These easy little felt boxes have so many uses. They are a fun way to store (or gift) jewelry, or simply a place to put your change at night. They’re also perfect for individual table favors when filled with candy or other small treats. Though the felt boxes can actually be any size, to cut them.. read more →

Whether you’re wearing a custom fabric belt or a ready-made leather one, it’s always a good idea to have some belt loops to hold your accessory in place. You can make them either by hand or by machine—it’s simple as pie. To make belt loops by hand, use a heavy thread such as Coats Dual.. read more →

If you avoid garments that require buttonholes because you think they’re scary, fear no more. Making an in-seam buttonhole is easy peasy, and a great way to showcase a special button, like on a jacket front. As its name suggests, it’s simply an opening in the seam to accommodate a button closure. Some patterns come.. read more →

04 Nov 2016
November 4, 2016

3 Ways to Gather Fabric

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Gathering one part of a garment, such as a skirt to match a dress bodice, to fit another can be a challenge. Sometimes it’s accomplished with pleats, other times with gathers—those soft fabric ripples of ease that have no puckers, just gentle folds. Gathers can also be used on sleeves to help them fit into.. read more →

DIY Fashion

  Hi everybody! I’m super excited for fall but here in California we’ve been in a heat wave of 100 degrees and above. Crazy huh, in the beginning of October? I created this matching set with a sweet off-shoulder-top and high waisted shorts for the last of warm weather.     The fabric is the.. read more →

07 Sep 2016
September 7, 2016

Team Spirit Zippered Poncho

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Cheer on your favorite team and keep warm at fall football games in this cozy Zippered Fleece Poncho. A Coats Team Spirit Zipper coordinates with team or school colors. Lori Harder designed this poncho for us using one large rectangle of fabric, then adding style with a collar and zipper.  Pick a Team Spirit Zipper.. read more →

14 Jun 2016
June 14, 2016

DIY Sea Shell Coasters

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  Create a coastal theme for your table with these attractive Sea Shell Coasters. The coasters are made by wrapping a clothesline with fabric strips and coiling the line into place. You may have made baskets using this technique.  Coats Jeans Topstitching thread holds the covered coiled clothesline in place and adds a pop of.. read more →

14 Jun 2016
June 14, 2016

Sand Sifter Beach Bag


Love the beach but hate the sand that seems to collect in everything? Leave the sand behind with the Sand Sifter Beach Bag! Screening is used for the body of the bag to allow the sand to fall through. The front panel has generous pockets for sunscreen and other items. An attached zipper pouch keeps.. read more →

When is a seam really not a traditional seam? When it  sewn edge to edge.  This is called an abutted seam. The edges are abutted and the adjacent pieces are sewn together. Abutted seams are flatter than a traditional seam with underside seam allowances, and they’re often used in lingerie or when working with any number of.. read more →

by Elizabeth Hill A few thoughts about sewing …             Teaching sewing to young people is a wonderful opportunity to help young minds be creative, develop confidence, learn practical life skills and just have productive fun.  When I see the light bulb of understanding go on inside a pupil’s mind I am thrilled. All.. read more →

Spring! Flowers! Gardening! It’s such a thrill to be outside digging in the dirt again . . . but last year’s Garden Gloves look pretty bad. So, I was delighted when a friend pointed out this Gorgeous Gardening Gloves DIY on the Prima blog. It’s always great when you can take something simple and pre-made.. read more →

I know you’ve seen these amazingly gorgeous pillows in all the home décor magazines and upscale décor stores. And . . . I know they usually have amazingly high prices. So . . . I know you’re going love learning how to make Dimensional Flower Pillows all by yourself! Spring means the flowers are beginning.. read more →

There’s nothing prettier than a delicate undulating lettuce edge, whether on lingerie or rib knit. The waves can be created on stretch knit fabrics, or the bias edge of a woven fabric, and vary in shape and size depending on the character of the base material and the stitch used to finish the edge. Things.. read more →

Half Square Triangles, affectionately known as HSTs are one of the most versatile and commonly used components of quilting blocks. I’ve never counted, but I’m sure there are literally thousands of basic and complex designs that are based on this simple little unit. But when it comes to matching points, there’s nothing that can make.. read more →

“Stitch with a quarter inch seam.” Sounds simple doesn’t it? So, why are we often sobbing at the sewing machine while piecing our blocks? Seasoned quilters know if seam allowances are off, block pieces will not match-up no matter what you do. That seemingly simple quarter inch seam allowance is incredibly important. Often we don’t.. read more →

Oh, you’re going to love this adorable Scrappy Organizer Book from the Where the Orchids Grow blog! No matter how many little pouches and organizers I own, I often find that I don’t have just the right one for a particular need. As we makers know, the best solution for getting what you want is.. read more →

Valentine’s Day was last month, but I’m a lover of hearts and still enchanted with projects that feature them! I love having handmade gifts in the closet that I can use for last minute occasions, hostess gifts or “just because”. These darling Reverse Appliqué Heart Coasters from Allie at Miss Luvie fit that need perfectly!.. read more →

Did you know you can make applique patterns with your word processor? If you have an embroidery machine – especially a newer model with a big hoop – it’s a cinch to appliqué words onto your projects. But if you prefer to appliqué with hand-guided stitches – or by hand – read on for a.. read more →

A couple of years ago, I found an Etsy site with Button Monograms that were absolutely stunning. I’ve thought about them so many times and while I wouldn’t and couldn’t compete with the works of art the designer creates, I was thrilled to find a DIY version on the Changing My Marbles blog. These are.. read more →

Monograms in one way or another seem to always be in style. Machine embroidery has created loads of monogramming possibilities for makers, but what if you don’t have that function on your machine? I’m here to inspire you to use fabrics and make Simple, Fun Applique Monograms on your regular sewing machine instead! Cindy of the.. read more →

18 Feb 2016
February 18, 2016

Mini Heart Pouch

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Mini Heart Pouches – an adorable project to make as a sweet gift for adults, kids or you! Think about all those little things you’re always losing in the depths of your handbag – earbuds, change, lip gloss, nail clippers – wouldn’t a cute Mini Heart Pouch improve your daily life? Your Mini Heart Pouch will.. read more →

12 Jan 2016
January 12, 2016

Fabric Covered Hangers

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Hang it Up with Fabric Covered Hangers. Why use boring clothes hangers when you can create something fun to add pizzazz to your closet? Those mundane wire or plastic hangers can be easily transformed with colorful fabrics to add a spark to your early-morning clothing selection process. To make a fabric covered  hanger: Trace around.. read more →

We are so excited to share with you Amy’s new video tutorial – Create A Zipper Pull Necklace! – See more at Create a Zipper Pull Necklace Amy has always loved using sewing notions in unique ways. We have many different patterns that use zippers, snaps, hooks & eyes and buttons to make brooches, necklaces,.. read more →

