DIY Reversible Leather Bag - Sewing Tutorial 4We love the word reversible when it comes to sewing, because it always mean twice the use for your effort! This reversible leather bag is a beautiful accessory, a great opportunity for some leather sewing practice. We love that you can have some fun pairing colors for a colorblock look, or pair the same method with a faux leather or vinyl material to pull off a similar look. This tutorial from light blue grey has some great tips on attaching straps to a leather sewn project with a hammer and eyelets which makes a super professional-looking finish to your hard work.

DIY Reversible Leather Bag - Sewing TutorialFinding the right leather for this project can be hard locally depending on where you live, but an online search can yield a wide variety of options. If you have a fabric store nearby that specializes in apparel or costume sewing, definitely check there first. There are also really great leather and faux leather options on sites like Etsy, where you’ll find smaller pieces from samples and remnants, rather than buying a large piece from a specialty fabric store. Keep in mind the limitations of your machine — if your machine typically has trouble sewing over thicker areas, you will probably not have success in sewing with leather. Higher quality machines come equipped with stronger motors and mechanical parts, which makes it easier to work through thicker layers, such as with leather. Definitely do some sample stitching before you dig into your actual materials! Remember: the more of a light, natural drape a leather has, the better it is for sewing on a home machine.

DIY Reversible Leather Bag - Sewing Tutorial 3Choosing the right needle and presser foot can make or break a leather stitching experience, as it can be pesky depending on your machine. Purchase a pack of leather needles for your project, because they’ll have the right thickness and pointed angle to enter your material easiest without as much risk of breaking as you might with a Universal needle. As far as the presser foot on your machine, your standard sewing foot might work depending on the grip on the leather itself. We like to use a Teflon presser foot on our machine because the non-stick quality makes for a smooth sewing experience for a wide variety of leathers and vinyls. If your brand of machine is sold through a dealer, they’ll often let you try out feet in the shop to get a feel for what you might need to purchase. If not, check to see at a fabric retailer if they have a non-stick foot for your machine, or browse online. Not sold on whether or not you need a Teflon foot? If you’re not planning on doing much sewing on the sticky-type fabrics, a piece of matte tape on the underside of your regular sewing foot might do the trick (remember to cut out a hole for the needle area) and can be a quick one-time fix if you’re not ready to invest in a new presser foot.

DIY Reversible Leather Bag - Sewing Tutorial 2Ready to try your own leather sewing project? Find the full tutorial for this stylish reversible leather bag over at light blue grey!

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  1. Just picked up some leather — ready to try this project! I love these narrow bags popping up everywhere now!


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