Phoomph fishing game

Phoomph fishing game

Go Fish! The fish are biting! Use Phoomph and fabric scraps to make a rainbow assortment of fish just waiting to be caught!

To play: Place fish in pail. “Catch” as many fish as possible from an imaginary pond with the magnet rod.  Or see how many fish you can get out of the fish pail by the count of 5. Assign points for the different fish such as 5, 10, and 15. The fanciest or ugliest fish could be worth 50 points or a special prize. Remember no hands allowed! Go Fish!


Phoomph, Stiff, 1 sheet

Phoomph, Soft 1 sheet

Assorted fabrics

Floral wire

Plastic bucket or sand pail

Wooden dowels

Magnets with center holes

Cotton twine

Google eyes (optional)

Permanent markers

Fish Patterns



1. Copy fish patterns to card stock. Cut.

2. Trace patterns to paper backing of Phoomph, Stiff. Cut out shapes.

3. Cut small strips of floral wire 1 ¼” long. Make a loop by wrapping wire around a pencil. Set aside.

4. Peel paper from one side of Phoomph. Attach to wrong side of fabrics. Trim.

5. Peel remaining paper from Phoomph. Insert wire loop before covering with fabric. Trim.

6. Decorate fish with markers as desired.

7. Decorate fish pail with fish. Cover Phoomph, Soft on one side only. Trace fish patterns on paper backing. Cut. Peel paper backing and place randomly on outside of plastic pail. Decorate fish with markers and google eyes attached with small pieces of Phoomph.

8. To make pond grass, cover one side of Phoomph, Soft with green fabric. Make uneven cuts to make grass leaves. Peel paper backing and place along the bottom edge of the pail.

9. To make fishing rods tie cotton cord to one end of wooden dowels. Tie the other end to a magnet with a center hole.



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