Sew on buttons fast using your sewing machine. Whether a button has one…or two…or four holes your machine makes short work of button sewing! Sewing machines can do lots of things, but perhaps you haven’t exhausted all the possibilities yet. Attaching buttons by machine is not only fast, but secure as well. Any flat button.. read more →

21 Oct 2015
October 21, 2015

Crazy Quilted Lunch Bag

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We recently posted this Crazy Quilted Lunch bag on our website, Not long after we had an email saying, “I love this bag, but I’m a beginner and the instructions are hard for me to follow.” So we went back to the designer, Elizabeth Hill, and asked her if she could break it down.. read more →

Halloween Fruit Costume

Halloween is just around the corner! Not like you needed me to remind you—I’m sure your kids have done a great job already! And I don’t blame them. I have to admit, Halloween is probably my favorite holiday. We found a few of are latest costume faves for the little ones to get your creative.. read more →

It’s time for the final post in our four-part sew-along series! In case you missed it, here are the first three posts: Gather your supplies Sew a skirt Fabric Fun Today we’re talking about how to tweak this pattern to make a different skirt every time. Try out one of these variations or come up.. read more →

There’s something special about homemade toys. I just ran across a few of my favorite toys I had kept from my childhood and most of them were made by my grandmother. The kids loved hearing the stories behind the toys and I can tell they thought they were special too. Homemade toys also seem to last.. read more →

In case you missed the announcement, we’re hosting a mini sew-along for National Sewing Month! In this four-part series, I’ll walk you through all of the steps to make your very own skirt – or a closet full of them!  The first post was all about how to gather your supplies, so go check that.. read more →

In case you missed the announcement, we’re hosting a mini sew-along for National Sewing Month! In this four-part series, I’ll walk you through all the steps to make your very own skirt – or a closet full of them! The first post was all about how to gather your supplies, so go check that out.. read more →

08 Sep 2015
September 8, 2015

Quiet Time with Quilts

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Fall is coming on fast! This year you can start early on those quilts you keep meaning to make before the colder seasons catch up with you. Not to mention, the kids are back in school! What better way to spend the quiet days you have now than on some quality quilting. We’ve rounded up a variety.. read more →

It’s that time again! Fall is just around the corner and the house is flooding with schoolbooks. Instead of going out to buy your back-to-school materials, why not make them this year? We’ve brought you some of are favorite projects for this time of year from a lunchbox bag to an artist’s roll. Wondering what that.. read more →

Sewing Secrets welcomes Heather Valentine, owner and designer of The Sewing Loft blog. Each week in September, Heather will be taking you through making this simple skirt. September is National Sewing Month and what could be a better time than to challenge yourself to try something new. To get started, I’ve put together a simple.. read more →

We’re getting back into the school swing over here, which means it’s time to round up our favorite backpack DIYs. I always hated having the same bag as other kids, which is why I love making my kids their own unique bags from home! Here are a few tutorials to get you going. Everyone seems.. read more →

Babies and toddlers always need bibs to help keep them neat and tidy while they eat, drool and learn to drink. Baby bibs are a great place to try out new threads, new techniques and some of those illusive decorative stitches that come with your sewing machine. Think practical when choosing bib fabrics—something dark to.. read more →

There’s aways something special about that first-day-of-school dress, no matter how old you are. As a kid, I remember having my dress picked out weeks before the first day of school rolled around. But you know what was a total bummer? When I was wearing the same dress as someone else! That’s why we’ve brought.. read more →

Every now and then you come across something, or someone who releases butterflies. Well, that’s how we feel about our latest sewing sweetheart: Juffra Toertjes. The mastermind behind Dutch sewing blog Toertjes & Pateekes, Juffra’s creations have us feeling like giddy little school girls. The simplicity of the designs work with amazing fabrics to produce cutting.. read more →

What says summer quite like a good ol’ fashioned picnic? Good food + sunshine + family time = bliss. Because my kids love all the above, we jump on every possible opportunity to have a picnic! It’s so much fun seeing my little ones work together to make the perfect PB & J outside on.. read more →

Enjoy the rest of summer by sewing up some fun in the sun! We brought you swimsuit DIYs for your little princesses, and now it’s time for all those princes in your life! I know the Fourth of July has already passed us by, but I think wearing red, white, and blue creates a classic.. read more →

I don’t know about you, but I’m not even close to being done with summer yet. I’m looking forward to our beach trip next week! We’re holding on to these last few months of summer by bringing you some more adorable bathing suit DIYs for those special little ones in your life, starting with the.. read more →

What’s better than a towel at the beach? A towel you can wear…with a hood of course! We made this adorable poncho tutorial just for you guys and can’t wait for you to try it out for yourselves. All you need are a few old towels for repurposing and you’ve got yourself a whole new beach-going.. read more →

We thought it was about time for a DIY bedroom makeover. And what’s the most important part of the bedroom? The bed! Remember that wonderful feeling of crawling into a bed of new linens? We want to give you that feeling back—with a twist. Even more rewarding than buying those linens is making them from scratch, or.. read more →

01 Jun 2015
June 1, 2015

DIY Beach Towel Tote


    Sew up a convertible Beach towel and Tote. The front pockets hold sun lotions, magazines and books. A zipper pouch keeps small items together and protected from the sand. It all folds and conveniently zips together for carrying. Designed by Pam Hastings You Will Need: 1 Beach towel or Bath Sheet 1 24”.. read more →

We love our friends over at Sewing Like Mad and know you do too, which is why we decided to share some awesome tutorials with you today. These are all for your special little girl, from dresses to placket buttons to go on dresses (or anything else for that matter). Her little red-headed model makes.. read more →

We’re super excited to share some of our favorite projects from Noodlehead‘s Anna. (It’s okay—that’s the name of her blog!) She’s a mother of two, a super sewer, and like a lot of us, she learned how to sew from her mother when she was just a girl. Now that she has two daughters of.. read more →

Create a variety of simple pillows using outdoor fabrics for a swing, bench or chair. Select outdoor fabrics that are sun and weather resistant. Sew with Coats Outdoor thread. A knife edge pillow is the simplest style of pillow.  You may use these instructions to sew the pillow any size or shape you desire.  .. read more →

Please note: we have made adjustments to the original post. Changes are in red. This stylish carryall will hold all of your picnic supplies. Create in outdoor fabrics for durability and easy care. Designed by Pam Hastings Finished Size: 16 1/2″ x 12″ x 7″. You Will Need: 54 – 60 Wide Indoor/outdoor fabric or.. read more →

06 May 2015
May 6, 2015

Outdoor Cube DIY


A cube or pouf is a fun and easy project to sew for your outdoor living space. They make great floor cushions and room accents. Select outdoor fabrics that are designed to resist sunlight fading and are stain resistant. Some have special antimicrobial properties and resist mold and mildew. Along with outdoor fabric, we recommend.. read more →

