We’re back with another ode to Martha, and can’t wait to try some of her newest DIY projects for our next beach trip. From creating entirely new beach bring-alongs to upgrading old ones, you’ll wonder how you’ve gone on vacation all these years without these easy craftables.

You know what we love most about Martha? She never fails to bring common sense to crafting and keeps us wondering, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

marthastewart.comWe can all agree that sling chairs are the perfect beach chairs, whether you’re a serial sling chair-buyer, or a sling chair monogamist. Instead of constantly buying new ones or using the same one until you’ve worn a hole in the seat, why not reupholster your chair with something you already have laying around, like, say, a vintage tablecloth?

marthastewart.comThis is for the fashion divas on the beach, who are sun-conscious AND space savers! We’d all like to bring a hat for every outfit, but now we can make two hats in one with this reversible sun hat tutorial!

marthastewart.comIsn’t it annoying when your towel takes up all the room in your beach bag? Why wouldn’t you have a towel that also doubles as a beach bag? Problem solved (with pockets and all)!

marthastewart.comWho wants a soggy beach blanket? Not us. Now we don’t have to let the tide or the summer rainstorm ruin our picnic (or our shorts). Waterproof your blanket instead of changing your plans!

 marthastewart.comBeach towels are cool, but you know what’s cooler? Using your towel for storage with easier access to your beach belongings by adding pockets! Plus, shuffling through your bag with sunscreen-soaked hands is just kind of…lame.

 martastewart.comWe always remember to bring beach cover-ups for ourselves, but what about our dearly beloved beach gear that keeps us company? Protect the things you love with beach cover-ups of all shapes and sizes.

marthastewart.comSure, reading on the beach is nice, but your books probably aren’t thanking you…yet. Stop ruining your book covers with sunscreen and saltwater and slip some waterproof book covers on those babies! Just wait, your books will be singing your praises.

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