Gorgeous Gardening Gloves steps

Once you’ve purchased your gloves, fabric and thread, it’s time to make a paper pattern following the tutorial’s easy instructions. From there, it’s just a matter of cutting your gauntlets and stitching one to each glove and you’ll be ready to garden in floral glory.

Gorgeous gardening gloves scallops

But, I couldn’t stop thinking . . . The gauntlets have a straight hem and I figured that if I ever wanted to “throw down the gauntlet”, I’d like a little fancy on it. So, I found a cool tutorial on Craftsy because, wouldn’t it be lovely to have a scallop hem adorning my arm? If that sounds good to you, too, click here for the Craftsy tutorial on Scallop Edges. It looks like a lot of fun!

Well, that was quick, wasn’t it? And, Mother’s Day is right around the corner. And, if Mom likes to garden, a handmade garden set would be a pretty cool gift! Include a pair or two of Gorgeous Gardening Gloves, a Garden Bucket Tote and a Pick-a-Pocket Apron along with a few packets of seeds and lots of heartfelt love. Click here for the tutorial and get busy. A great garden takes time, labor and love. You supply the handmade love and Mom will enjoy the time and labor so much more!

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  1. You made those garden gloves look really good, romantic and surely inspiring to get the garden works done no doubt …
    Sorrry to have to say that purchased gloves are NOT and can never be DIY.
    I expected to find a pattern for gloves … but found a way to decorate purchased gloves – and in my world that’s not DIY garden gloves.

    • Oh, my goodness, HandyMummy, you are so right! I’ll be more careful when I’m naming posts in the future. I’m glad to see you liked the idea at least and hope you have fun with these. Thanks so much for your helpful comment!

    • Handy Mummy,
      ditto here too….
      i too was expecting to find a tutorial on how to make some gorgeous gloves… NOT…


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