21 Apr 2015
April 21, 2015

Add Zippers to a T

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Zipper Shoulder T-shirt Turn a simple fitted T-shirt into a “cold shoulder” top by adding Coats Fashion Zippers. SUPPLIES & TOOLS: Coats Dual Duty XP(R) All Purpose thread 2 Coats Fashion Zippers, 7″ Purchased T-shirt 1/4 yd. light weight fusible stabilizer 1/4 yd light weight fabric (example: batiste or organza) Sewing machine Zipper foot Chalk.. read more →

13 Apr 2015
April 13, 2015

Honeycomb Tote Bag

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Show off the paper piecing skills with this stylish and modern color blocked tote designed by Jennifer Mathis, Supplies: Coats Dual Duty Paper Piecing Thread, Color 8030 Coats Dual Duty XP General Purpose thread, color 8030 Print fabric (FreeSpirit Acacia by Tula Pink), 1 yard Free Spirit Designer Essential Solids, (CSFSESS.BERRY)  Plum Fabric, ½.. read more →

Fabric Napkins—two ways! Dinner is a great time to showcase some fun fabric napkins—they’re so easy, even a beginner can make them. Whether you make them on a conventional machine or on a serger, they’re a quick table accent sure to please. And, they make a great housewarming gift. Napkins can be any size from.. read more →

Celina from Petit à Petit & Family is one of our all-time favorite children’s wear designers. When we ran across these 5 tutorials from her site we knew we’d hit the jackpot. You’ll have a blast making these creative projects and even more fun seeing them in action!                .. read more →

19 Feb 2015
February 19, 2015

Blog Crush: mmmcrafts


When you’re in the mood for bold, fun, and colorful crafts look no further than the super creative Larissa Holland’s blog, mmmcrafts. Go there to find free patterns, cheery tutorials, helpful alteration instructions, and lots of kids crafts. What sets this blog apart—besides the fun-to-read posts (thanks to Larissa’s cheeky humor)—are the professional-looking illustrations that.. read more →

In my opinion it’s always leather season (decoration-wise), but I just pulled out my leather jacket again and remembered it was time to write another leather post! Leather doesn’t just warm your body but it also warms your house. Check out our favorite leather DIYs from Almost makes perfect. If you ask me, these leather projects.. read more →

We always rely on Ikatbag for little tips and tutorials here and there. We’ve brought you an assortment today, from strawberry bags to princess seams. Enjoy!                                       Who says strawberries are just for the summer? Keep summer.. read more →

Plan B has all kinds of sewing projects up her sleeve, from clothes to makeup bags. That’s why we wanted to show you all of our favorite tutorials to check out for yourself! Get sewing and don’t forget to let us know what you think!                    .. read more →

Tilly is one of the cutest sewing bloggers around, and we love her classic French style. Right now we’re drooling over striped DIYs (and she has a lot of them). We wanted to share our favorites with you today, from her new “Coco” pattern dresses to a useful tutorial on how to cut knit fabric… read more →

Sew Mama Sew is a treasure trove of wide-ranging DIYs. I mean she has hundreds ranging from costumes to quilting to appliqué. Today we wanted to share our favorite embroidery projects with you, because they’re easy and just so adorable. Check them out and let us know what you think!          .. read more →

One Sheepish Girl is top of the line when it comes to everything crocheted, knitted, and embroidered. She’s a total Renaissance woman and we’re one of her biggest fans. We’ve brought all of our favorite of her DIYs to share with you today, so if you’re a yarn lover, we know you’ll be whipping out.. read more →

We talked to one of our favorite quilter superstars, Michele Muska, and got the 411 on some of her favorite sewing/quilting projects, along with some of her own! For those of you who don’t know, Michele is an incredible fiber artist, as well as the marketing communications manager for Simplicity Creative Group. Yeah, she’s kind of.. read more →

The Red Thread does amazing work with thread, fabric, paper, string, and rope—basically every crafting material you can think of. That’s why we wanted to feature 5 of their DIYs for you guys to get crafty with. We guarantee all of these projects will spruce up your living space, whether it’s on your table or.. read more →

Sewing with a twist—yarn, that is! No, there isn’t a machine sewing needle with a giant eye that lets us sew with yarn (yet), but there are several ways you can incorporate yarn into your work. Couching: Stitch over beautiful yarns and let their twisted strands show through the stitching. Most machine brands offer a.. read more →

It’s hat time again and we love slouchy beanies, especially on our kids! See Kate Sew has a foolproof pattern and tutorial for the perfect slouchy beanie that we couldn’t wait to share. I mean, check out this little guy.                              .. read more →

03 Nov 2014
November 3, 2014

The Ultimate Headwrap

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Delia Creates is awesome for coming up with projects for you and the little ones. These headwraps are insanely versatile and cute all-year-round. The best part is how easy they are to make. Check them out here!                     One for everyone!          .. read more →

Carolyn Friedlander’s Slow Sewing Studio is all about the celebration and enjoyment of the quilting process. It’s all about slowing down, working with your hands, and building relationships with your fellow quilters. That’s why we love and respect her so much! We’ve included a few of her patterns from the Slow Sewing Studio of basic designs.. read more →

Pretty Prudent is one of our favorite places to find inspiring projects. We picked the prettiest ones just for you. You and the kids will go crazy over these tutorials— we guarantee it.  What are you waiting for?                                  .. read more →

28 Oct 2014
October 28, 2014

Fun with Knitting

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We ran across some unique knitting projects we couldn’t pass up. Knits can be your best friends in the colder months, but who says they should stop with blankets and sweaters? These projects will get you inspired and thinking differently about all the knitting possibilities! Knit the impossible!              .. read more →

It’s that time again…time to throw on your coziest clothes and break out the sweaters! Don’t even pretend like you don’t have a pile of old sweaters that for some sentimental reason or another you can’t seem to part with (even though you know you’ll never wear them again). Instead of chucking them or letting.. read more →

When we ran across this idea on Vintage Revivals we were totally blown away. Do you have an old leather couch laying around that you’ve loved so much you’ve worn it out? Take the old and turn it into the new and improved! These projects are so cool you might even consider buying a leather.. read more →

21 Oct 2014
October 21, 2014

Creative Crochet Crafts

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Who says crochet crafts are only for those winter months? These fun projects can be made in an afternoon and used all-year-round! Check them out for yourselves and let us know what you think!                 These crocheted watermelon slices make cute inside or outside decoration—cute enough to eat!.. read more →

There’s something about pom-poms that just instantly brightens my mood. They’re like little clusters of fluff and joy! That’s why we’re devoting this post to our favorite pom-pom projects. These tutorials are simple, fun, and perfect for the kids!                                  .. read more →

We are in love with An from Straightgrain. She is a pattern designer and super-creative who makes the cutest kids clothes around. Check out our favorites and let us know what you think!                                       We love the.. read more →

Sewing machines can do lots of things, but perhaps you haven’t exhausted all the possibilities yet. Attaching buttons by machine is not only fast, but secure as well. Any flat button with holes will work for this process. To prepare the machine, lower or otherwise inactivate the feed dogs–those teeth under the presser foot that.. read more →

