One Sheepish Girl is top of the line when it comes to everything crocheted, knitted, and embroidered. She’s a total Renaissance woman and we’re one of her biggest fans. We’ve brought all of our favorite of her DIYs to share with you today, so if you’re a yarn lover, we know you’ll be whipping out your supplies in no time. Let’s get started!

One Sheepish Girl Yarn Ball Garland






















This is for you yarn-loving fanatics out there, or even for you crafters who could care less about yarn. These garlands create easy splashes of color on any wall. Who doesn’t love that?

One Sheepish Girl Dip Dye Wool Tassels

















You can add these dip-dyed tassels to any blanket, keychain, or display them by themselves like the photo above.

One Sheepish Girl Knit Bow Ring












Okay, this is the cutest little thing we’ve seen all week—and so easy too! But be careful wearing this around your friends unless you’re prepared to make more!

One Sheepish Girl Knit Ampersand













So I know ampersands and tortoise shell glasses were part of a fad that kind of lost its luster, but you could take this knitted ampersand idea and apply it to any of your favorite symbols or letters.

One Sheepish Girl Crochet Tea Towel

















Add a pretty little crocheted detail around the boarders of your tea towels!

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