If you’ve never delved into the world of fashion sewing, it may come across as frightening territory. Fitting a garment to the body’s many shapes (especially if you don’t have a dress form) can be very intimidating and leave you wondering if it’s just easier to hop over to the store to buy it already made. However, we’re big fans of DIY clothing because the possibilities are endless in what you can create! If you’re tall, short, or any shape in between, very few people have no issues with finding clothing they love in just the right fit. Today, we’re encouraging you to give fashion sewing a try (or inspire you to start a new project if you’re already a fan!) with the help of a great sewing resource, Shona Stitches.

Shona Stitches is a great blog with sew-along projects to keep you on your toes with your sewing. Once you’ve tried a few projects you’ll find your speed increasing, so even if you only have an hour after work or during your little one’s nap to try things out, it’s never too short to start on a project — each little step counts! Her projects are very easy guides to basic projects and tips on existing patterns, a great resource to check out if you’re interested in sewing clothes. Check out these six projects we’ve highlighted that we hope will bring you some stitching inspiration!

1. The Garden Skirt

Garden Skirt Tutorial from Shona Stitches on Coats & Clark

This skirt requires no pattern and was made in just a yard of fabric! With just a few rectangular cuts you’re well on your way to a great gathered skirt that takes such little time, you’ll be making an entire series in no time at all.

2. Drafting a Skirt

Pencil Skirt Drafting Tutorial from Shona Stitches on Coats & Clark

Check out this quick tutorial on using a double tracing wheel to draft a pattern & why Shona Stitches prefers this method — a great place to start if you aren’t into cutting out your patterns.

3. Beignet Skirt

Beignet Skirt Tutorial from Shona Stitches on Coats & Clark

This guides you through the sewist’s creation of another’s project, a mini-review of the process of making the skirt linked in the article. It’s always great to see how others are doing things before you tackle a project, so you have an idea of where you’d like to begin — very helpful!

4. Mustard Skirt with Box Pleats

Mustard Skirt Tutorial from Shona Stitches on Coats & Clark

If you are interested in modifying patterns, this project talks about moving a zipper and adding pockets to a skirt — a great read if you’re interested to see how some folks tackle the daunting task of modifying an existing pattern. Have no fear — we all do it, and it makes the sewing process yield your perfect results.

5.  Ava Blouse with Peplum

Ava Top Tutorial from Shona Stitches on Coats & Clark

Check out Shona’s take on this super cute blouse with an invisible zipper, although the uses a regular zipper foot instead of an invisible zipper foot. Her fabric choice is absolutely darling — read her post to see how she went about creating this darling top.

6. Sorbetto Top

Sorbetto Top Tutorial from Shona Stitches on Coats & Clark

We love this pattern from Colettte, a great blouse that can look so different just depending on your fabric choice. Shana’s review of the process is great to read as always, and provides great insight into “messing up” your projects to yield some great experience and results. We love reading her process because we know it can be helpful for anyone sewing clothes!

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  1. I could wear everything featured here, I love how practical all of these wardrobe pieces are. Makes me want to make some more clothes for myself!


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