It’s time to start thinking about Halloween costumes again…which is one of our favorite times of year! One day where you can be anything you want to be—what’s better than that? We’ve gathered a few of our all time favorite DIY costumes for you to follow or just take inspiration from to create your own!.. read more →

We know you’ll love these cute little tutorials from Straight Stitch Society as much as we do. Perfect, easy knick-knacks to have around for you or the kids. You’ll wonder how you got along without them!                           We know everyone loves ice cream…even your.. read more →

Check out these printable sewing cards for the kids! Perfect for beginner sewers with summer themed patterns for them to follow. Can you think of a better way to spend an afternoon with the kids? Get stitchin’!                                    .. read more →

We found three of the prettiest tutorials we couldn’t help but share. They all share an element of the fantastical—of dress-up in the every day. Now you can have the excitement of escaping the mundane without actually going anywhere!                                  .. read more →

Cluck Cluck Sew is one of our go-to havens for quilting tutorials. Seriously, they’re the best! Splash some color around the house with these vibrant projects.                   How much fun are these Sprocket Pillows? Awesome throw pillow decoration!                    .. read more →

From toddler aprons, to reversible storage bins, to hand warmers, Marni over at Haberdashery Fun has all your bases covered. Marni earned a degree in fashion design and is now involved in footwear sales. She also has a beautiful baby boy and has switched her crafting focus toward baby-centric projects. We knew when we discovered her extensive collection.. read more →

It’s the hottest part of the summer here so shorts and skirts are very much in full swing. We’ve got something for everyone this time: comfortable, light, and airy pieces for all ages. You and the kids will be fashionable and comfortable for the hotter days ahead—now that’s a win-win. Check them out for yourselves and let us.. read more →

When we ran across these adorable stuffed animal tutorials from Hannah from We Lived Happily Ever After, we were pretty ecstatic. We can’t think of anything better than making the kids their own customizable stuffed animals for them to keep by their side for years to come. Seriously, how cool would it be to have a.. read more →

We’ve picked a few crafts that caught our eye because we know they’ll also catch the eyes of those little ones too. These crafts will help you (and your kids) through car rides (of all lengths), a trip to the beach, lazy days around the house, and even kitchen experiments. Check them out and let us.. read more →

Create a festive decoration in trendy Halloween Colors Purple & Black using Phoomph. Phoomph makes it quick and easy to create this wreath for Halloween. Purple, lime and black are a stylish alternative color scheme to the traditional orange and black. Wreath designed by Iliana McGrath. Supplies Phoomph for fabric, soft- 4 sheets 1/2yd Halloween print fabric .. read more →

Sometimes really great appliqué and patchwork projects are hard to find, so this time we did the dirty work for you. These eight tutorials come from eight different sewing superstars, featuring some craftables for the kids and some for you!                             Charise.. read more →

We’re always inspired by the creative projects Melanie comes up with over at the Crafty Cupboard. Today we wanted to send a little bit of everything we liked from her blog your way. From a Twirly T-Shirt Dress to a Patriotic Pennant for Fourth of July, she’s got summer covered. Check them out and let.. read more →

We absolutely adore LiEr (Lorraine Teigland) and her blog, Ikatbag. Her sense of humor shines through every one of her creative projects so they are not only informative but also fun to read. We’ve chosen a few of her playhouse tutorials to share with you because we know you’ll think they’re just as awesome as we.. read more →

28 Aug 2014
August 28, 2014

6 Quick Crafting Tips

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We’ve decided to pull together a few tips that might help you overcome a roadblock with your next craft, whether it’s your next quilt, sewing pattern, or something you already own. Everyone can use some help now and then, and these tips stuck out to us as solutions to commonly faced questions.      .. read more →

You know what’s even more fun than sewing your own clothes from scratch? Upcycling thrift store finds or clothes you already have! Geneva Vanderzeil, founder of A Pair & A Spare, is an upcycling queen. We absolutely adore all of her tutorials and wanted to feature some of our favorites here. These looks are so insanely chic we can’t wait.. read more →

Skip the hassle of store-bought swimwear and “if only this part were different…” critiques. We have three swimsuit tutorials for you and three tutorials for your daughter so you’ll both be sure to find the right design and fit without any ifs, ands, or buts! Get to sewin’ so you can get to swimmin’!        .. read more →

We’ve found some more projects that’ll knock your socks off! Who needs socks anyway? It’s summer! Whip up a fantastic bathing suit to bring to the beach with your hand-sewn picnic blanket tote, some homemade beach ball pillows, and summer camp chairs. We’ve featured 7 different blogs to give you 7 fabulous tutorials we can’t wait.. read more →

If you don’t know about them already, blogger Jess Abbott and the rest of the Sewing Rabbit team come up with some pretty fun DIY projects on the regular. Growing up, Jessica’s nickname was Jessica Rabbit. Little did she know she would actually marry an Abbott, becoming Jessica R. Abbott (get it?) and eventually, the Sewing Rabbit!.. read more →

We just discovered an incredible range of creative DIY crafts from Brit + Co, and can’t wait to share them with you.  In case you aren’t familiar with them, Brit + Co. is “an online media and e-commerce platform that provides tools to teach, inspire, and enable creativity among women and girls.” From food to.. read more →

Autumn is my favorite season of the year.  Whenever I think of fall I think of beautiful earth tones of red, orange, gold with a hint of green and brown.  I enjoy watching from the window in my sewing room the leaves swirling and falling. Raking leaves, now that’s a different story.   In celebration.. read more →

We found the HowDoTeam via BurdaStyle and had a blast looking through their audio/visual tutorials on how to make easy and ingenious DIY crafts. Their content comes from a multitude of contributors from all over the world. Here are a few of our favorite projects! We love the detail in the Upcycled Braid Crop Top. Cute.. read more →

08 Aug 2014
August 8, 2014

Create Fabric Book Covers


Fabric book covers can serve a very functional purpose– protecting books from wear and tear, but they are also a lot of fun.  Cover books for a decorative accent on a book shelf or stacked casually on an coffee table or chest. It’s also just fun to read a book and glance at pretty fabric cover… read more →

We’re back with another ode to Martha, and can’t wait to try some of her newest DIY projects for our next beach trip. From creating entirely new beach bring-alongs to upgrading old ones, you’ll wonder how you’ve gone on vacation all these years without these easy craftables. You know what we love most about Martha?.. read more →

04 Aug 2014
August 4, 2014

2 Yarn Crafts!

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Hey everyone! Tanner Bell here again, sharing another fun DIY video tutorial! We’re doing some awesome Yarn Crafts. When you think of yarn, don’t you think of knitting? Today we’re going to do some Home Decor/ Room Decor! You can find so many different types of yarn in the marketplace, but I really love Red.. read more →

We couldn’t wait to share these 7 summer crafts because they are just bursting with creativity and color.  We specifically had the kids in mind this time, from clothes, to accessories, to art projects. Try these out when you have a free afternoon and let us know what you think!              .. read more →

