Hey, sewing buddies – let’s go on a Virtual Quilting Retreat together! We can dream, right?!  It’ll be you, me and several thousand other quilters who are reading this post. We’ll have a great time together, but first we’re going to sew a set of Quilting Carryalls so we can pack up plenty of supplies… read more →

14 Jun 2017
June 14, 2017

Pretty Baby Carry-all

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  Make this Pretty Baby Carry-all to corral all the goodies that little one needs!  Keep them together so you can grab it and go, when the time comes to leave.  Pin weaving is used for the handle and top band, and simple patchwork using FreeSpirit  Pandas fabric collection by David Walker make this pretty.. read more →

Good things come in small packages and this tiny purse is ideal for holding the essentials a bride needs for her special day.   By Linda Turner Griepentrog Skill level: intermediate Finished Size of the Project: 5” (12.70cm) wide (at top) x 6” (15.24cm) Supplies: Coats Dual Duty XP All-purpose thread Coats Machine Embroidery thread ¼.. read more →

The subtle raindrop design of Shell Rummel Soft Repose fabric is imitated with free-motion stitching using Coats Cotton thread in the grey triangle of this pillow. The soft palette will accent any décor.   Skill level: beginner Crafting time: ½ day Finished size: 12” x 16” (30.5cm x 41cm) Supplies: Coats Dual Duty XP all.. read more →

We welcome Shell Rummel as a fabric designer for Coats. Designer Shell Rummel has been a successful and established presence in the fine art, wedding and stationery markets for nearly 20 years.  Watercolors are the preferred medium for this award-winning artist, and the unpredictability of painting with water often results in surprising variations and subtle.. read more →

11 May 2017
May 11, 2017

Fold-over Dapper Bag

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A cross between a purse and messenger bag, this cross-body purse will quickly become your go-to bag. Eclectic Elements antique brass hardware adds vintage style. The bag features Tim Holtz Eclectic Elements threads and Hardware, and Tim Holtz Dapper fabric collection for Coats®. Skill Level: Beginner Crafting Time: Evening Finished Size: 16” x 12” (40.5cm x.. read more →

11 May 2017
May 11, 2017

Dapper Book Marks

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    Skill level: beginner Crafting time: Evening   Love to read “real” books? These vintage inspired bookmarks will hold your place. Patchwork and applique combine to create nostalgic reminder of where you left off. Tim Holtz Eclectic Element cotton and craft threads embellish fabrics from Tim’s Dapper collection for Coats. Fabric requirements from Tim.. read more →

04 May 2017
May 4, 2017

Pretty Baby Carry-All

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  Make this Pretty Baby Carry-all to corral all the goodies that little one needs!  Keep them together so you can grab it and go, when the time comes to leave.  Pin weaving is used for the handle and top band, and simple patchwork using David Walkers Panda Garden Party fabrics make this pretty as.. read more →

03 May 2017
May 3, 2017

Panda Baby Quilt

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  Create this cute baby quilt quickly and easily from David Walkers Pandas collection fabrics!  You do not need to be an experienced quilter to make this quilt–no corners to match, quick to cut, sew and quilt!  Tying it “by machine” or by hand, makes it go quickly! Skill level: beginner Crafting time: 1 day.. read more →

Beyond a comfy spot for sewing, every sewist needs a great, functional ironing station, too. So in the midst of all the Spring dusting, decluttering, sorting and scrubbing, let’s take a break and plan to Spring Clean your ironing spot! Recover your Ironing Board First things first. Unless your ironing board has been recovered in.. read more →

Sew a fun potholder decked out with some new kitchen goodies and a recipe for your favorite treat!  The hearts are outline quilted with Coats Bold Hand Quilting thread to accent the tone on tone hot rose colored cottons from FreeSpirit Fabrics. We’ve included a coordinating printable recipe card.     Featuring:  Coats Bold Hand.. read more →

16 Mar 2017
March 16, 2017

The Legacy of Quilting

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March is National Quilting Month in the USA and on Saturday, March 18th, quilters everywhere will also celebrate Worldwide Quilting Day. The legacy of quilting has had an amazing, heartfelt, hands-on impact in our nation and the history is rich. Come with me on a little journey! Quilting Connects Us to the Past We often.. read more →

