18 May 2017
May 18, 2017

Three Pretty Bins

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Designed by Lori Harder

Use these pretty bins to organize a home office,bath or bedroom. The color and design of the Soft Repose by Shell Rummel creates a calming effect in any room.

Skill Level: Confident Beginner
Crafting Time: An evening*
Finished Size:
4” w x 4” h (10.2cm h x 10.2cm)
6” w x 6”h (15.3cm h x 15.3cm),
8” w x 8” h (20cm h x 20cm)

• Coats Dual Duty XP® All Purpose thread
Fabric from Soft Repose by Shell Rummel for Coats:

(A) Soft Magnolias                PWSR002.8GREY             ¾ yd. (.69m)
(B) Infinite Beauty                 PWSR004.8GREY             ¾ yd. (.69m)
(C) Tranquility                      PWSR003.8GREY              ½ yd. (.46m)
(D) Raindrop                        PWSR001.8GREY              ½ yd. (46m)
(E) Pebble                            PWSR006.8GREY               ½ yd. (.46m)
(F) Touchstone                    PWSR005.8GREY                ½ yd. (.46m)

• Medium weight craft interfacing, 22” (56cm) – small ¼ yd (.23m), medium ¾ yd (.69m), large 1¼ yd (1.14m)
• Paper backed fusible web – ¼” yd (.23m), or enough for appliques


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