We found 7 darling 4th of July dress tutorials for your baby girl and thought this was the perfect time to share. Okay well we did slip in a onesie and a skirt but you get the idea. These patriotic get-ups are so cute she won’t want to wait another year to wear them again!.. read more →

How fun is it to use sewing notions in unexpected places? When we think of piping, we normally think of a small fabric covered cord along the edge of a garment portion or perhaps a slightly larger twisted cord running around the edge of a home décor pillow. In both instances, the exposed portion of.. read more →

23 Jun 2014
June 23, 2014

DIY Phoomph Coasters

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Hey everyone! Tanner Bell here, I’m so excited to be on the Coats and Clark blog today sharing a fun DIY video. We’re featuring some of the amazing Phoomph. It’s a amazing product that is perfect for all you DIYiers that love fabric. This is double sided adhesive material fabric bonding sheets that lets you.. read more →

You know your machine can sew all kinds of stitches, but did you know it can also do the twist? Twisted threads have many uses—from jewelry to belts to edge trim, piping and tassels. Currently popular friendship bracelets use twisted threads as well, sometimes extending the ends into fringe. Twisted threads and cords are also.. read more →

Craftiness Is Not An Option is pretty much all about it’s creator Jess’s compulsion to sew clothes for her kids, which is a good thing for us. Her tutorials for garments, accessories, and toys are detailed and easy to follow and the results are imaginative and sweet. Most of the tutorials show you how to.. read more →

Looking for a fun project to make with the kiddos? Try this DIY fabric scrap necklace from the Sewing Rabbit. All you need are basic sewing supplies to make a cute oversized piece of jewelry with bright colors, lots of texture, and a pretty ribbon tie. It’s the perfect project for spring! The secret to.. read more →

Sewing fantastical dresses for little girls is quite possibly the best sewing project to take on. After all, you get to see her face brighten every time she wears it. That’s why we love this sparkling celestial glitter dress dreamed up by Charm Stitch. Any girl would be thrilled to have this dress for summer… read more →

Poufs and floor pillows are a super fun way to decorate kids’ room. They invite playfulness and provide a cozy reading spot at the same time. The best part is that they’re easy to make. Here are 5 of our favorite hand-sewn pouf projects to get you started. $3 Fabulous Floor Pillow tutorial available via.. read more →

We’re loving the blog True Bias, the creation of a New York City mom of two who has been sewing since she was a girl growing up in the South. Kelli’s modern style and approach to sewing are super inspirational, particularly for those who love to sew for kids. You’ll find tutorials for fun projects,.. read more →

Know someone planning a wedding this spring?  From wedding dresses to decorative touches, DIY weddings can be a lot of fun, and they don’t have to be a lot of work. Here’s a look at 10 fun projects that can get you thinking about sewing decorations, attire, even invitations. Do one or do them all.. read more →

You know how it is when you land on a sewing site and want to make absolutely everything on it? That’s how you’re going to feel when you check out the super stylish tutorials on Merricks Art. Created by the multi-talented blogger Merrick White (she’s a mother of two boys, seamstress, stylist, and fine artist!),.. read more →

You don’t need to be a sewing pro to turn out an awesome quilt project. Start with a potholder and advance to a strip & flip quilt or an easy peasy chevron quilt. You’re going to love the process of quilting so much we bet you’ll want to make all four. Go ahead. You can.. read more →

Not all zippers are hidden—some show off their stuff with stylish stitching Take advantage of those decorative machine stitches to embellish your colorful exposed zipper tapes. It’s easy and certainly fun. There are two ways to embellish zippers—one is to stitch right on the zipper tape, and the second is to use a decorative stitch.. read more →

Nothing beats the feeling of a handmade plaything. Kiddos will appreciate the customized treasure, and you get to watch them enjoy something you poured your heart into making for years to come. We’ve been seeing a lot of fun and inspiring options out there, so we thought we’d round up our list of 5 favorites.. read more →

21 Apr 2014
April 21, 2014

6 Fun Weekend Bags

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Spring is here and soon summer will be, which means time for weekend getaways! Whether you’re planning to travel by car, train, or plane, here are 8 super fun bag tutorials that will ensure you travel in style. This Amy Butler weekend bag (via A Handmade Tale) is incredibly popular. People love to sew this.. read more →

Baby booties are one of the best sewing projects. They’re quick and easy to make—good thing, too, considering how fast those little tootsies grow!—but the end result is so super cute, people will think you spent days on them. They make great handmade gifts, and with these 7 DIY tutorials for the cutest baby booties.. read more →

This time of year is great for cleaning out the closet and dreaming about warmer days ahead. (They’re coming, we promise!) But instead of purging those old sweaters and tee shirts, those ill-fitting dresses and shirts, spend a little time refashioning them into a new stylish wardrobe. These projects make great introductions to garment sewing.. read more →

Almost every young child has a set of memory flash cards at some point. You’re usually given them as a gift for baby, who ends up chewing on the corners, which means the cards get pretty ratty by the time the poor kiddo is old enough to actually play with them. Lucky for us, Sew.. read more →

Easter is right around the corner, but there’s plenty of time to get going on a super cute Easter dress for the little girl in your life. There’s so many styles out there that we had a hard time picking only 10, but we did it: Here’s a list of DIY dresses that can be.. read more →

We’re so excited by the awesome bag tutorials we’ve seen on Polka Dot Chair that we had to share them with you. Melissa Mortenson’s blog has lots of different modern DIY sewing patterns and tutorials, but the stylish bags she makes are our favorite. Whether you’re sewing for yourself or as a gift, these 5.. read more →

It’s not too early to start planning your summer and what you’re going to wear to the beach or pool. Making swimwear is easier than you might think and fun to sew because you can customize the look and get a perfect fit. Plus, it can be a lot cheaper than buying a store bought.. read more →

Project Run & Play (PR&P) is the kid bloggers version of Project Runway. Designers submit highly creative costumes to be judged by “celebrity” judges, and readers vote too. There’s plenty to ooh and aah over, lots of inspiration, and ample amounts of super cute kid looks, which is why we’re frequent visitors to the site… read more →

We have spring fever! This winter has been particularly brutal for most, and we’ve been trapped inside for far too long. Out with the cold weather and in with the warm already. We’re itching to get outdoors and spend some time in the dirt, planting vegetables and flowers. Let’s get into the spirit by sewing.. read more →

Slippers not only make a great DIY project, but they’re also awesome just to have around when you need them. When store-bought options are lacking in the inspiration department, why not whip up your own versions in little time! Everyday Loafers Pattern available for $6.50 from Shoeology The Ellie Tie-On via instructables Wool Slippers Pattern.. read more →

We’re so excited by this amazing birthday party favor we just had to share! Brenda, who blogs about her party creations on thejarjouras, made 28 of these (!) Stick Hobby Horses for her son’s country-western themed party, starting from just a medium-sized sock. They’re so easy to make—each one took about 45 minutes—you could create.. read more →

