Silly Animal Matching Game

Silly Animal Matching Game

Have fun mixing and matching these silly animal parts. Create funny new animals by just switching cards.

To play: For a simple game of matching jumble cards. Put in a pile on a flat surface. Ask children to sort the body parts to make completed sets.

For creative fun mix and match body parts to make new animals. Have fun naming these new creatures. Make up stories using the new animals as the main characters.


Phoomph, Stiff, 2 sheets

Phoomph, Soft, 2 sheets

White fabric, ¼ yard

Print Fabric, ¼ yard

Assorted fabrics

Animal patterns



1. Peel paper backing from Phoomph, Stiff. Cover one side with white fabric. Cover the other side with print fabric.

2. Draw a grid with 3 rows of 4” wide on white fabric.
Grid silly animals

3. Cut rows apart.

4. Copy animal patterns on card stock. Cut.

5. Trace animal patterns to Phoomph, Soft paper backing. Cut.

6. Peel paper backing from Phoomph. Attach to the wrong side of assorted fabrics. Trim away excess fabric.

7. Center animal parts on the white covered columns.

8. Lightly draw lines across the animals and white background fabric 2 7/8” apart. Cut animals apart on these lines.

grid 2 silly animals

Now mix and match for a collection of silly animals.


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Eizabeth Hill is a retired county extension agent who has taught countless 4-H’ers to sew. Elizabeth designs projects for Coats and Clark and she continues to share her love of sewing with youth in her church & community.

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