What’s better than a towel at the beach? A towel you can wear…with a hood of course! We made this adorable poncho tutorial just for you guys and can’t wait for you to try it out for yourselves. All you need are a few old towels for repurposing and you’ve got yourself a whole new beach-going outfit for the little one in your life! Our Noah definitely felt like a king…


What You Need 


  • 1 hand towel for the hood.
  • 1 towel for the body
  • Various colors/sizes of towels to cut up for decorative elements (optional)
  • Dual Duty XP All purpose thread
  • J & P Coats Embroidery floss in a variety of colors


How To Make The Hood:

With right sides together fold the hand towel together in half-length wise and sew the top seam so that it creates a triangle hood.


How To Make The Body:

Step 1
For The Body:Taking the full size towel, fold it in half length wise and cut down the center stoping when you get to the middle of the towel. This will become your center front seam.

Step 2
Measure the length of the hand towel which is now your hood.   Using the measurements of the hood, cut a triangle shaped neckline to the same length.

Step 3
Attach the hood to the body by pinning and sewing the hood to the neckline.

Hooded Towel DIY from Handmade Charlotte: Step 4Step 4
Cut out any pockets/shapes that you’d like to include in the design and topstitch it to the poncho using a zig zag stitch.

Step 5
Once the topstitching is complete, sew the center front seam closed stopping 3 inches down from the neckline.

Hooded Towel DIY from Handmade Charlotte: Step 6Step 6
To finish the rest of the neckline, hand sew it down using any kind of hand stitching that you’d like. This can be decorative like a blanket stitch, or simple like a whip stitch.


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  1. Adorable! What an awesome pre-beach craft!

  2. I want to make one of these for myself at the pool! Such a cute, easy DIY!

  3. In love with these! I might need to make one for my sister! So cute!


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