Paddle-Ball This vintage game is still a hit providing hours of fun and giggles. Personalize dollar store paddles with Phoomph and fabric.

Have a Paddle Ball Tournament! To play: Give each player a Phoomph Paddle Ball. On the word “Go” each player tries to hit the ball by either hitting up or hitting down. The person who keeps hitting the ball the longest without missing is the winner.

To increase the challenge: Timed Phoomph Paddle Ball Challenge. How many times can you hit the ball within 30 seconds or 1 minute?

Even more challenging:  Walk the Walk – Keep the paddles and ball in motion while walking an obstacle course. If a player misses the ball he/she must return to the starting line and start over.


Phoomph, Soft, 1 sheet Fabric

¼ yard Wooden Paddle Ball

Fabric scraps for block letters (optional)

Buttons for decoration (optional)


1. Untie elastic cord. Remove elastic cord and ball from paddle. Set aside.

2. Trace paddle on paper backing of Phoomph, Soft. Cut.

3. Peel away paper backing and place on wrong side of fabric. Trim away excess fabric.

4. Peel remaining backing; place on wooden paddle. Trim as needed.

5. Insert pin or needle through hole from the uncovered side of the paddle through Phoomph and fabric. Insert elastic cord through hole. Tie ends.

6. To personalize use fabric scraps and Phoomph, Soft to make block backing. Be sure to reverse letters before tracing. Cut. Peel backing. Attach to paddle.

7. Instead of letters use buttons or other embellishments to decorate the paddle.

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Eizabeth Hill is a retired county extension agent who has taught countless 4-H’ers to sew. Elizabeth designs projects for Coats and Clark and she continues to share her love of sewing with youth in her church & community.

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