Create a festive decoration in trendy Halloween Colors Purple & Black using Phoomph.

Phoomph makes it quick and easy to create this wreath for Halloween. Purple, lime and black are a stylish alternative color scheme to the traditional orange and black.

Wreath designed by Iliana McGrath.


Phoomph for fabric, soft- 4 sheets

1/2yd Halloween print fabric  to wrap wreath

1/4yd Purple Fabric

Halloween print fabric or felt, small pieces for flowers

12” foam wreath form

Ribbon- Green and/or purple


Pinking shears

Glue gun

Hot glue



  1. Cut the 1/2yd of fabric into 3” wide strips. Wrap the strips around the wreath, overlapping the edges, and securing the ends on the back of the wreath with hot glue.
  2. Cover one side of 2 sheets of Phoomph with the purple fabric by peeling away the backing paper and adhering the sticky side of Phoomph to the wrong side of the fabric. Cut into 3”x9” strips. Peel away the backing of a strip and wrap around the wreath with the ends at the back of the wreath. Wrap the remaining strips around the wreath with the edges overlapping.
  3. Cover 2 sheets of Phoomph on both sides with the assorted fabrics and draw a spiral outline onto the fabric. Each sheet of Phoomph should yield at least 8 spirals. Use pinking shears to cut the spiral shapes. Roll each flower starting with the outer end and rolling toward the center. Use hot glue to secure the rolled flower. Make at least 16 flowers.

    Cut in a spiral shape

    Cut in a spiral shape

  4. Arrange the flowers on the wreath partially covering the Phoomph strips. Use hot glue to secure the flowers in place.
  5. Use ribbon to hang the wreath.


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