Coats Outdoor® D71

Thread weight is 12. 100% bonded polyester. Ideal for heavier outdoor projects like sails, tents, outdoor furniture and awnings. Even saddles and baseball gloves. UV resistant.

Article Number: D71
Product Length: 200 yards Snap Spool/200 yds mini king
Machine Needle Size: 16-18 be sure to use the correct needle size and lengthen your stitch for best results.
Care Instructions:
S971 Care Instructions

Swatches (click to zoom)

D71_0100 WhiteD71_0100
D71_0025 SteelD71_0025
D71_0002 BlackD71_0002
D71_0108 CoralD71_0108
D71_0039A Red CherryD71_0039A
Red Cherry
D71_0010 Monaco BlueD71_0010
Monaco Blue
D71_0432 Caribbean BlueD71_0432 Caribbean Blue D71_0323A Scots GreenD71_0323A Scots Green
D71_0524 ChartreuseD71_0524 Chartreuse D71_0462 Advance OrangeD71_0462 Advance Orange D71_0017 BuffD71_0017
D71_0050 Dark BrownD71_0050
Dark Brown
D71_0005B Cielo BlueD71_0005B
Cielo Blue
D71_0417 Dark MidnightD71_0417
Dark Midnight
D71_0602 Forestry GreenD71_0602
Forestry Green
D71_0157A YellowD71_0157A

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