23 Jun 2014
June 23, 2014

DIY Phoomph Coasters

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Hey everyone! Tanner Bell here, I’m so excited to be on the Coats and Clark blog today sharing a fun DIY video. We’re featuring some of the amazing Phoomph. It’s a amazing product that is perfect for all you DIYiers that love fabric. This is double sided adhesive material fabric bonding sheets that lets you craft with fabric like no other way! Today we’re making these awesome Coasters. You can use them for decor or gifts. Here’s whatcha going to need.

Supplies :
•Phoomph for fabric
•Fabric Bundles
•Decoupage Medium
•One CD

After you’ve gathered all the supplies, now you’re ready to make it! Let’s get started and watch the video tutorial :

Wasn’t this a fun and easy DIY? I could totally see kids making these for their parents and even adults can make these for their homes. I hope you guys enjoyed!! 🙂

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