General Purpose Dual Duty XP – S900

General purpose Dual Duty XP thread is a medium weight thread sized for most hand and machine sewing. It can be used on all fibers, knits and wovens. Dual Duty XP is a strong, smooth thread for consistent tension and excellent stitch formation. New trap spool holds the thread neatly and securely.

Article Number: S900
Product Length: 114 m / 125 yards
Care Instructions:
Wash in warm water
Oxygen bleach recommended, no chlorine bleach
Tumble dry, medium iron, high heat
Professional dry-cleaning in: perchloroethylene, hydrocarbons (heavy benzines); normal process

Color Conversion Guide

Swatches (click to zoom)

S900_0075 Arctic WhiteS900_0075 Arctic White S900_0100 WhiteS900_0100 White S900_0150 Winter WhiteS900_0150 Winter White S900_0450 NugreyS900_0450 Nugrey S900_0620 SlateS900_0620 Slate S900_0900 BlackS900_0900 Black S900_0950 Celestial BlackS900_0950 Celestial Black S900_1180 Light PinkS900_1180 Light Pink
S900_1210 PinkS900_1210 Pink S900_1470 FlamingoS900_1470 Flamingo S900_1840 Hot PinkS900_1840 Hot Pink S900_2160 Atom RedS900_2160 Atom Red S900_2250 RedS900_2250 Red S900_2820 Barberry RedS900_2820 Barberry Red S900_2980 MaroonS900_2980 Maroon S900_3040 Red RoseS900_3040 Red Rose
S900_3250 LaurelS900_3250 Laurel S900_3530 LilacS900_3530 Lilac S900_3690 PurpleS900_3690 Purple S900_4270 Monaco BlueS900_4270 Monaco Blue S900_4310 Icy BlueS900_4310
Icy Blue
S900_4540 CopenhagenS900_4540 Copenhagen S900_4880 Freedom BlueS900_4880 Freedom Blue S900_4900 NavyS900_4900 Navy
S900_5140 Rocket BlueS900_5140 Rocket Blue S900_6180 Green LinenS900_6180 Green Linen S900_6770 Forest GreenS900_6770 Forest Green S900_7260 MimosaS900_7260 Mimosa S900_7330 YellowS900_7330 Yellow S900_7750 YellowS900_7750 Kumquat S900_8000 PearlS900_8000 Pearl S900_8010 NaturalS900_8010 Natural
S900_8030 EcruS900_8030 Ecru S900_8140 Golden TanS900_8140 Golden Tan S900_8230 CamelS900_8230 Camel S900_8360 Summer BrownS900_8360 Summer Brown S900_8440 KhakiS900_8360 Khaki S900_8960 Chona BrownS900_8960 Chona Brown S900_9115 Pink TintS900_9115 Pink Tint S900_9135 Lavender TintS900_9135 Lavender Tint
S900_9145 Blue TintS900_9145
Blue Tint
S900_9165 Green TintS900_9165 Green Tint
S900_9170 Yellow TintS900_9170 Yellow Tint
S900_9175 Peach TintS900_9175 Peach Tint
S900_9185 Champagne TintS900_9185 Champagne
S900_9213 Neon PinkS900_9213 Neon Pink
S900_9215 Bright FuschiaS900_9215 Bright Fuschia
S900_9218 Bright CoralS900_9218 Bright Coral
S900_9225 Bright RedS900_9225 Bright Red
S900_9245 Bright SapphireS900_9245 Bright Sapphire S900_9255 Bright ParakeetS900_9255 Bright Parakeet
S900_9257 Bright Aqua GreenS900_9257 Bright Aqua Green S900_9265 Neon GreenS900_9265 Neon Green
S900_9267 Bright KelleyS900_9267 Bright Kelley
S900_9271 Neon Bright YellowS900_9271 Neon Bright Yellow S900_9272 Bright Sun YellowS900_9272 Bright Sun Yellow
S900_9274 Bright GoldS900_9274 Bright Gold
S900_9277 Bright PumpkinS900_9277 Bright Pumpkin S900_9278 Neon OrangeS900_9278 Neon Orange
S900_9312 Baby PastelsS900_9312 Baby Pastels
S900_9314 SherbetS900_9314 Sherbet
S900_9325 Bowl of CherriesS900_9325 Bowl of Cherries S900_9334 Plum ShadowsS900_9334 Plum Shadows
S900_9336 Plum BerriesS900_9336 Plum Berries
S900_9343 Blue CloudsS900_9343 Blue Clouds S900_9345 Over the RainbowS900_9345 Over the
S900_9347 JewelsS900_9347 Jewels
S900_9363 Spring GreenS900_9363 Spring Green
S900_9365 TeaberriesS900_9365 Teaberries
S900_9367 MexicanaS900_9367 Mexicana
S900_9373 Sunny DayS900_9373 Sunny Day
S900_9377 Fall LeavesS900_9377 Fall Leaves
S900_9386 AutumnS900_9386
S900_9238 Bright Deep PurpleS900_9238 Bright Deep Purple S900_9275 Neon TigerlillyS900_9275 Neon Tigerlilly
S900_9382 Old LaceS900_9382 Old
S900_9375 SandstoneS900_9375
8 Responses to General Purpose Dual Duty XP – S900
  1. What size needle works with which thread types? My Babylock Melody machine will not automatically thread unless the match of thread fits the needle.

    Thank you,
    Judy Pierce

  2. Would larger spools be available? These are only 125 yard spools.

  3. Who carries the thread Bright Sun Yellow S900-9272 around 71909. I can only find the large spools but I need the 135 yard version

  4. What is the fiber content of Dual Duty XP?


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