Bed linens are a great excuse to do some sewing, especially if you have odd-sized pillows or are just eager to make them custom fit for a specific room or personality. We love this tutorial from Stitches & Crafts, a pocketed pillowcase that takes a twist with a few customizations from the popular Magic Pillowcase. read more →

Brooklyn-based Liesl Gibson is the creator of amazing brands that promote simple, stylish patterns and projects for sewing enthusiasts. Before launching her first brand, Oliver + S in 2008, Liesl earned a degree from FIT and worked for Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger. Since then, she’s created the womens pattern line Lisette, available at Jo-Ann.. read more →

Whether you’re making multiples of the same thing for charity (like pillowcases, bags, etc.) or creating hundreds of blocks for a quilt, chain piecing is both fast and efficient. This assembly-line sewing technique is used in factories, but it can be equally at home in your sewing room. How does it work? Stack up the.. read more →

Right now we have our gaze set on the magic being created over at Pretty Prudent, a lifestyle blog created by two moms, Jamie and Jacinda, that features all kinds of stylish, whimsical, modern (and retro) sewing tutorials for grown ups and kids. Once you’ve landed on their site, you’ll stay there, spending hours and.. read more →

We’ve had a crush on the blog Lia Space for some time now. And even though Lia’s taken a hiatus from blogging to run her coffee shop, One Fifteenth (which looks amazing; too bad for us it’s in Indonesia!), we wanted to show you some of the amazing tutorials you can find on her blog… read more →

One of our newest contributors over at Handmade Charlotte inspired this roundup of easy-to-sew headwear for kids. Eri, author of the awesome blog Llevo el invierno, has a tutorial for this super cute turban pattern. I’ve been dying to make it for my girlies ever since it caught my eye. But there’s more: Grownup-style hats.. read more →

Made By Rae is a must-see blog for any sewer looking for useful tips and tutorials and quality downloadable patterns. It’s the creation of none other than Rae, a former physics teacher turned blogger who is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. In addition to running her blog, Rae keeps extra busy teaching sewing classes and.. read more →

Run by two popular Canadian style authorities, publisher Lynda Reeves and editor Suzanne Dimma, House & Home is a brand that shares some of the most unique and beautiful homes in North America. One of our favorite features on the site is the gallery of amazing Weekend DIY Projects. Those that require sewing aren’t particularly.. read more →

21 Jan 2014
January 21, 2014

7 DIY Gadget Covers


It’s fun to personalize laptops, e-readers, and smart phones. As lovers of all things handmade we like to add a touch of warmth to those soulless pieces of plastic, right? We’ve collected tutorials for covers for a variety of gadgets. Make for yourself or get an early start on gifts for all occasions. A lot.. read more →

The Internet certainly has no shortage of creative bloggers out there—some are dedicated exclusively to sewing and some dabble in other creative ventures as well. We love pointing out those who use their skills to bring to life the truly exceptional projects that you’ll want to make and pass along to friends and family. Maker*Land.. read more →

Valentine’s crafts are fun to make because they’re typically pretty easy to do, don’t take a lot of time, and you get to use felt in red and pink—so fun. It’s such a sweet holiday for children to participate in too, which is why we often think of sewing gifts for the classroom. After all,.. read more →

One of our favorite types of sewing projects is the organizer. They’re the perfect projects to customize based on the size you need and the style you want. Whether it’s paper and pens, groceries and household products, or even remote controls, we’ve rounded up a list of super stylish, easy-to-sew tutorials for you to choose.. read more →

We like to keep tabs on what Ellen Luckett Baker is up to over at her blog the Long Thread, not only for the inspiration and the insight into her design process, but also for her simple craft tutorials. As author of 1, 2, 3 Sew and 1, 2, 3 Quilt, two must-reads for any.. read more →

Softies make for great sewing projects—for gifts or just because. They’re easy to make, they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and are easy to customize. Now that we’re officially in crafting-for-gift-giving season, we thought we’d round up a selection of some of the most adorable free patterns and tutorials out there. From.. read more →

With the cold temperatures upon us, it’s  time to get baby bundled up in comfy, cozy winter wear. This sleeping bag tutorial from the Cutie Pie collection at Burda Style is the perfect thing for a variety of outings—long car rides, walks in the stroller, and plane rides—and it looks so warm and toasty, it’s.. read more →

Chances are you’re starting to line up your 2014 project list, and if you’re sewing for little girls, you’ll want to put a few—if not all—of these darling dresses on your list. The best part about dresses is that they’re fairly flexible when it comes to seasonality. Even a sleeveless dress can be made warm.. read more →

Delia Creates is one of our favorite crafting and design blogs. It has loads of fun projects for kids and yummy recipes. But what caught our eye most recently is this awesome tutorial on how to sew perfectly adorable, custom-fit leather baby shoes from a pattern by making a few adjustments. If you’re in the.. read more →

Are you hosting a meal this holiday season? Here is a great idea for creating custom napkins and placemats that are interchangeable.  If an extra person shows up for dinner you can easily re-set the table. Make one-size-fits-all napkins and placemats!  Why are napkins square anyway? I chose a neutral color hopsack fabric that would blend.. read more →

If there’s one piece of holiday decor that should be handcrafted, it’s the Christmas tree ornament. How lovely to unpack handmade treasures every year and reminisce about making them or who made them. They’re also easy to stitch and assemble, so it can be a fun, meditative way to unwind from the shopping and parties.. read more →

When it comes to DIY gifts, we think its fun to make them with the larger picture in mind. How will you package them—can the gift become the package? Can it complement a store-bought gift you already have in mind? And let’s not forget about the stocking: quick and easy sewing projects can yield unique,.. read more →

Every once in a while we stumble upon a site that makes us think “wow, you can make that?!”. Ikat Bag is one of those blogs, where we are always surprised at the creativity in the projects featured on the site. We’d like to share five fun projects with you that range from items for.. read more →

These 5 ideas for handmade Christmas gifts for kids are so easy-to-make that you CAN wait until the last minute. No matter what kind of kid you’re creating for—younger or older, girl or boy—we’ve got you covered with a range of awesome projects that will be cherished for years to come. 1. DIY Mr. Giraffe.. read more →

Sometimes, it’s fun to create with sewing, away from the sewing machine. Give your machine a rest with this fun DIY project, a hexagon bracelet tutorial that requires a little bit of hand sewing for an awesome result. read more →

You don’t often hear the word “hip” or “modern” associated with kids’ clothing — often our options center around the word “basic” more than anything. However, there are some truly inspiring people making beautifully designed threads for kids, and we’re excited to share a favorite of ours, Sophie of Cirque Du Bebe. Her clothing celebrates.. read more →

There’s still lots of time to sew festive decorations for your home this Thanksgiving. Whether you’re hosting or attending, these 6 project will add a touch of fun to any room. For most of them, all you need are some basic sewing supplies to turn an easy-to-follow tutorial into decor you and your family can.. read more →

