We are big fans of Gretchen “Gertie” Hirsch’s popular sewing blog, Gertie’s New Blog For Better Sewing.  Gretchen has a talent for making what might seem like intimidating sewing techniques to the novice easy to understand with her step by step tutorials.

You have seen her tutorials here on Sewing Secrets.

Now Gretchen has published a book titled “Gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing” sharing her techniques and thoughts on vintage sewing plus 25 wardrobe essential projects.

Part 1 of the book is a hardworking reference packed with lessons on couture techniques and customization. Part 2 includes full-size paper patterns for fourteen wardrobe essentials plus variations inspired by vintage fashion and Gretchen’s modern style. Included are the Sultry Sheath and the Wiggle dress designed by Gretchen.

Here’s the best part– we are giving away a copy!  Just comment here (no anonymous comments please) between now and November 16 and a winner will be selected at random. The contest is open to everyone within or outside the US. Good Luck!

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78 Responses to Gertie’s New Book For Better Sewing Book Give-away
  1. Oh, please enter me in the giveaway! Thanks so much! 🙂

  2. This book looks like it will be amazing and I would love to win it!!

  3. The welt pocket with exposed zipper video is very informative and well done. Worth the time to watch it! I hope I win the book!

  4. That book sounds great! I could use help with some new skills. Love a copy.

  5. What a great giveaway, thanks for the chance to win this fantastic book.

  6. I first discovered Gertie through this blog, now I’m a confirmed fan! She has a knack for explaining sewing techniques that have deviled me for years. The only thing better than having her book would be having Gertie herself in my sewing room with me!

  7. This sounds a very useful book to have. Please enter me for the giveaway.

  8. I would to win Gertie’s new book. Her sewing techniques are amazing……Cheryl in San Diego

  9. Crossing my fingers for this prize! Would love to add this to my library. Thanks you!

  10. I need all the help I can get in sewing for me. I will sew for others or do non-fit (home dec) sewing but for me; it has to fit.

  11. I am truly a sewing novice. I’m teaching myself and I’m sure you know that isn’t the easiest nor necessarily the best thing to do. I have patterns, material, and a good sewing machine but I have no idea what to do! This book sounds awesome and would be a great help for me. I’d love to be the winner!

  12. Love her style, and love seeing other’s secrets to sewing. As someone who never took a home ec class, and had just been “winging it” sewing, I’m always looking for ways to improve and learn more.

  13. Wow! Looks like a book to have in my sewing library. Hope I win. Thanks for the giveaway.

  14. Woo hoo, first one!!

    I’ve been sewing since Home Ec in middle school, a long time ago, but I still consider myself a novice. I can sew a seam, and put together a simple pattern, I’ve even been known to make a button hole or two, but I’d really like to be more comfortable with my machine, and be able to make things the I can wear with pride. This book sounds like it just might fit the bill.

  15. It would be a wonderful Christmas book for myself–Gertie’s Nw Book for Better Sewing–since traditional sewing is a major part of my skill set.

  16. what a great giveaway thanks

  17. Wow, what a generous give away! I would love to win a copy of this book

  18. as a mid-life returnee to sewing, a guide such as Gertie’s would be a boon to polishing my rusty skills and inspiring me to aspire to some truly classy projects!

  19. I just love that sheath dress on the cover. If the cover is any indication as to what’s inside, then this book is a “must-have” for all interested in recreating those classic designs that never go out of style.

  20. That sounds like a neat book… and I loved the video!

  21. Yes! I’d like to win this book! I already sew but I could use some new tip… And I’m not livin in the US, so there are very few contest I can participate 🙂

  22. I can’t wait to read this book!

  23. I’ve been waiting for this!

  24. While I have sewn for many years, I am always up for trying new things, improving my skills.

  25. Fingers crossed – book looks GREAT!

  26. Always looking for tips and love vintage styles! I’d love to win this.

  27. I would love to win this book!! Thanks for the giveaway.

  28. What an awesome resource! A must have for every sewing library!!!

    sowingstitches [at] yahoo [dot] com

    ok, I tried to publish this and a strange little red box popped up…

    going to try to publish this again…sorry if there are duplicates…trying to deal with a glitch

  29. Being a retro dressmaking gal myself, I have always looked to Gertie for sewing tutorials, advice and inspiration! I can’t wait to get the book!

