Scrappy Organizer finished

Oh, you’re going to love this adorable Scrappy Organizer Book from the Where the Orchids Grow blog! No matter how many little pouches and organizers I own, I often find that I don’t have just the right one for a particular need. As we makers know, the best solution for getting what you want is to make it yourself and this organizer can easily be adapted to exactly fit the things you need to organize.

Scrappy Organizer open

The interior of the Scrappy Organizer is full of fabulous little pockets.  Before you start, think about what organizing needs you have in your life so you can create pockets that fit the things you want to organize. Is it your manicure tools? Embroidery supplies? Coupons and loyalty cards in your purse? You have a need or two or three, I know you do!

The tutorial includes a key fob for the inside of your Scrappy Organizer – a very clever idea! With the fob, your organizer could easily become a grab and go purse for those times when you don’t need to take everything with you. If you don’t want to keep a key in your organizer, you could hang something else from the fob or create a skinny pen pocket in that area instead. Your stuff, your organizer – make it to please!

Scrappy Organizer QAYG

The outside of the Scrappy Organizer is a rectangular Log Cabin block created with a Quilt-As-You-Go method that will make your project stitch up quickly. Picking out fabrics for the strips and arranging them in a pleasing order will be a totally gratifying process. If you haven’t tried this method before, you’ll really appreciate Leila’s clear, complete instructions and you’ll be ready for more.

You could easily hold a Scrappy Organizer sewing session on an evening and make several of these at once, so think about the gift giving occasions you have coming up as well as your own organizing needs. A handmade organizer would be fabulous for a kit of crayons or pencils and a small drawing pad for a child or an adult who loves to sketch on the go. Including a card of needles and a couple of fat quarters would make this a cool gift for a sewing friend. And, if you have a friend who loves tea, tuck in a few bags of their favorites for tea on the go along with a travel mug.

Scrappy Organizer applique

Leila used a self-created bespoke applique to make the organizer unique. As she suggests, this would be a lovely time to use the decorative stitches on your machine and, I think a little handwork or a scrappy or felt flower would be fun, too. As you’re choosing your fabrics, think about what embellishment you might want to add and plan for that in your design.

Scrappy Organizer twine

To finish off your Scrappy Organizer, you’ll need a fabulous button (vintage, perhaps?) and something to tie it up with. Leila used baker’s twine, but ribbon or ric-rac would look great, too.

Scrappy Organizer lots

Of course, as a prolific maker, Leila couldn’t stop with just one. Bet you won’t either. Click here for the tutorial on her Where the Orchids Grow blog and stitch up some scrappy organization for you and your best buds!

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