Create domino pieces with scraps of fabric.

Create domino pieces with scraps of fabric.

This is a fun game for children plus it helps them practice basic skills in matching and recognizing a pattern. It’s also a great way to use small fabric scraps to make a portable game for road trips or rainy days.

Instead of matching numbers, match fabrics in this version of an age old favorite, Dominoes. Be sure to add some double dominoes (same fabric on both ends). Before play begins each player selects 4 dominoes. The first person to play puts down one Domino. The next player tries to match one end of the domino on the table. If they can’t match the domino they must draw from the pile until they can make a match. Each person places one domino on the table per turn. The person who uses al of their pieces first is the winner.

Supplies: Phoomph, Stiff, 2 sheets Fabric Scraps Solid fabric, 9” x 12”

For 3 or more players use 3 or 4 sheets of Phoomph, Stiff to make more game pieces

Steps: 1. Peel paper backing from one side of Phoomph.

2. Put solid fabric on flat surface. Adhesive side down, place Phoomph on the wrong side of fabric. Trim edges if needed.

3. On remaining paper backing draw a grid with columns 2” x 4”. Cut apart. grid This makes twelve dominoes.

4. Cut fabric scraps into 2” x 2” squares; 2 squares from each fabric.

5. Remover paper backing from 2” x 4” rectangles. Randomly place 2” fabric squares on rectangles. Work from the center out covering the Phoomph. Trim as needed. Makes 24 Phoomph Fabric Dominoes.

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Eizabeth Hill is a retired county extension agent who has taught countless 4-H’ers to sew. Elizabeth designs projects for Coats and Clark and she continues to share her love of sewing with youth in her church & community.

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