  30. Would love to make everything in the book!!!

  31. I would love to win this book! I participated in Gertie bombshell dress course over at craftsy

  32. Would love to brush up my sewing skills! Thanks for the chance to win!

  33. I love Gertie! Love her sense of fashion! I would love to win a copy of her book! Thanks for the opportunity! my email is jkylvs2read(at)gmail(dot)com

  34. I’m always open to learning new ways to do things.Please enter me for a copy.

  35. i’d love to win this. thanks for the chance.

  36. I would love to be chosen for this book!!

  37. Oooh! This would be so perfect a gift! I am just starting to sew and am loving it! I would love to win this book.
    Thank you for offering one.

  38. I can use some help with sewing techniques!

  39. this book looks amazing thank you for the opportunity to enter to win it

  40. That is a great! Sometimes I want to do some sowing and think it has to be an easier way to do it. Bet the book will make it easy

  41. I would love a book that will help me improve my sewing skills!!

  42. This looks like a good book to have!

  43. Gertie’s New Book For Better Sewing Book Give-away is simply amazing!! I would love to win it. I am always getting books from the library to learn new things about sewing and how to do different things.

  44. This book looks very interesting!

  45. After a long absence from sewing clothing I am back at it and would LOVE a refresher course/book

  46. she has a really new way to explain things!

  47. To have valuable information at my fingertips while sewing would be a Godsend. Thank you for the giveaway.

  48. I love Gertie’s tutorials and blog. It would be great to win this book. Thanks for the chance.

  49. Fantastic! I’m a big fan of Gertie.

  50. I would love to have this book. I’m just getting started in upcycling clothes and could sure use the tips and techniques to make the clothes look professional.

  51. This would be an awesome book to win, I have a handle on basic sewing and would love to improve and expand my skills. And I totally love that it’s available for those outside the US!! Thank you for that!

  52. I would love this book because I believe it could help me to gain the knowledge to sew clothing with out fear.

  53. Wow. I love her teaching style on tv when I see her every once in awhile. Her book has to be equally as good. I NEED a well written sewing book which helps with sewing clothing so badly. I’ve never since high school taken any sewing classes though I very much need them. We have nothing locally that I can take unless I want to hire someone to teach my privately, which I cannot afford. This book would help so much now that I have 2 Granddaughters to sew cute outfits for and a Grandson as well.
    Thank you very much for the chance.

  54. What a great giveaway, I can use all the help I can get.

  55. I have gone back to sewing clothes and now am looking for ideas and tips to help my clothes fit better.

  56. I would love to win this book! Thank you!

  57. I have had my eye on this and would love to enter!

  58. Thanks for the opportunity – would love to win this book!

  59. Fan-sewing-tastic! Thank you for the giveaway.

  60. I love Gertie and her sewing tips and I really want this book.

  61. Thanks for the opportunity to win – would love to have this book!

  62. Would love a chance, thank you.

  63. Thanks for the giveaway, I’m a bit nervous to make anything vintage yet and I think this book would help me get over that.

  64. Can’t wait to see this book – it looks great!!

  65. I sew a lot and all different things from clothing to toys. I really enjoy reading up on any new sewing skills or ways to sharpen the ones I have. Thanks

  66. I would very much like to win this book so that I can learn more about sewing for myself. I gave up on big girl sewing years ago when nothing seemed to hang “quite right”, and I didn’t know what to do differently

  67. please enter me in the drawing, I need all the help I can get..

  68. This is awesome. Thanks for the chance!

  69. Wow, could I use the information in this book!
    I need lots of secrets to sewing even though I
    have been sewing for years!

  70. I need a lot of secrets!!
    I sure could read this book from cover to cover

  71. Please enter me in the drawing!

  72. It’s still the 16th here so I hope I’m eligible. I’d really like to get this book.


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