T-shirt quilts make terrific gifts for grads. For those going away to school, it personalizes their room and reminds them of home and the fun times they had.

There are many tutorials on-line for creating T-shirt quilts and we have collected a few to share with you.  There are two schools of thought when it comes to designing and planning the quilt– to sash or not to sash? We will let you decide which you like best. We’ve included examples of both.

In this quilt, the T-shirt logos are centered in same-size blocks with sashing framing the blocks.

T-shirt Quilt - traditional style
Tutorial at Goosetracks.com

This T-shirt quilt used sashing and additional strips to make all of the blocks the same size.

Here is the finished product... just waiting to be moved to my dorm bed :)
 Tutorial at Craftstylish.com

Now for the ones without sashing. This quilt has no sashing and all of the blocks are the same size.

Tutorial at SewCaroline.com

Here are blocks without sashing and different size blocks:
Tutorial at Snugasabugbaby.com

This T-shirt quilt creates a patchwork of the shirts and fabric.

Tutorial at Little Blue Boo

We hope this inpires you to create a quilt for a special grad or just to get busy and use up all of those shirts!! 
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5 Responses to T-Shirt Quilts- a great gift for Grads
  1. What a timely post… my sister just asked me if I would try making her a T-shirt quilt! Thanks so much 🙂

  2. In my son’s closet there is a box full of little t-shirts that he wore when he was a toddler. There is also a box of t-shirts from elementary school with all of the logos from the various T-ball and sports teams, summer camps and vacations. Now there is a box from high school from track meets, senior day–you name it. All of them just waiting to be sewn into a quilt he will treasure forever. Sound familiar? I could make a quilt large enough to cover a football field if I used them all!

  3. My mom has been making T-shirt quilts for about 10 years now. She’s made them with sashing and without. All 5 grandchildren have at least 2 each, she’s made them for numerous other family members, and some others were commissioned. In all, she’s probably made at least 50 T-shirt quilts. She really enjoys making them because they are so personal. As she cuts, arranges, and sews, she thinks about the person she’s making it for. She puts all her heart and soul into each quilt … and we love her so much for doing so!!

  4. I will be making one of these from my oldest son’s little league baseball shirts for his graduation and then another out of his cross country shirts. Thanks for the info.

  5. You have shown some beautiful sample t-shirt quilts.


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