11 Sep 2012
September 11, 2012

Spool Box Quilt


Fall is a great time to start a larger project. The weather will be cooler soon and you will be spending more time indoors. What better time to quilt?

This beautiful quilt designed by Lucy Fazely combines applique and piecing for spectacular results.

When creating this quilt, Lucy was inspired by the circular shapes in the fabric To Lucy, the circles looked like the labels on spools of thread. Appliquéd blocks were then designed based on the Coats and Clark spool label for an overall look reminiscent of opening a box of spools.

Spool label designs used by Coats & Clark

The fabrics used in this quilt are from the Summersault collection by Erin McMorris for Free SpiritFabrics.

Download the  complete instructions along with templates and diagrams: Spool Box Quilt 


About the Author

Lynn is Director of Consumer Services with Coats & Clark.

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  1. The directions labeled Spool Box quilt, is NOT the spool box quilt

  2. We have checked the links and they do go to the correct pattern. We also added another link below the picture.

  3. Finished downloading! 😀 Thanks a lot.

  4. What a bright and cheery quilt. Thanks for sharing this pattern.

  5. Both links are working fine for me, I have downloaded the pattern thank you very much. 🙂

  6. Beautiful quilt, wonderful colors, great project.

  7. Just finished downloading the pattern Thank You


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