Haby Goddess Sewing Technique Tutorials on Coats and Clark

As you may have noticed, we’re technique-happy these days, excited to have the opportunity to help you brush up on some areas we may not always visit in our sewing adventures. In the spirit of self-improvement, we are bringing you not one but EIGHT tutorials from The Haby Goddess, one of our favorite places to find clear-cut technique tutorials.

Once you’ve followed one tutorial you’ll know just why we’re so smitten with The Haby Goddess. Anyone can appreciate great photos when they’re trying to master a skill over the internet — the physical barrier alone can leave us scratching our heads all day at some tutorials we find. The Haby Goddess is a natural at teaching to the masses, clear in instruction and well photographed for the visual learners. Check out our top picks from this fantastic site below.

1. Sewing Mitered Corners

Sewing Mitered Corners Coats and Clark Haby Goddess

This one’s close to our heart, a skill that’s essential when giving a polished look. We love mitered corners particularly on table linens, a great way to perfect any presentation.

2. Sewing in Piping

Sewing Piping Coats and Clark Haby Goddess

This is a technique that many people find incredibly daunting, but it can be as easy as attaching your zipper foot — the trick is in getting close to that piping without shoving it under your regular topstitching foot!

3. Sewing a Gusset into a Bag

Gusset in a Bag Sewing Coats and Clark Haby Goddess

We love the squared bottom on a bag you’re making with a stiffer fabric, so that it’s sure to stand up tall. It gives great structure, especially when you carry a lot in your bag.

4. Adding a Front Placket

Sewing Front Placket Shirt Coats and Clark Haby Goddess

This is a technique that can be hard to find instruction for, and sometimes even harder to follow when you’re reading a pattern without many visuals. The Haby Goddess takes great care in handling this technique step-by-step for a perfect finish at the top of a blouse.

5. Adding a Pocket to a Garment

Sewing Pocket Garment DIY Upcycle Coats and Clark Haby Goddess

If you’re looking to add pockets to an existing garment, this tutorial is a perfect guide for working around already-sewn pieces. We love adding pockets to skirts, and a hidden finish like the one featured here is a perfect balance of style & function.

6. Laminating Fabric

Laminate Fabric Sewing Coats and Clark Haby Goddess

This quick guide offers tips on laminating your own fabric, a great thing to learn as laminated fabrics are often limited in the shops and can run you $20 & up per yard. This is a great way to transform fabrics you might already own into waterproof pieces!

7. Making Ruffles

Making Ruffles Sewing Coats and Clark Haby Goddess

Follow these five easy steps to create the perfect ruffle (no shoving & shifting required!).

8. Buttonhole Attachment

Buttonhole Attachment Sewing Machine Coats and Clark Haby Goddess

Many of you may have a buttonhole attachment you’ve never used — the size of the attachment alone can be daunting! This guides you through basic use of these attachments, a good jumping off point if you’ve never mastered your own. These come different for each machine, but many of the functions are the same and it’s helpful even if yours doesn’t look exactly like the one featured.

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  1. I want to try sewing clothes for myself instead of just quilts, although I enjoy doing quilts. I had a serger given to me and want to learn to use it. This will be helpful information when I need it.


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