Never lose another button! Whether the button is on a garment you purchased or sewed yourself, it will stay on when you sew it with Coats Secura.

It’s the end of lost buttons on shirts, trousers, children’s clothing, coats and jackets and more.


Coats Secura is an innovative, heat activated polyester button thread that is simple to use—just sew it, steam it and secure it!

Secura has a special coating which gives it a slightly variegated appearance. Once activated, this disappears and the true color is revealed.

It is simple to use. Sew on the button as you normally would. Secura pulls through the fabric easily, just like all-purpose sewing thread. Secura can also be used as the top and bobbin thread on your sewing machine when you prefer to sew on buttons by machine.


Preheat your iron to the temperature recommended for your fabric and set it for steam. Make sure the temperature is set to at least a polyester setting in order to activate the thread.

Working from the back of the garment, steam, holding the iron just above the fabric for 10 seconds penetrating the thread. That’s all it takes! Your button is now secure.

Secura works best with sew-through buttons and can be used with other embellishments such as beads and sequins.

Secura—Sew it! Steam it! Secure it!


About the Author

Lynn is Director of Consumer Services with Coats & Clark.

10 Responses to New! Coats Secura Button thread
  1. Comment *Will this be secure with metal buttons that seem to come off after wearing the garment onlu one time. Sure sounds wonderful.

    • Currently it is available in white and black in JoAnn stores. Look for it near the buttons. For other colors contact our consumer service department at (800)648-1479.

  2. When I look at the C&C website, it’s says this thread is for industrial use. Will it be sold for home use? When? Where? Thanks!

    • Hi, This product was developed by Coats Industrial and is available to manufacturer’s. You must have been on the Industrial website. Coats & Clark has brought this great product to consumers. It is currently available in JoAnn stores, but look for it in more fabric and craft departments later this year.

  3. Sounds great. I sew children’s clothes for a shop and buttons and toddlers do worry me. This product would ensure no loose threads. Is it in Australia?


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