28 Jun 2016
June 28, 2016

Penny the Fish Softie

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Penny the Fish Softie purple

Well, apparently ADORABLE is now spelled F I S H, because this Penny the Fish Softie is just about the most adorable little plushie I’ve seen swimming in the ocean of stuffed toy designs out there in the “Land of Blog”.

Abby of the While She Naps blog and podcast is famous for her amazing way with stuffed toys. She’s written several books and generously shares free patterns from time to time on her blog. It’s a great way to dive into the wide pool of sofite patterns out there, so if you haven’t made a suffed toy before, Penny the Fish is a great place to start.

Penny the Fish Softie finished blue

The Penny the Fish Softie is made of soft, huggable fleece, although I think Minky or Cuddle would be super-snuggly, too. Fleece is the most economical choice, but you’re just using small amounts of fabric and the Cuddle is so super-lush. It looks to me like you could make more than one Penny out of your 1/4 yard pieces, both fabrics are machine-washable and either would be darling stitched up. I love it that you can use any color combo you like!

Penny the Fish Softie pinning

Penny is quick and easy enough that she might be a great favor for a summer birthday party and she’ll definitely be a fabulous gift. If you’re making her for a baby gift, for the sake of safety, be sure to embroider her eye rather than use a button. And for some reason related to an animated movie coming out this Summer . . . . I think fish are going to be very popular this year!

Penny the Fish Softie cutting

Abby is very thorough and her instructions and step-by-step photos are terrific. Follow them precisely and you can’t go wrong. Her cutting diagrams include photos and she’s even linked instructions for the ladder stitch she suggests you use to close Penny’s opening once she is stuffed.

As far as stuffing, choose a fiber fill stuffing that is soft and lofty. Stay away from the ones that you can see have already “clumped” in the packaging. Be sure to get enough stuffing into your Penny the Fish Softie and stuff her firmly. A wimpy, floppy fish just isn’t appealing!

Penny the Fish Softie with mermaid

Click here for the Penny tutorial and while you’re on Abby’s blog, enjoy looking around at the other free and for sale patterns she offers on her site (like this mermaid!). She’s a talented designer who writes detailed, easy to follow instructions that are sure to go swimmingly for you. Once you’ve made one Penny the Fish Softie, I bet there’s a whole school of softie, plushie friends in your future!

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