11 May 2017
May 11, 2017

Fold-over Dapper Bag

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A cross between a purse and messenger bag, this cross-body purse will quickly become your go-to bag. Eclectic Elements antique brass hardware
adds vintage style. The bag features Tim Holtz Eclectic Elements threads and Hardware, and Tim Holtz Dapper fabric collection for Coats®.

designed by Richele Christenson

Skill Level: Beginner
Crafting Time: Evening
Finished Size: 16” x 12” (40.5cm x 30.5), unfolded

Fabric requirements
Tim Holtz Eclectic Elements – Dapper Fabrics

(A) Ticking                        PWTH068.8NEUT      1⁄2 yard (1.3m)

(B) Numbers                     PWTH063.8BLAC       1⁄2 yard (1.3m)

(C) Street Maps                PWTH056.8BLAC       1⁄8 yard (.16m)

(D) Vintage Receipts      PWTH058.8MULTI      1⁄8 yard (.16m)

(E) Script                            PWTH059.8NEUT      1⁄8 yard (.16m)

(F) Tape Measure            PWTH060.8NEUT      1⁄8 yard (.16m)

(G) Cigar Box Labels     PWTH061.8MULT       1⁄8 yard (.16m)

(H) Chalk Lines               PWTH067.8BLUE       1⁄8 yard (.16m)

Tim Holtz Eclectic Elements Coats Cotton Thread: Black (900), Ecru(8030)
Tim Holtz Eclectic Elements Hardware:
(3) 1” (25mm) D-rings (antique brass)
(2) 3⁄4” (18mm) Swivel Clasps (antique brass)
Additional Requirements
• Iron on Interfacing
• Batting
• Magnetic Closure (optional)
• Basic Sewing Supplies


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