Okay — we realize it’s a lofty goal to sew something every day. But wouldn’t it be great if we could make something new everyday? With all of the tutorials and ideas out there, there’s certainly enough inspiration for a handmade project every day. While we aren’t going to hold you to a daily project, we’d like to provide you with enough inspiration so you could sew something everyday if you wanted to (or had the time!).

Today we’re sharing five “everyday” sewing ideas, very simple projects from “even artichokes have hearts” that could add to your inspiration block to push you to sew as much as you can — because we know it makes you happy.

1. Tote bag pocket extension

DIY Tote Pocket Insert

This idea is kind of genius, a really simple addition that can be added to any of your tote bags. If you use a special tote for shopping, we like the idea of having this to store your coupons or other shopping essentials. You can customize it to fit all of your pocketed needs, whether that be smaller pockets so you can tuck in your shopping list and pen, or a larger one for more general storage.

2. Pillow Case Top

DIY Pillowcase Shirt

Easy-peasy just might be the best way to describe this project, quickly sewn up from an old pillow case you may not need any more. We like this, too, for patterned pillow cases that you can turn into shirts for a little one, especially if a room redecoration outgrows the pillow case but it would still look great as a top.

3. Artichoke Top

DIY Fabric Marker Top

This completed project is an inspiration if you’ve been looking to use fabric markers, a really cute way to keep it simple, but very fun for a plain shirt. Whether you’re looking to free hand, or would prefer to make or use a stencil, fabric markers are a great tool for adding to a garment.

4. DIY Pattern Paper Bunting

DIY Pattern Paper Bunting

Using some simple origami techniques, turn old patterns (ripped, outgrown, etc.) into a cute bunting for sewing room decor. We love the texture of pattern paper, and it always feels wasteful to toss a set if you’re not using it anymore or you’ve lost some essential pieces.

5. Folding Placemats

DIY Folding Placemats

We love table linens that can tuck away neatly, since that area is usually difficult to organize! Keep a set neat & tidy with a simple button attachment that makes them easy to fold up and out of the way. It also helps with portability, if you need them for a summer picnic!

Inspired? What will you make today?


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