03 Mar 2017
March 3, 2017

Lunch to Go Bag

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  Create this easy, Zakka style inspired lunch bag to go! The piecing is easy breezy with no corners to match up!  Big stitch quilting highlights the patchwork. Finished size: 9” (23cm) x 8”(21cm)x 4” (11cm) Supplies: Coats Dual Duty XP All-purpose sewing thread Coats Bold Hand Quilting Thread Fabric required: 1/2 yard (.30m) Linen (Fabric.. read more →

As you’re planning for the holidays have you thought about how to dress the cook? Dressing should include more than just the turkey or roast beast you know. If you’re the cook, you may wonder what you’ll wear as you’re dashing around a warm and steamy kitchen.So, let’s make two new aprons. One for the.. read more →

The cool, wet days of Fall create the perfect time to get cozy and quilty! Lori Holt of Bee in My Bonnet designed delightful Leaf and Turkey Blocks that are just right for the season. They’re charming, fun to make and lend themselves well to wall hangings, table runners, placemats, pillows and, of course, quilts… read more →

15 Nov 2016
November 15, 2016

Make a Family Memory Quilt

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The family that quilts together, makes memories together. . . especially if they create a Family Memory Quilt. And, Thanksgiving is an excellent time to begin. I’ve found beautiful designs to inspire you and collected ideas to get you started below. Read on and enjoy deciding what will be the best fit for your tribe!.. read more →

It’s time to put it all together!  To finish our Quilt Along, Designer Cheryl Adam has instructions for adding the sashing and borders to the beautiful galaxy of paper pieced stars. It’s the LAST BLOCK in our Quilt Along and it is a beauty! Here’s Block 5: From designer Cheryl Adam: Our last block is.. read more →

It’s the LAST BLOCK in our Quilt Along and it is a beauty! Here’s Block 5: From designer Cheryl Adam: Our last block is the biggest and brightest star with many planets circling it, much like our own sun.  This may be the center of our new galaxy when our star dies.  Although it has.. read more →

Halloween pillows are such a fabulous way to quickly perk up your décor and add festivity to your home for seasons and holidays. ‘Tis the spooky season and DIY Halloween Pillows will make any bedroom or living room satisfyingly boo-ti-ful! Not-So-Scary Vintage-Ween Pillow Covers Designed for vintage-look friendly fun, the Halloween Pillows designed by Claire.. read more →

Block 4 in our Milky Way Paper Piecing Quilt Along is a beauty with long points reaching out through the heavens. Cheryl describes Block 4 this way: This star throws long beams of light out into the universe as it travels through the not so dark night sky.  Don’t let the skinny pieces scare you. .. read more →

So. . . .  it turns out Improv isn’t just for quilting and comedy anymore! Those of us who stitch can jump on the Improv train and enjoy the creative ride, too. And, if you’re a Tim Holtz fan, you’re going to love this fabulous Stitches and Lace Improv Pillow created by a Paula Cheney, a very.. read more →

Block 3 in our Milky Way Quilt along has a new color palette and is more challenging. Here’s what Cheryl has to say about it: This is the most complicated looking block so it must be the big important star in the sky.  Although there are lots of pieces, it will go together easily as.. read more →

Tim Holtz has created a timeless palette of thread, zippers and antique finished hardware extending the creative possibilities when combined with his Eclectic Elements fabric collections for Coats. Tim Holtz Eclectic Elements by Coats consists of Cotton thread, Craft thread ™, Zippers and Hardware. Eclectic Elements Craft Thread ™ is a unique heavy 6 wt cotton.. read more →

How did your first block turn out? Be sure to post and tag #Coatsquiltalong so we can see your progress!  Drumroll, please! Here is Block 2. Cheryl Adam, designer of the Milky Way quilt, describes her inspiration for Block 2 this way: This star is spinning through the universe trying to avoid collision with another space.. read more →

We are thrilled and honored to be a participant in the One Million Pillowcase Challenge Sew-a-Thon Blog Hop! Coats and FreeSpirit have sponsored this fabulous charitable challenge for many years and the Sew-a-Thon Blog Hop is all about inspiration and helping others – it’s perfect for you! Learn more about the Blog Hop and Sew-a-Thon,.. read more →

