It’s that time of year again—Halloween! I’m so excited! When else does so much crafting and DIY goodness get to be paraded around for all to see? I can hardly wait for the big day! And my kids can’t either. We’re in the process of picking out our choice costume, so I thought I’d put together a list of our favorites to help inspire you this year. And don’t worry—they’re super easy to make and take only a couple of hours at most. Let’s get started!

DIY Superhero Costumes By Martha Stewart

The Super Hero via Martha Stewart

We all know nobody does crafting quite like Martha. So when it comes to the ultimate kid fav—the superhero—we knew her team would deliver. I love that these are truly original, leaving it to your super kiddos to imagine their own set of superpowers and you can mix and match the attributes! They’re so easy to make, kids can help out too!

DIY Fox Costume

DIY Fox Costume via the Paper Mama

This fox costume is great alternative to the monster costume—for wee ones with more growl less rahr. And it only takes about an hour and a half to make. So go ahead and take advantage of still having some say in what they wear (trust me, the opportunity isn’t around for long) and sew up something super sweet and super cute!

DIY Knights

DIY Knights in Training via Mer Mag

It seems that the medieval theme is a trend right now. I love this understated take on it. Mer Mag used a smock pattern from the seventies to sew up her little guys’ cloth armor and hand drew the shields. It’s amazing what kind of costumes you can make with sweats as a base! (Wooden sword how-to, sadly, not included.)

DIY Colorful Wings

Bird Wings via Llevo el invierno

These simple wings are so colorful, your little one will flutter with delight. What’s great about these is that they’re eye-catching enough to stand entirely on their own as a costume, but you could also add other elements if you’re inclined.


A Moose Costume via Our House of Paint

Okay, it doesn’t get much easier than this one, but it also doesn’t get much cuter! It’s warm, it’s quick to make, and it costs about $4. What’s not to love?

DIY Rain Cloud

DIY Rain Cloud Costume via You & Mie

A little paint, a little sewing and presto—you have a rain cloud! How cute is this? And she gets to wear her rain boots, which in my experience, is a pretty good time for most kids.


DIY Bat Costume via Alpa Mom

I love the classics. This super easy bat costume tutorial comes complete with downloadable template for the the mask. And, as an added bonus, kids will get to wear their sunglasses indoors to pull off the cool dark-eye effect.

DIY Last-Minute Owl Costume

Last-Minute Kids’ Owl Costume via the Alpha Mom

All this one takes is a T-shirt and a handy-dandy downloadable template for the mask and, within only a few hours, you’re set. It looks so amazing people will think you spent days on it!

DIY Carrot Costume

Carrot Costume via Better Homes and Gardens

This fun healthy snack costume tutorial comes with free template downloads—and the veggie fun doesn’t stop with beta-carotene. A sibling or friend can trick-or-treat as a companion pea pod!

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