Today we want to introduce to you (or perhaps remind you of) the brilliant Anna Maria Horner. She shares our passion for bright, lively color and is an amazing creator with a host of sewing books and products and a site full of inspiration and tutorials to show for it. Her beautiful collections for FreeSpirit.. read more →

Follow along with us today as we feature a fantastic tutorial from My Sparkle blog on how to create your own mock smock frock — a beautiful garment for any age. We know — the name’s a bit of a tongue twister, but we promise that’s the only confusing part of this great tutorial! read more →

When we think bandage skirt, there can sometimes be a bit of a cringe — but not every bandage style has to be skin-tight! We love the pattern of a bandage skirt, without the typical grip to form, so we love this tutorial from Family Ever After for making a bandage style skirt that embraces.. read more →

We love the outdoors, especially when Fall harvests come in and we get the chance to go picking! Whether you’re picking from your garden, a local apple orchard, or picking up toys from the back yard, a gathering apron is a great accessory to have in your house. Follow along this great tutorial for a.. read more →

Tights are a great way to add some fun to any outfit, an opportunity for something a little out of the ordinary. As the weather begins to cool for the Fall, we hate to think about storing away all of our dresses and skirts until the break of Spring again. Tights are the perfect solution.. read more →

Fall is my favorite time of year for seeing all the imaginative ways people hand make decorations. With all the clever DIY tutorials, it’s fun and easy to dress up your home in festive ways. As the weather turns crisp and you begin planning for parties, dinners, or even the everyday, you’ll want to make.. read more →

Tired of making the same basic skirts over and over? Check out this super simple sewing tutorial for a mermaid skirt that can be completed in just a half hour. It’s so easy to sew with knits if you build up the courage to get started, so follow along this tutorial from The Girl Inspired,.. read more →

We’re certain you can never have too many projects on the waiting list, always ready for the perfect sewing occasion. We’re crushing on Sew Caroline, a blog full of sewing tutorials that truly encompass a huge range of projects for apparel, home accessories, and more that will be sure to add to your to-do collection… read more →

There’s lots of talk on the Internet by now about easy-to-make Halloween costumes for kids, but not much for adults who like to sew. For those looking to join in on the dress up fun and DIY their own Halloween costume, I’ve rounded up five awesome off-beat costumes that would be a blast to wear.. read more →

It’s that time of year again—Halloween! I’m so excited! When else does so much crafting and DIY goodness get to be paraded around for all to see? I can hardly wait for the big day! And my kids can’t either. We’re in the process of picking out our choice costume, so I thought I’d put.. read more →

We love the word reversible when it comes to sewing, because it always mean twice the use for your effort! This reversible leather bag is a beautiful accessory, a great opportunity for some leather sewing practice. We love that you can have some fun pairing colors for a colorblock look, or pair the same method.. read more →

We can’t help ourselves when it comes to things that roll up for kids — the on-the-go convenience can’t be beat! We’re still fresh in school mode, with kids all over the country from elementary school to college freshly settled into the academic atmosphere. Today we are excited to share with you a tutorial for.. read more →

Today we’re inspired by the wonderful blog, Sparkle Power, full of great sewing activities from a crafty mother of three. We thought we’d share our favorite projects from this fun site, a round-up of 6 sewing projects perfect for getting you out of a slump or inspiring you to make something out of your usual.. read more →

This eye-catching pillow is made using Coats phoomph for fabric, for a fast and  easy appliqué.  Isn’t it amazing how one pillow can make such a statement? If you are familiar with quilt patterns you might recognize the traditional oak leaf design used on this pillow.   By using bold black and white fabrics, the pillow.. read more →

This simple, cheerful tablecloth with matching cloth napkins are a snap to sew with men’s shirting fabrics – the woven selvage edge can serve as a casual “hem,” while the raw edges of the napkins, reinforced with a straight row of stitches, fray to a soft and comfortable edge. This tablecloth is perfect for a.. read more →

  Sometimes we sit and wonder where we would be without the internet in our sewing. We rely so heavily on both the inspiration for a specific project and the motivation to actually complete it from the people we follow from afar. It’s amazing to see just how productive everyone is, and makes us want.. read more →

Do you remember tab-top curtains? Quaint curtains made of calico or muslin for historic homes or country decor? Well, tab-top curtains do not have to be quaint…. or boring! I created a more updated version of tab-tops using faux leather and then combined with a gorgeous floral print linen and burlap.  Decorating is all about textures and.. read more →

It’s back-to-school time, a perfect opportunity to create a handmade tote for your child’s school materials! We love sewing for school, as it makes us feel like school is just a little extra special when they have a cool accessory. Check out this adorable backpack tote bag from Jojo & Eloise, appliqued with super cute.. read more →

Going shopping for back-to-school supplies can be super fun, but also a bit overwhelming. Backpacks are expensive, and often the selections can be incredibly limiting. Whether your needs have specific guidelines based on the school, or you just want something fit for their personality, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite tutorials for back to.. read more →

One of our favorite things to sew is toys for children. It makes for such a unique creative experience for a little one, especially if they can help decide what materials you use, or if it’s catered specifically to their personality. Today we’re sharing a really simple pattern download for a plush house from Ever.. read more →

Grommet top curtains are very popular.  They are clean, simple and require less fabric than pleated curtains.  Plus grommets are a hot trend.  Just take a look at all the grommet details found in purses and tote bags.  Grommets are everywhere! Have you thought about making grommet curtains for your own home only to realize.. read more →

Okay — we realize it’s a lofty goal to sew something every day. But wouldn’t it be great if we could make something new everyday? With all of the tutorials and ideas out there, there’s certainly enough inspiration for a handmade project every day. While we aren’t going to hold you to a daily project,.. read more →

                    I don’t know about you, but my littles are totally super heroes! I’m back at it again with this wonderful Phoomph stuff, I just can’t get enough! I can finish simple projects without having to pull the sewing machine out. Don’t get me wrong, I.. read more →

The high summer sun always makes us run to the outdoors, leaving our sewing machines behind more than other seasons. However, everyone needs a break from the heat, and what better way to spend it than making something awesome? We’re pulling out one of our favorite summer craft references, Martha Stewart’s extensive library of activities,.. read more →

As you may know, we love an opportunity to make something from an “upcycled” material — taking a material we already have but aren’t using, and re-imagining it into something new. Today we’re sharing five projects from Create Studio, a great resource for projects of every type, which implement upcycling in their creation. read more →

We love finding opportunities to sew for the entire family, especially for apparel and accessories. Not only does it save you cash at the store, but it makes your wardrobe truly unique. Check out these 6 amazing photo-packed tutorials from See Kate Sew that will bring out the sartorial side in all of you! read more →

The best part about sewing with others is the feedback you receive on a regular basis on everyone’s projects. Few of us actually have time to get together with others to sew — but doesn’t a sewing circle sound so nice? Luckily, we have the Internet to keep up company, and give us a little.. read more →