Join us for our Milky Way Wall Hanging Quilt Along featuring paper-piecing! Are you ready? Here is the first block!                               Cheryl Adam, designer of the Milky Way quilt, describes her inspiration for Block 1 this way: “I imagine this star.. read more →

Join us for our Milky Way Wall Hanging Quilt Along featuring paper-piecing. This colorful quilt was designed by Cheryl A. Adam. We asked Cheryl what was her inspiration for the design and why she selected paper piecing to create it. “I love to be in the country, away from all the city lights, and gaze.. read more →

15 Jun 2016
June 15, 2016

Conch Shell Quilt


You can almost hear the ocean when you gaze at the conch shell applique on a sea of blue hexagons. Free-motion stitching adds detail to the shell. Piece together the background for this quilt with hexagons then add the applique creating a simple but dramatic design. Designer: Rebecca Kemp Brent Finished Size: 27 3/4″ x.. read more →

Okay, seriously, what’s summer without a new pair of sunglasses?! Whether they’re sunnies or shades at your house the really, really cool ones are pricey and you need to protect them. I was shocked when I looked at Sunglass Cases recently. Cases were either tremendously basic and unattractive, super-simple and just not worth it or.. read more →

09 Jun 2016
June 9, 2016

Nautical Baby Quilt

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Ahoy, sewing mateys! Summer is the season for sailboats, beaches and all things nautical, so this darling Nautical Baby Quilt is just perfect for this time of year. Amanda of Jedi Craft Girl designed this sea-worthy quilt for a friend who had chosen a nautical theme for her nursery and she did a fabulous job!.. read more →

With Memorial Day coming up, Flag Day on June 14th and the 4th of July not far behind, a Simple Patriotic Table Runner seems like just the right project for this week. Originally designed for the 4th of July, this quick, quilted table topper will be the perfect thing for a handmade holiday. If you’re.. read more →

Let’s hold a Love of Quilting Party! The encouragement and inspiration we gain through a community of like-minded sewists is a huge part of what keeps us quilting, isn’t it? Even if you follow quilting blogs or participate in quilting on social media, nothing compares to warm, smiling faces and in-person quilting support! March is.. read more →

So, can we talk? It’s just us here.  Have you wanted to try Free Motion Quilting, but freeze up every time you think about it? Well, quilting buddy, just between you and me, it’s time. Time to take a risk in the privacy of your own home, do a little preparation (more chocolate?) and try.. read more →

Half Square Triangles, affectionately known as HSTs are one of the most versatile and commonly used components of quilting blocks. I’ve never counted, but I’m sure there are literally thousands of basic and complex designs that are based on this simple little unit. But when it comes to matching points, there’s nothing that can make.. read more →

Are you involved in Charitable Quilting? Quilts have a unique ability to impart encouragement, warmth, love and hope and quilters have the biggest, warmest hearts around!   If you’d like to use your skills to benefit others, but aren’t sure what to do, I have some inspiration for you! Quilts of Valor Foundation Begun by Catherine.. read more →

28 Mar 2016
March 28, 2016

Hexie Home Accents

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When quilting is your passion, shouldn’t your home reflect what’s dear to your creative heart? Hexagon – Hexie for short- Home Accents are a wonderful way to express your artful enthusiasm and what better place than the kitchen and dining area of your home? The center of your home’s hospitality will be so much more.. read more →

“Stitch with a quarter inch seam.” Sounds simple doesn’t it? So, why are we often sobbing at the sewing machine while piecing our blocks? Seasoned quilters know if seam allowances are off, block pieces will not match-up no matter what you do. That seemingly simple quarter inch seam allowance is incredibly important. Often we don’t.. read more →

Oh, you’re going to love this adorable Scrappy Organizer Book from the Where the Orchids Grow blog! No matter how many little pouches and organizers I own, I often find that I don’t have just the right one for a particular need. As we makers know, the best solution for getting what you want is.. read more →

So . . . apparently Scrappy Pincushions are addictive. At least I can’t seem to get enough of them! If you share the same addiction, you’ll love the Five Little Scrappy Pincushions I found for you. They’re perfect to corral all your pins, awesome for gifts and totally fun to make. Follow me for the tour!.. read more →

