So often, it takes just a word or two, a small act of kindness or a warm smile to make a difference in someone’s day. These adorable Cozy Hand warmers from Rae Ann Kelly’s blog craftily combine all these ways to show your love on Valentine’s Day or any time of year. They’re fun, easy to make and as she says “a little cozy goes a long way”!hand-warmer-valentines-10

The pinked edges on the Cozy Hand warmers shown in the picture keep the edges from fraying and make stitching up a small square with wrong sides together easy. But, a lot of us don’t keep pinking shears around. Rae Ann suggests sewing your squares of fabric right sides together and turning it inside out. Just be sure to leave an opening large enough to turn through.

hand-warmer-valentines-4 rice

Rae Ann’s tutorial calls for a fat quarter or more of fabric, but a scrappy version using what you have on hand would be perfect, too. If you’re trapped indoors due to Snowmageddon, you can definitely use what you have on hand. Cozy Handwarmers are filled with rice to make them reheatable and I bet that’s already in the cupboard, too!

Coats Cotton

Since these will be heated in the microwave, you’ll want to be sure your materials are all 100% cotton. If you’re not sure about the content of your scraps, it would be best to purchase a new fat quarter so you can confirm that its 100% cotton at the sewing store. And, while you’re there, look for Coats Cotton Thread or check your thread box to see if you have coordinating spools with the label shown above. Seriously – 100% cotton is REALLY important. Synthetics will melt in a microwave and can cause damage, so let’s be sure our Cozy Hand warmers are safe!


Rae Ann includes a link at the bottom of her tutorial, so you can include heating instructions with your Cozy Hand wamer gift. She designed these for her children, but you may want to design your own instruction note. Whether you print them as is or design your own, be sure to add a handwritten love note to the back! The darling little “Stay Cozy Valentine” labels are part of Rae Ann’s Spoonflower fabric – its linked in her tutorial, too. You can make your own personalized version, if you like, by using printable fabric and a text design you’ve created on your computer.

I think you’ll love these and they would be such great gifts for anyone.  Click here for Rae Ann’s tutorial, choose fabrics that will please, print the instructions and gift a bit of warm, handmade love with a smile!

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Annette Millard began sewing at the age of three, made her first dress at ten and is always happiest with needle, fabric and thread in her hands. Annette feels very privileged to have spent most of her work life in the sewing industry and loves teaching, making her own handmade wardrobe and writing about sewing. She spent over ten years as the newsletter and web site content writer for the Pacific Northwest's largest locally-owned family of fabric stores and is now thrilled to have the opportunity to share her passion for sewing with the Sewing Secrets community. Follow Annette and more of her sewing adventures on her own blog,

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  1. Love this idea – especially since I suffer from cold hands….every day at work!

  2. Nice! Ideal for the kids after playing with the snow.

  3. My littles would love these! But we don t have a microwave, is there any other way to safely heat them?

    • Well, I hadn’t thought of that, Danial – good question! I’m concerned that your fabric would burn in an oven or pan on the stove, but I wonder if you could iron them with a dry iron? I haven’t tried it, but it may be a possibility. Just don’t use steam as it would dampen your rice and could breed mold. Another possibility would be to put them in the dryer to warm. Again, haven’t tried it, but I hope you can find a solution. Thanks for the comment!


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