Little Lark Owl quartet

January. . . such a great time to slow down, cozy up with a warm cup of something yummy and do a little stitching for yourself. Take a deep breath and prepare to let the relaxing scent of lavender surround you as you make charming Little Lark Sachets!

I am smitten with these lovely, Little Lark birdies from the Gingermelon Dolls blog and I can hardly wait to dive into my stash and stitch up a few!  Saving a trip to the store sounds so good after the holiday frenzy, joyful as it was. If you’re stash diving along with me and don’t have any embroidery floss on hand, pull out your supply of Dual Duty Threads. Use a double strand in your needle and you’ll get a similar look that will be just fine. If you have Coats Hand Quilting Thread on hand or can run to the store to pick up some, all the better!

Little Lark front and back

If “hand” is on your list of “four-letter sewing words”, you could stitch your birdie on the sewing machine. But, maybe, just maybe, a little slow stitching is exactly what you need to start your year off with peaceful, restorative, making bliss. Try it – you can go back to your machine on the next project!

Little Lark with lavender

You’ll want to know how to do a Running Stitch and a Blanket Stitch for your Little Lark Sachets, Running Stitch is easy – in, out, repeat – but Blanket Stitch can be a little tricky. I found a great YouTube tutorial on Blanket Stitch that will give you a really good start to becoming a pro. You’ll pick up the rhythm quickly and it’s a terrific stitch to add to your “sewing super-power tool box”. Click here for the Blanket Stitch video tutorial.

Little Lark stash

I’m done with my stash diving and have a sweet assortment of supplies I’m excited to work with. Beige wool for the body, several fun colors of wool for the features and a darling little dotted blue cotton print for the belly. I have stuffing and a jar of lavender on hand, too. There were no little black eyes in my stash, so I bought a card of itty-bitty black buttons. Not quite all from my stash, but I really didn’t mind a trip to the fabric store!

Click here for the Little Lark Sachets tutorial, read it through and you’ll be all set for some January slow stitching. It’s the perfect way to get started on a great making year!

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Annette Millard began sewing at the age of three, made her first dress at ten and is always happiest with needle, fabric and thread in her hands. Annette feels very privileged to have spent most of her work life in the sewing industry and loves teaching, making her own handmade wardrobe and writing about sewing. She spent over ten years as the newsletter and web site content writer for the Pacific Northwest's largest locally-owned family of fabric stores and is now thrilled to have the opportunity to share her passion for sewing with the Sewing Secrets community. Follow Annette and more of her sewing adventures on her own blog,

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  1. Love! Going to have to make one or maybe a flock.

  2. Very cool. Should be easy to make. I like that you can dangle it anywhere you want a little scent.

  3. Great Idea…
    I see our little birdies and can’t help but think of all of the possible holiday applications and color variations – a Christmas flock with reds and greens, a winter flock with grays and silvers, a spring flock with yellows, pinks and light blues, an Easter flock with all pastels, a Valentines day flock with hints of red and pink and of course my favorite a 4th of July flock with red, white and blue birds. What fun.


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