01 Mar 2016
March 1, 2016

Selvage Surprises


Selvage Surprises! Selvages are those colorful finished edges you find on woven fabrics—a curiosity to some, and a source of inspiration to others. As sewers, we often hate to waste any little bit of fabric, and saved selvages can become the beginning of some fun projects. Just what is the selvage? It’s information for the.. read more →

This weekend at the Sewing & Stitchery Expo in Puyallup Washington, Coats & Clark will be sponsoring Quilter’s Night Out.  We are particularly excited that Mary Fons will be the speaker for the evening. Her topic, “You call THAT a quilt” promises to be entertaining and educational. Here is a message from Mary. We are.. read more →

11 Feb 2016
February 11, 2016

Shabby Heart Pieced Pillow

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February is a great month for all things “heart” and this charming Shabby Heart Pieced Pillow is such a sweet, easy project! Dive into your fabric stash and pull out everything red, white and pink, then head to the sewing store to pick up anything else you need. If you don’t have much red, white.. read more →

Last year my “Sewing Sister”, Claire, spent several weeks diligently sorting, organizing and transforming her basement sewing space.  I coined the name Sewing Spa to describe the new space that so thrilled her sewing heart. Sewing, after all, is a rejuvenating experience that produces all the healthy benefits associated with the word spa! If your.. read more →

QuiltCon2016 Pasadena

FreeSpirit and Coats are excited to be Platinum Sponsors of QuiltCon 2016 in Pasadena, California. Presented by the Modern Quilt Guild, QuiltCon is the largest modern quilting show of its kind featuring hundreds of modern quilts, dozens of lectures and workshops by leading modern quilters, shopping and more! FreeSpirit brings together a global portfolio of.. read more →

As makers, we joyfully stitch our hearts into every handmade gift. This quick gift project, DIY Recipe Potholders, combines the wonderful value of handmade with the rich power of memories and traditions. When you think of the holidays, is it Grandma’s Spritz Cookies that first come to mind, Aunt Susan’s Russian Teacakes or Cousin Jenny’s.. read more →

“I too believe creativity is not in the finding of a thing, but the making something out of it after it is found . . . “ —Tim Holtz From the needle of your sewing machine to the tip of your thimble finger, this statement from creative master Tim Holtz most likely resonates through your mind.. read more →

08 Sep 2015
September 8, 2015

Quiet Time with Quilts

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Fall is coming on fast! This year you can start early on those quilts you keep meaning to make before the colder seasons catch up with you. Not to mention, the kids are back in school! What better way to spend the quiet days you have now than on some quality quilting. We’ve rounded up a variety.. read more →

  Presents are not just under the tree. These pretty packages are appliqued using Dual Duty XP all purpose thread and prints from the FreeSpirit Winter Miarcle collection by Marjolein Bastin. FS0446MB Winter Miracle Pretty Packages Place mat and Napkin   read more →

Creativebug’s Fabric Design Series  featuring Denyse Schmidt, Amy Butler and Kaffe Fassett is the perfect course for the novice fashion designer. Learn to Design Fabric If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to design fabric, this series will walk you through the creative process step by step. Creativebug’s experts share their process from inspiration to design,.. read more →

02 Feb 2015
February 2, 2015

10 Charity Sewing Tips


Sewers are blessed with many skills and those skills can be shared in many ways to help those less fortunate than ourselves. Here are 10 tips for organizing a charity sewing project: Consider working on charity projects with a group of sewing friends. Whether you’re an organized group like the American Sewing Guild, or simply.. read more →

We talked to one of our favorite quilter superstars, Michele Muska, and got the 411 on some of her favorite sewing/quilting projects, along with some of her own! For those of you who don’t know, Michele is an incredible fiber artist, as well as the marketing communications manager for Simplicity Creative Group. Yeah, she’s kind of.. read more →

Carolyn Friedlander’s Slow Sewing Studio is all about the celebration and enjoyment of the quilting process. It’s all about slowing down, working with your hands, and building relationships with your fellow quilters. That’s why we love and respect her so much! We’ve included a few of her patterns from the Slow Sewing Studio of basic designs.. read more →

