Hey, it’s Me Made May! Are you participating? If so, let me know in the comments. And if you’re wondering what the “needle” I’m talking about, read on!

Isabelle in a few of her 2014 makes.

Isabelle in a few of her 2014 makes.

I first heard about Me Made May a couple of years ago from my favorite blogger/podcaster, Isabelle of Fluffy Fibers. She talked about wearing something she had made each day for the month of May. I loved the concept and in May 2015 since I sew as well as knit and crochet, as often as possible I wore something I had made. It was SEW FUN and it really gave me a new perspective on what I make, why and what else I would like to make for myself to wear.

Lisa from Italy in two of her 2015 Me Made May makes

Lisa from Italy in a few of her 2015 Me Made May makes

This year I decided to look up Me Made May and see what it was officially all about. While I didn’t actually sign up, I was pleased to see that it’s an idea born out of the desire to inspire and encourage and not an “event” full of stiff rules or requirements. This is about YOU, your sewing, what you want to wear and helping you commit to what you want to do in your sewing life. So, although it’s too late to officially sign up for this year, I’m still wearing my makes as many days as I can. Will you join me? You can click here to read more about Me Made May on the Sozo blog to get you started.

Me Made May - Maxi Skirt Printable Instructions

But, hey . . . let’s make this a party, okay? Everything’s better with friends! Find a place you can meet (maybe more than once), plan, invite and sew! Here are my ideas for Me Made May Sew Together Parties:

Sew Together Newbie Skirt Party

Share the love of sewing with a few wanna-sew friends! Choose a simple, quick skirt design, email the fabric and notions needs to everyone ahead of time and plan a date. This works best if you have already-sewing friends who are willing to come help and bring their machines. That way everyone gets one on one attention and learns to sew without having to run out and buy a machine. You will have added participants to the Me May Made concept and improved lives at the same time. Everything’s better when you sew, right?! Click here for a Maxi Skirt tutorial from Project Sewn.

Sew Together UFO Party

We’ve all got them and probably more than one.  Gather up a few of your unfinished object projects along with everything you need to finish and party! If you have projects that use the same thread color, you may be able to work on them all at once and get tons done. Finishing with friends will be totally fabulous and you’ll have all those sewing buds to high-five at the end. Any commitment you’ve made to Me Made May will benefit from this, too!

Sew Together Make a Top Party

Pick your fave Top pattern – purchased or self-drafted, choose a fabric, matching thread, the notions you’ll need and pack it up. Have your friends do the same and gather for a Top sewing day. Make it simple and you may get more than one done! The end of day fashion show will be a blast and sharing tips and techniques will boost your Me Made May confidence.

Jenny of Cashmerette Patterns

Jenny of Cashmerette Patterns

Link Alert! Now that we’re all full of inspiration and plans, let’s look at some more:

  • Click here for three great FREE (love that word!) patterns for your Me Made May Sew Together party on the Project Sewn blog. You’ll find a Tank Top, Three Seam Caftan and an easy Maxi Skirt!
  • Click here to see the 2014 Fluffy Fibers post that inspired my Me Made May excitement. Isabelle, who lives in France, sews, knits, drinks tea and is beaucoup fun!
  • Click here to see what Jenny from Cashmerette has sewn for herself in the last five years or so. If you’ve ever felt like you can’t sew for yourself because your shape is just too curvy, Jenny will change your mind!
  • Click here to visit Self Assembly Sewing and read about her Me Made May every day commitment or click here to enjoy Another Sewing Scientist who is a long time participant or click here to see what Lisa, who blogs in Italy, wore for 2015. Sew inspiring!
Another Sewing Scientist tells others about Me Made May, then snaps a picture with them

Another Sewing Scientist tells friends about Me Made May, then snaps a picture

Let’s see what shall I choose to wear today??? The T-Shirt I just upcycled? The chiffon kimono I love to wear with jeans? Or the sparkly top I made from sari fabric? Oh, I know, I know! I’ll make something new! The housework can wait, ’cause I’ve got sewing to do today. Anything that keeps us sewing is a GOOD thing, right, and Me Made May makes me sew happy. Give it a try – it’ll make you sew happy, too!

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Annette Millard began sewing at the age of three, made her first dress at ten and is always happiest with needle, fabric and thread in her hands. Annette feels very privileged to have spent most of her work life in the sewing industry and loves teaching, making her own handmade wardrobe and writing about sewing. She spent over ten years as the newsletter and web site content writer for the Pacific Northwest's largest locally-owned family of fabric stores and is now thrilled to have the opportunity to share her passion for sewing with the Sewing Secrets community. Follow Annette and more of her sewing adventures on her own blog, www.sewfullife.com.

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  1. I think my sew day will come end if May and first of June. I have a blouse pattern and dress pattern waiting for my attention. I’m hoping to get them made be for my daughter in law arrives mid June as they are for her.


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