Coats Bold Hand Quilting™ – S922

Coats Bold Hand Quilting provides quilters with a thread that has the luster of natural cotton and the strength of polyester.  Perfect for the “Big Stitch” handwork trend. The Glace finish prevents knots and tangles.

Hand Needle Size: 6 or 7. An embroidery needle may also be used.

Thread weight is 10.  25% cotton/ 75% polyester corespun thread with a Glace finish.

Article Number: S922
Product Length: 175 yards Snap Spool
Care Instructions:
Wash in warm water
Oxygen bleach recommended, no chlorine bleach
Tumble dry medium
Iron high heat
Professional dry-cleaning in: perchloroethylene, hydrocarbons (heavy benzines); normal process

Swatches (click to zoom)

S922_0100 WhiteS922_0100
S922_0620 SlateS922_0620
S922_0780 SharkskinS922_0780
S922_0900 BlackS922_0900
S922_1180 Light PinkS922_1180
Light Pink
S922_2250 RedS922_2250
S922_2820 Barberry RedS922_2820
Barberry Red
S922_5020 AquamarineS922_5020
S922_5570 Oriental BlueS922_5570
Oriental Blue
S922_6180 Green LinenS922_6180
Green Linen
S922_6770 Forest GreenS922_6770
Forest Green
S922_7250 Sun YellowS922_7250
Sun Yellow
S922_7650 TangoS922_7650
S922_8010 NaturalS922_8010
S922_8020 CreamS922_8020
S922_8530 FogwoodS922_8530
S922_8960 Chona BrownS922_7250
Chona Brown
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  1. This looks wonderful! I would love to try it!!!

  2. Where can I purchase this thread?

  3. where can I find and purchase hhis 6180 color?


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