Amy Butler is one of our favorite quilt designers and she offers her amazing patterns for free! How could we resist? Check out a few below that you can download straight to you computer now! Find all the patterns here!                              .. read more →

Cluck Cluck Sew is one of our go-to havens for quilting tutorials. Seriously, they’re the best! Splash some color around the house with these vibrant projects.                   How much fun are these Sprocket Pillows? Awesome throw pillow decoration!                    .. read more →

Sometimes really great appliqué and patchwork projects are hard to find, so this time we did the dirty work for you. These eight tutorials come from eight different sewing superstars, featuring some craftables for the kids and some for you!                             Charise.. read more →

28 Aug 2014
August 28, 2014

6 Quick Crafting Tips

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We’ve decided to pull together a few tips that might help you overcome a roadblock with your next craft, whether it’s your next quilt, sewing pattern, or something you already own. Everyone can use some help now and then, and these tips stuck out to us as solutions to commonly faced questions.      .. read more →

You don’t need to be a sewing pro to turn out an awesome quilt project. Start with a potholder and advance to a strip & flip quilt or an easy peasy chevron quilt. You’re going to love the process of quilting so much we bet you’ll want to make all four. Go ahead. You can.. read more →

Whether you’re making multiples of the same thing for charity (like pillowcases, bags, etc.) or creating hundreds of blocks for a quilt, chain piecing is both fast and efficient. This assembly-line sewing technique is used in factories, but it can be equally at home in your sewing room. How does it work? Stack up the.. read more →

24 Jan 2014
January 24, 2014

Quilt Along 2014- Leaf Quilt


Join us in making this beautiful quilt this year. Start now and it will be completed when the fall leaves begin to turn. Each block is a leaf design. This quilt combines applique, free motion embroidery, decorative stitches, paper piecing and more. Links to each Block pattern are listed below.   We challenged quilt designer.. read more →

Greetings, Sewing Secrets Followers: A big ‘thank you’ goes to Coats & Clark for inviting me to participate as a guest on the ‘Sewing Secrets’ blog. I appreciate the opportunity to share some of my thoughts about sewing and quilting with you. In chapter six of my debut novella, ‘A Holiday Miracle in Apple Blossom,’ a colorful.. read more →

The annual “Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks” Special Issue is something we look forward to every year! 100 blocks from today’s top designers is something you do not want to miss and you can win a Collector’s Edition by commenting here! Enter for a chance to win a copy of “Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks, Vol.8” and a special.. read more →

Hey everyone! I’m Jennifer Mathis, a pattern designer, modern sewist and blogger at Ellison Lane. I’m delighted to be guest blogging today at Sewing Secrets sharing all about my recent trip to Houston for International Quilt Market. It was my first trip to market and boy what a whirlwind! Quilt Market is a total burst.. read more →

Today we want to introduce to you (or perhaps remind you of) the brilliant Anna Maria Horner. She shares our passion for bright, lively color and is an amazing creator with a host of sewing books and products and a site full of inspiration and tutorials to show for it. Her beautiful collections for FreeSpirit.. read more →

You don’t have to have a baby to enjoy the cuteness of sewing for a little one. Whether it be for your own child, a grandchild, or a friend’s new arrival, most of us have had the pleasure of sewing miniature garments and accessories worthy of a few swoons. Today we’re sharing four free sewing.. read more →

We’re always looking for quilted projects to keep our quilting skills fresh without having to make a full size quilt every time. If you’re looking for a fun quilting project, or if you’re starting out and would like to start small-scale, this tutorial from the blog, I Heart Linen, for a quilted checkerboard set is a great.. read more →

27 Jun 2013
June 27, 2013

Patriotic Jar Apron

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Have fun using festive red, white and blue fabric scraps from your stash to create this country-style jar apron. Fill the jar with fresh flowers or a candle and decorate your mantel for the summer months!  What you will need: Coats & Clark Threads:  Dual Duty XP General Purpose Thread: Color No. 100, White; Color.. read more →

We challenged Heather Jones to create a qult for us to use in our booth at Spring Quilt Market and she created this fantastic quilt. See how great it looked in the booth? Hanging above the thread displays, the strips almost looked like spools laying on their sides! We asked Heather to describe her creative process………. read more →