We are happy to introduce, Susan Woodcock, owner of, a how-to sewing and decorating resource. Susan will be bringing home decorating tips and projects to Sewing Secrets. Can you believe it?  Summer is here!  I found this fun zig-zag fabric and couldn’t wait to make a few pillows to brighten our patio.   Tufted.. read more →

  We’re always trying to come up with great crafts for kids that don’t involve the usual glue & popsicle sticks. Check out our latest project that we’re so excited about, using the cool new fabric bonding sheet Phoomph — you’ll be amazed at how fast you can whip up these cute little crayon houses!.. read more →

We’re always looking for quilted projects to keep our quilting skills fresh without having to make a full size quilt every time. If you’re looking for a fun quilting project, or if you’re starting out and would like to start small-scale, this tutorial from the blog, I Heart Linen, for a quilted checkerboard set is a great.. read more →

27 Jun 2013
June 27, 2013

Patriotic Jar Apron

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Have fun using festive red, white and blue fabric scraps from your stash to create this country-style jar apron. Fill the jar with fresh flowers or a candle and decorate your mantel for the summer months!  What you will need: Coats & Clark Threads:  Dual Duty XP General Purpose Thread: Color No. 100, White; Color.. read more →

We love to hear the word “reversible” when it comes to sewing for little ones — nothing better than getting double for your time & money! This tutorial from You & Mie for a reversible circle skirt will leave you so happy (it’s easy, too!) that you’ll be sewing them up for everyone you know.. read more →

Phoomph strikes again! We always throw a massive party in Spring to celebrate the warm awesome weather. I started thinking of fun ways to add lovely handmade elements. I picked up an assortment of gift boxes in a few fun shapes and sizes. I thought I would pack cookies in the smaller boxes and sandwiches.. read more →

   Designed by June McCrary Jacobs These vibrant crafting projects will offer your patriotic celebrations the festive décor they deserve. Phoomph makes it easy for the whole family to be involved. Children and teens will enjoy learning to sew a mainstay of country-style crafting – Yo-yo’s! Assemble the projects together for some additional family fun. Make.. read more →

We’re crushing on a fellow blogger and sewing expert, Jessica Abbott of Me Sew Crazy, and know you will be, too, after you see some of our top tutorial picks from this inspiration-rich blog. Jessica’s projects are exemplary of modern sewing, fresh designs for a new spin on our timeless craft. Her clever use of.. read more →

We’re crazy about Julia Bobbin, a blogger and stitcher from Australia whose sewing skills – particularly in sewing apparel – make us want to strive for a full handmade wardrobe! Her classic style is so fun to follow along, and her reviews and tutorials are a great resource for a stitcher of any experience level… read more →

We challenged Heather Jones to create a qult for us to use in our booth at Spring Quilt Market and she created this fantastic quilt. See how great it looked in the booth? Hanging above the thread displays, the strips almost looked like spools laying on their sides! We asked Heather to describe her creative process………. read more →

10 Jun 2013
June 10, 2013

Sew a Bedside Caddy


Everything at your fingertips…books, magazines, glasses, and pencils. It’s all within reach with this stylish bedside caddy made with two fat quarters (or two ½ yards of coordinating fabrics). You can make the caddy to fit your needs with pockets just the right size. Feel free to change dimensions to suit you. This caddy measures.. read more →

If you’ve never delved into the world of fashion sewing, it may come across as frightening territory. Fitting a garment to the body’s many shapes (especially if you don’t have a dress form) can be very intimidating and leave you wondering if it’s just easier to hop over to the store to buy it already made… read more →

As you may have noticed, we’re technique-happy these days, excited to have the opportunity to help you brush up on some areas we may not always visit in our sewing adventures. In the spirit of self-improvement, we are bringing you not one but EIGHT tutorials from The Haby Goddess, one of our favorite places to.. read more →

Interested in starting your first quilt, or simply looking for a fun new blanket project? This circle quilt tutorial is the perfect project for the modern sewist, an easy introduction to piecing & quilting that will leave you well-rounded in your sewing skill set! Read on for our suggestions on choosing fabrics and the full.. read more →

Just about everybody has an affection for the place they call home. I’ve lived in the beautiful state of Georgia for my entire life. While I’m not pushy about it, I do love my state an awful lot. This awesome little no-sew project helps me celebrate my beautiful home state using my newfound craft love:.. read more →

I love sewing pretty things in the springtime, and this year I have fallen in love with Amy Butler’s wonderful Barcelona Skirt pattern that my friend Holly sent me as a surprise gift. I just finished my seventh Barcelona skirt, in the green leaf & dot print from Denyse Schmidt’s Flea Market Fancy reprint, and.. read more →

Floor cushions are such a great addition to any seating, even if used temporarily when the guests overflow. We love them in kids’ rooms, too, so they can sink into a great book on a gloomy day. They’re also hard to find and often expensive, which is why we’re always excited to find ideas for.. read more →

Spring is about new growth in both nature and our own routines. Give your sewing repertoire a fresh dusting by trying something a little out of the ordinary — and we can help! Today we’re featuring five DIY sewing projects from the fantastic blog At the Picket Fence, a resource for living an inspired, handmade.. read more →

We can’t help ourselves when we enter the fabric store and stumble upon the trimmings section. Any excuse is a perfect excuse to load up on more trimmings, especially when you know you can get many uses out of it. Check out this tutorial for ricrac roses, a super fast sewing project that will leave.. read more →

We love a sewing project that spices up an existing garment, and we have a great one for you today that utilizes existing denim pants. Follow along this tutorial from The Mother Huddle for adding ruffled cuffs to an existing garment, a great way to upcycle pants that may not fit well (either too long.. read more →

Masks are such a fun way to add to a costume or for an easy way to dress up without much hassle. Using very few materials and cutting tools, you can have your own owl mask in no time. Whip them up for costumes or sleep masks, we think you’ll love how easy this project.. read more →

by Rebecca Kemp Brent for Coats & Clark Modern sewing machines are packed with decorative stitches that tend to be under-utilized. Put a new spin on your machine’s fancy stitches by using them for construction tasks. The stitches are both functional and fun, and can add a couture touch to your sewing.   Rather than.. read more →

Hi! I’m Rachel, and my blog is Family Ever After. I am a country girl at heart… my 4 sisters and I grew up in South   Dakota. I’ve know my husband since we were 12, he grew up there too! I   went to college at BYU, where I learned how to sew, and majored in .. read more →

Continuing on our search for the best techniques out there, we’re bringing you a neat “trick” to piecing arrows, developed specifically for Denyse Schmidt’s pattern, Point me. If you do any sort of piecing, be it for regular sewing or quilting, you know that the process can quickly become cumbersome and tiring, taking forever to.. read more →

Sewing hats used to be a no-fly zone for us, a task better kept for the professionals. However, once you learn just how easy it is, you’ll be whipping them up for any occasion in no time! It can be hard to find a good variety of hats fit for little ones, and we know.. read more →