We challenged Heather Jones to create a qult for us to use in our booth at Spring Quilt Market and she created this fantastic quilt. See how great it looked in the booth? Hanging above the thread displays, the strips almost looked like spools laying on their sides!

Improv Color Block

We asked Heather to describe her creative process……..

I’m so excited about this quilt. I designed it for Coats & Clark and it’s got a bit of improvisation, which I love, but it also allows you to follow a pattern, so it’s the perfect first step for those of you who may be interested in trying your hand at improvisational quilting, but aren’t ready for something completely unstructured.
I was given a specific color palette to work with, inspired by Field Studies, the new line of linen fabrics designed by Anna Maria Horner. I chose Ghost Print in Dusk as the basis of my design and picked eight FreeSpirit Designer Solids cotton fabrics that coordinated with it. They are Spark Gold, Soldier Blue, Slate Gray, Lime, Salmon, Bahama, Chamois, and Orchid. The binding for the quilt is made with the Ghost Print in Dusk so it ties everything together.

AMH linen and solids

The quilt is made up of pieced strip columns, all of which measure 10 ½” x 60” long. The improvisation comes in with the widths of the individual strips that make up the columns. I cut my strips between 1 ½” and 4” wide and I sewed them together in random order, with many different color combinations and lots of variety in the placement of different sized pieces.

scraps and sketchcut strips

The quilt measures 60” x 60”, which makes it a great lap sized project. It comes together really quickly, so it’s a great project for a beginner, or a fast one for a more experienced quilter. I love that the design creates a unique, one of a kind quilt. I hope you like it too.

Pattern For Improv Color Block Quilt



Improv Color Block Quilt ad

About the Author

Heather Jones is a designer and modern quilter. Heather founded the Cincinnati chapter of the Modern Quilt Guild and she recently completed her first line of quilting patterns. Three of her original quilts were chosen as winners of the Modern Quilt Guild’s Project Modern Challenges, a year-long national quilting competition. For more information on Heather and her work, visit her blog at www.oliveandollie.com

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  1. I love the modern quilts of today and I love your quilt design. Very clean lines.

  2. I don’t normally like modern quilts but I love this one. Its simple but fantastic
    Thank you

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