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Sewing for the outdoors means that not only the fabrics, but the construction as well has to contend with the elements Mother Nature bestows upon them. There’s wind, rain, cool nights and perhaps the most contentious, intense sunlight during the day.

Sunlight, more specifically ultraviolet rays, can wreak havoc with both fabrics and threads holding them together. Nobody wants outdoor items falling apart at the seams.

Coats Outdoor Thread is the perfect combatant to sunlight’s devastating ways, as it’s UV resistant. Whether you use it to sew patio cushions, awnings, tents or even sails for your getaway voyage.

200 yard spool

200 yard spool


200 yard Mini King spool


Available on both 200-yard snap-top spools, or on 200-yard mini king cones, this weather-resistant polyester thread won’t fade or rot from direct sunlight exposure or mold or mildew from accumulated moisture.

Using Outdoor Thread on your sewing machine requires just a few easy adjustments. Because the thread is larger than normal sewing thread, you’ll need a larger needle. Depending on the density and weight of the fabric you’re sewing on, use anywhere from a size 90/14 topstitching needle up to a size 100/16 topstitching needle. A topstitching needle has a longer eye than a same-size universal sewing needle, so there’s less abrasion on the thread as it goes in and out of the fabric.

Outdoor Thread makes a very nice, prominent stitch but it shows itself best if you lengthen the stitch to 3-5 mm. Some machines may require slight tension adjustments, especially if you use it both through the needle and in the bobbin, so test-stitch until you get the stitch look you like.

Additonally, Coats Outdoor Thread has the strength needed for repairs to outdoor equipment such as tents and boat cushions and covers.


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