07 Feb 2014
February 7, 2014

Vintage Rag Dolls


Vintage Rag Dolls

“Made to be Loved” was a leaflet published by Coats & Clark in 1955. We thought it would be a great “Then and Now” project for February as we are celebrating “Make It for Others”. These soft durable dolls could be donated to shelters, hospitals or law enforcement agencies that provide stuffed toys to children in traumatic situations.

We asked sewing instructor and one of our contributing authors, Elizabeth Hill to make the original doll and to create an updated version that would take less time to construct.  We were surprised and delighted  to learn that Elizabeth’s grandmother had actually made these doll’s from the leaflet in the early 70’s.  Here is a picture of Elizabeth’s dolls. The clothes were all sewn by hand and the dolls were sewn by machine.

Dolls made by Grandmother

Dolls made by Grandmother

We have selected the “girl” doll named “Betty Ann” to share, but you can make them your own by varying the yarn color for the hair and the fabric for the doll body. The clothing patterns include the blouse, skirt, sundress, jacket, shoes and panties.

Vintage Doll Pattern 

Doll Clothing PatternsVintage Doll Dress


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Lynn is Director of Consumer Services with Coats & Clark.

10 Responses to Vintage Rag Dolls
  1. I am delighted to have access to these doll patterns. I made a few dolls that looked a lot like these in the late “60’s for my children. Now I will be able to make them for my great grandchildren. Getting all nostalgic over here.

  2. I would like to make this doll where can you find the pattern? Thank you.

  3. It would be lovely too if you could make the original patterns available to us too. Many of us enjoy making dolls from the past…

  4. Will Coats and Clark reprint the original leaflet? It would be gret to see and have the “original”.


  5. Love vintage patterns, this set is adorable!

  6. I too love vintage patterns. The original leaflet would be nice to have.

    Also, can you put the crochet granny vest pattern for children on line. I made them for my children and would like to do so for my grandchildren. Love your sight.

  7. My 2 sisters and I had these dolls made for us … will make one for my granddaughter now I have a pattern. thank you

  8. I have the original pattern what is the copyright laws on this. Can I share it? Can I teach it? Can I make them to sell at a craft fair? could you leave me an answer in my E-mail? Thank you

    • Hi Susan, It is permissible to use patterns published by Coats & Clark to create items for sale as long as the items are made by the seller and not contracted to another party for production. If you are printing and distributing the pattern itself, you will need to contact us at 800-648-1479 and request permission.


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