Quick Party Banners - family portrait

I love banners don’t you? It seems like all you have to do is put up a banner and suddenly it’s a party. They’re just so festive and, it turns out, pretty quick to make. I explored the world of Quick Party Banners recently and found several wonderful tutorials with a variety of DIY banners to share with you! Each one is unique and they are varying lengths. Be sure to read the instructions thoroughly and adjust if you need a particular length for your occasion.

Quick Party Banners - Birthday with triangle flags

Amber from the Crazy Little Projects blog sewed up a charming twist on the traditional Birthday Banner. She used her Silhouette cutting machine to cut the letters, but you could easily use stencils or print letters from the internet to use as templates. Instead of Happy Birthday, you could use the birthday girl or boy’s name – I bet they’d love that! Amber used about ¼ yard of 5 different fabrics for her banner and I think fat quarters would work well, too. She coordinated her ribbons with the fabrics to create a cheery, colorful look. Just right for a birthday! Click here for the tutorial.

Banners Happy Birthday with square flags

Over on the Becoming Peculiar blog, I found a Birthday Banner with a different look made by Kathleen. Birthdays are probably the occasions when we most need Quick Party Banners, so I thought it would be good to have a couple different options for the party closets in our homes. Kathleen’s banner uses a square flag rather than the triangular shape used in Amber’s banner. Kind of a fun and merry look on it’s own! Kathleen’s flags are all white, but you could use any color you’d like. Solid flags with print letters would be fun or maybe print flags with solid letters. Think about using your own shape style, too. Rectangles, ovals, circles or even a free form amoeba style flag would be fabulous. Your banner, your design! Click here for Kathleen’s simple tutorial.

Quick Party Banners Sail Away Grad Party

Quick Party Banners can be used for any occasion and it doesn’t have to be a major event or holiday. Leigh Anne uses banners all year long in lots of diverse ways and they help to make her home a joyful place. The banner shown here was made for her daughter’s “Sail Away” graduation party. Isn’t that a merry idea!? Leigh Anne’s Family Portrait banner is shown at the beginning of this post. I loved scrolling through Leigh Anne’s post on the Home Based Mom blog and I have all kinds of ideas for banners now! Click here to see how she creates these lighthearted banners of happiness and uses them all year long.

Quick Party Banners doily banner

The banner I really, totally fell in love with was created from lace doilies as a photography prop. It’s lush, enchanting and elegant all at the same time and, as you can see above, it makes quite a successful prop! There are instructions for this beauty, but by now you may be ready to create a banner on your own. Click here for the instructions for this absolutely lovely version of Quick Party Banners.

Aren’t these marvelous!? It’s exciting to realize the power we have in our sewing hands. Banners are just one way that we can create handmade joy, celebration and honor.  A little fabric, a little ribbon, and a little time may be all it takes to enrich the lives of our family and friends!

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