We love to see sewists working in extra-creative spaces, especially when they inspire us to re-vamp our own space into something super special. Today we are bringing you a great deal of creative inspiration packed into a small shed-turned-sewing-space in London from fellow crafter Junkaholique, a 4 foot by 6 foot space recently decorated to.. read more →

Interested in starting your first quilt, or simply looking for a fun new blanket project? This circle quilt tutorial is the perfect project for the modern sewist, an easy introduction to piecing & quilting that will leave you well-rounded in your sewing skill set! Read on for our suggestions on choosing fabrics and the full.. read more →

Continuing on our search for the best techniques out there, we’re bringing you a neat “trick” to piecing arrows, developed specifically for Denyse Schmidt’s pattern, Point me. If you do any sort of piecing, be it for regular sewing or quilting, you know that the process can quickly become cumbersome and tiring, taking forever to.. read more →

  We’re continuing on our trail through sewing techniques, making sure we’re all staying sharp on our skills! Today we’re bringing you a tutorial for adding bias to a curve, a great technique that can be useful in apparel, quilt, and home decor sewing. Read more about this great tutorial from The Haby Goddess, a.. read more →

We’re more than ready for spring-time outdoor dining, so we’ve found a perfect tutorial to get you ready for the warm outdoors. A beautiful Asian-inspired design from the Cloud9 blog, we can’t wait to get to work on these tipped napkins and coordinating round placemats! read more →

We love finding great tutorials from people all over the world, amazing makers sharing their talents in sewing. We often find, however, that a good tutorial on techniques and skills is hard to find, especially for the things some might find “simple” — but sometimes it’s helpful to see exactly how someone else is teaching.. read more →

This Saturday, March 16, is Worldwide Quilting Day! My guild, PMQG, organized a fun fabric shopping and sewing day last year in Portland, Oregon for National Quilting Day in 2012, but this year the celebration has gone global. “So many international quilt and fabric shops contacted me after hearing about National Quilting Day last year,.. read more →

By Susan Beal Saturday and Sunday were both packed days at Quiltcon! I was lucky to have some free hours to see some of the magnificent quilts in the show on Saturday, after two great classes, fabric shopping, and lots of lectures kept me busier the first couple of days. The Quiltcon show included about.. read more →

We asked Susan Beal to be our “roving reporter” at QuiltCon last week. Here is part 1 of her report   I’m so happy to be here at Quiltcon, on my first visit to Austin, Texas, representing the Portland Modern Quilt Guild! This is a beautiful show and two days in I haven’t even come.. read more →

Anna Maria Horner is one of our favorite fabric designers, and general textile designer of all things amazing, with prints inspired by her Greek heritage and artist parents – her vibrant use of color in her playfully bold designs are awe-inspiring at first sight. In addition to her fantastic fabric (we can’t get enough of.. read more →

06 Dec 2012
December 6, 2012

Spool Quilt Along Wrap Up


Are you ready to complete this beautiful Quilt? This month we have posted the last installment- creating the sashing, joining the blocks and putting the quilt together. We appreciate all of you who have quilted along through this process. Sashing and Assembly Instructions Wouldn’t it be great to see a gallery of all of the.. read more →

Decor for kids’ rooms just keeps getting cuter and cuter, and modern quilts for little ones are no exception. We love quilts because they’re both useful for warmth and decorating, and if it’s extra special it can be hung for display. Modern quilts remind us that quilting isn’t just an art of the past —.. read more →

by Handmade Charlotte Sandra Jongedijk is the maker behind the Etsy shop StudioVansan. Her shop is filled with gorgeous handmade bags, pillows, and jewelry. The talented artist hand paints her fabric and then creates the pattern before she sews it all together. Her blog is filled with works in progress and inspiring completed projects. I.. read more →

04 Oct 2012
October 4, 2012

Around the World Quilt


by Heather Jones This is my brand new quilt called Around the World that I designed and made for Coats and Clark. You may be seeing it a lot this fall so I wanted to share some details on how I constructed it, using Coats and Clark Dual Duty XP, Cotton Covered Quilting and Piecing,.. read more →

