It is officially still Autumn and it is such a beautiful time of year.  The colors of the season translate beautifully in fashion and home decorating.  Earthy soft neutrals the color of straw or wheat  paired with the colors of fall vegetables, flowers and foliage: orange yellows, reds from rust to aubergine with a touch of green.   Such warm and comforting colors, perfect for soft, cozy pillows.


The accent pillow shown here is made with velvet and linen and embellished with mini-Maltese crosses and copper buttons.  The basic pillow is an easy sewing project, and I used Coat’s phoomph for fabric to make the crosses.  Phoomph is a double-sided adhesive sheet specifically made to add body to fabrics, and was perfect for crafting the little crosses which are only 3 inches wide.  The instructions for making the mini-Maltese crosses is shown below.  The complete step-by-step tutorial for making this pillow from start-to-finish can be found on the Home Dec Gal blog.

Mini-Maltese Crosses made with phoomph for fabric:


To make a pattern, draw a 4 inch square and draw a line from corner to corner; dividing the square into four sections.  Draw a petal shape 1 1/2 inches wide (at the mid-point) on one of the lines and then copy this shape on the other lines.  Cut out the flower shape.


Cut two 6 inch circles of fabric for the front, and inside of each of the crosses.  I am using burgundy velvet and rust color faux suede.

Cut one 5 inch circle of phoomph for each cross, and cut a small 3/4 inch hole in the centers.


Peel away the paper off one of the phoomph circles and apply it to the back of one of the fabric circles, centered on the fabric.

Do the same for the other side, centering the circles.  You will have a half inch of fabric around the edges beyond the phoomph circle.


Use the pattern to draw and cut out the flower shape.  Cut a small hole in the center.

Note that the very tips of the cross, and the center do not have phoomph. This allows for hand stitching in the next steps; you can’t sew phoomph.

P1170989   P1170991

Fold over each section and stitch the tips of the petals together with Coats thread.  Now your crosses are ready to attach to your pillow!


Sew the crosses to the front of the pillow, securing and knotting the thread on the back of the fabric.


After all three crosses are attached sew a Coats invisible zipper to the bottom of the front and back pillow pieces.

Continue sewing around the other three sides and turn right sides out.

Add a pillow form and zip closed.  Your pillow is finished!


To learn how to make this pillow, and to see other home decor sewing projects using Coats phoomph for fabric, visit my blog at


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  1. Love these little embellishments!! I’ve got a sheet of Phoomph that I haven’t known what to do with. Until now. :) I’ve linked to your tutorial over at Craft Gossip:
    (post will go live later this evening)


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