CS 253 napkinsIt’s not totally about the food on Thanksgiving Day—there’s also the table décor to consider so you’re guests are wowed as sit down to the holiday feast. Without a lot of effort, you can add some pizzazz to the table setting with some fun napkin ring ideas. So, gather up your fabric scraps, some threads and go to town—these are so easy you’ll have enough for a table full of guests in no time.

Button, button…

CS 253 napkins 9Head to the dollar store for a package of elastic pony tail holders in a dark color. Gather some fun fall sew-through buttons in assorted sizes, Coats Button & Craft thread and a large-eye needle. Sew three feature buttons together along the elastic ring, tying thread ends on the surface. Sew smaller buttons around the remainder of the band. We’ve used leaf buttons on the featured project, but for a bit of bling, choose gold or silver buttons. If the buttons have shanks, simply sew them on as you would on a garment.

Fun FoliageCS 253 napkins 3

Trace the leaf pattern as many times as you need for the guest list, allowing two leaves per person. Leaf Pattern Choose one of our Coats Multi colored Dual Duty XP thread and some foliage-looking fabrics. The secret ingredient inside? Heat moldable stabilizer.

Trace the leaf shape onto the feature fabric and layer with the stabilizer and another fabric below, which could be the same as the upper leaf. Straight stitch around the shape, trim close to the stitching, then satin stitch over the edge. Sew around again if needed for full coverage. Use straight stitching to create some veins and stem detail. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for heat molding, using either an iron or a heat gun and shaping the leaf while pliable. When the leaves are cool, stitch two to an elastic pony tail holder and add three small pompoms in the center.

Leaf template and instructions

Tie one on

CS 253 napkins 5Select a fall felt color and for each napkin ring, cut one strip 2″ x 6″ using pinking shears or a decorative rotary cutter blade. Cut five small-cord lengths 21″ long. Center cords along the length of the felt strip and couch over the cords using Coats Multi color thread  and a decorative stitch. Note: The cords will extend at each end for ties. Thread each set of cord ends through a bead and knot the ends to keep the bead in place; trim cord ends. Wrap the rolled napkin with the strip and tie the cord ends in a bow.  How to couch multiple cords

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