11 Sep 2012
September 11, 2012

Spool Quilt Along- Block 7


By Lucy A. Fazely Welcome to Coats and Clark 200th Anniversary Quilt Along.Coats and Clark asked me to design an quilt to celebrate their two centuries of providing quality threads to sewers, crafters and quilters. What pattern could be more appropriate than the spool block? Celebrate with Coats and Clark by making this quilt and be.. read more →

11 Sep 2012
September 11, 2012

Spool Box Quilt


Fall is a great time to start a larger project. The weather will be cooler soon and you will be spending more time indoors. What better time to quilt? This beautiful quilt designed by Lucy Fazely combines applique and piecing for spectacular results. When creating this quilt, Lucy was inspired by the circular shapes in the fabric.. read more →

Summer Picnic Blanket tutorial Designed by Heather Jones for Coats and Clark www.oliveandollie.com This easy project is perfect for all of your picnics and BBQs you have coming up this summer. With a laminated cotton top and sturdy canvas backing, clean up is a breeze. Just wipe any spills up with a damp cloth and you’re.. read more →

T-shirt quilts make terrific gifts for grads. For those going away to school, it personalizes their room and reminds them of home and the fun times they had. There are many tutorials on-line for creating T-shirt quilts and we have collected a few to share with you.  There are two schools of thought when it.. read more →

We were amazed by the story that Marie Hall shared on our 200th Anniversary website. She created a beautiful quilt that told the story of how her family history and Coats & Clark’s history were intertwined. We asked her for more details and, of course, pictures, which she was kind enough to share. Here is her.. read more →

by Heather Jones,  olive_and_ollie@yahoo.com This is a quick and easy project to transform ordinary kitchen hand towels into beautiful custom towels that are both decorative and useful. Using your favorite fabrics and Coats Cotton Covered Quilting & Piecing Thread, make a few and put them together for a great Mother’s Day gift. Or make a set.. read more →

13 Apr 2012
April 13, 2012

Quilted Memories


One of the stories shared on our CoatsandClark200years website was a beautiful poem titled “Quilted Memories. We asked the author Kelline Collet to share a little more about the poem with us and here is her story: ” I have been sewing since the age of three when I first learned to thread a needle… read more →

By HandMade Charlotte If you are a quilter looking to break free of the traditional mold of quilting, Denyse Schmidt’s latest book “modern Quilts, Traditional Inspiration” is your ticket to freedom. Drawing her inspiration from quilts of the past, Schmidt pays homage to the rich tradition of quilting with 20 gorgeous reinterpretations of traditional quilt.. read more →

By Lucy A. Fazely Welcome to Coats & Clark 200th Anniversary Quilt Along.Coats & Clark asked me to design an quilt to celebrate their two centuries of providing quality threads to sewers, crafters and quilters. What pattern could be more appropriate than the spool block? Celebrate with Coats & Clark by making this quilt and.. read more →

Quilt Market and Festival is held annually in Houton Texas. Last week over 50,000 quilters attended the Festival which is open to the public. Market is held prior to Festival and that is where companies show their new products for the coming year. There was so much beautiful fabric, millions of yards of thread and.. read more →

13 Sep 2010
September 13, 2010

Wisconsin Quilt Best of show

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Quilt Story:I fell in love with Susan Garman’s pattern “The Lily Rosenberry Quilt.” Thequilt is hand appliquéd and I used Karen Buckley’s circle makers for themore than 1,000 berries. I fussy cut the vases. I added the red scallopedborder for a bit of drama. It is machine quilted on my Bernina 170. read more →

11 Jun 2010
June 11, 2010

A Remake of a Classic!

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We knew all along that quilter’s were using our Dual Duty Plus–the cotton-wrapped polyester thread–for quilting and, in particular, piecing. We also knew quilters prefer 100% cotton. When we introduced new Dual Duty XP, a 100% polyester thread, we didn’t forget the quilters. We increased the color range and amount of 100% cotton threads in.. read more →

01 Apr 2010
April 1, 2010

How Do We Make Thread?


Coat & Clark has been making thread for almost 200 years! Much has changed and much has stayed the same since that first cotton thread was spun in Paisley, Scotland! The editors of American Patchwork and Quilting came to us and asked us to show them the process of threadmaking and they were amazed at.. read more →