General Purpose Dual Duty XP – S910

General purpose Dual Duty XP thread is a medium weight thread sized for most hand and machine sewing. It can be used on all fibers, knits and wovens. Dual Duty XP is a strong, smooth thread for consistent tension and excellent stitch formation. New trap spool holds the thread neatly and securely.

Article Number: S910
Product Length: 229 m / 250 yards
Care Instructions: Wash in warm water Oxygen bleach recommended, no chlorine bleach Tumble dry, medium iron, high heat Professional dry-cleaning in: perchloroethylene, hydrocarbons (heavy benzines); normal process
Swatches (click to zoom)

S910_0075 Artic WhiteS910_0075 Artic White S910_0100 WhiteS910_0100 White S910_0150 Winter WhiteS910_0150 Winter White S910_0230 SilverS910_0230 Silver S910_0360 Business GreyS910_0360 Business Grey S910_0450 NugreyS910_0450 Nugrey S910_0520 Dark SilverS910_0520 Dark Silver S910_0600 Light SlateS910_0600 Light Slate
S910_0630 StoneS910_0630 Stone S910_0750 SmokeS910_0750 Smoke S910_0780 SharkskinS910_0780 Sharkskin S910_0850 CharcoalS910_0850 Charcoal S910_0870 Dark SlateS910_0870 Dark Slate S910_0880 Oxford GreyS910_0880 Oxford Grey S910_0900 BlackS910_0900 Black S910_0950 Celestial BlackS910_0950 Celestial Black
S910_1020 Powder PinkS910_1020 Powder Pink S910_1040 Soft MauveS910_1040 Soft Mauve S910_1060 Almond PinkS910_1060 Almond Pink S910_1080 Dark MauveS910_1080 Dark Mauve S910_1180 Light PinkS910_1180 Light Pink S910_1210 PinkS910_1210 Pink S910_1220 Rose PinkS910_1220 Rose Pink S910_1340 BubblegumS910_1340 Bubblegum
S910_1350 Cotton CandyS910_1350 Cotton Candy
S910_1360 Ellen RoseS910_1360 Ellen Rose
S910_1410 Pink ChampagneS910_1410 Pink Champagne S910_1420 Coral PinkS910_1420 Coral Pink
S910_1430 CoralS910_1430 Coral
S910_1440 ShrimpS910_1440 Shrimp
S910_1470 FlamingoS910_1470 Flamingo
S910_1490 Dark CoralS910_1490 Dark Coral
S910_1495 Medium CoralS910_1495 Medium Coral S910_1500 Orange CoralS910_1500 Orange Coral S910_1520 Antique RoseS910_1520 Antique Rose S910_1540 China RoseS910_1540 China Rose S910_1560 Cameo PinkS910_1560 Cameo Pink S910_1590 Mauve WoodS910_1590 Mauve Wood S910_1640 Dark Old RoseS910_1640 Dark Old Rose S910_1650 Laurel RoseS910_1650 Laurel Rose
S910_1830 Dark RoseS910_1830 Dark Rose S910_1840 Hot PinkS910_1840 Hot Pink S910_1850 Bright RoseS910_1850 Bright Rose S910_1870 AzaleaS910_1870 Azalea S910_1940 Hot PetuniaS910_1940 Hot Petunia S910_1950 CarnationS910_1950 Carnation S910_1960 Corsage PinkS910_1960 Corsage Pink S910_1980 Ming CherryS910_1980 Ming Cherry
S910_1990 LipstickS910_1990 Lipstick S910_2100 Chili PepperS910_2100 Chili Pepper S910_2160 Atom RedS910_2160 Atom Red S910_2170 Red GeraniumS910_2170 Red Geranium S910_2200 Hero RedS910_2200 Hero Red S910_2250 RedS910_2250 Red S910_2300 Candy AppleS910_2300 Candy Apple S910_2470 Devil RedS910_2470 Devil Red
S910_2500 TomatoS910_2500 Tomato
S910_2560 Brick RustS910_2560 Brick Rust
S910_2680 Red CherryS910_2680 Red Cherry
S910_2780 ScarletS910_2780 Scarlet
S910_2820 Barberry RedS910_2820 Barberry Red
S910_2850 American BeautyS910_2850 American Beauty S910_2900 Dark RedS910_2900 Dark Red
S910_2950 Henna BrownS910_2950 Henna Brown
S910_2980 MaroonS910_2980 Maroon S910_3040 Red RoseS910_3040 Red Rose S910_3050 MagentaS910_3050 Magenta S910_3070 FuchsiaS910_3070 Fuchsia S910_3090 Red PlumS910_3090 Red Plum S910_3140 Mocha PlumS910_3140 Mocha Plum S910_3190 Royal PlumS910_3190 Royal Plum S910_3230 Rose OrchidS910_3230 Rose Orchid
S910_3250 LaurelS910_3250 Laurel S910_3320 OrchidS910_3320 Orchid S910_3340 Light VioletS910_3340 Light Violet S910_3350 VioletS910_3350 Violet S910_3390 Ultra-VioletS910_3390 Ultra-Violet S910_3420 HeatherS910_3420 Heather S910_3440 Purple HazeS910_3440 Purple Haze S910_3460 MulberryS910_3460 Mulberry
S910_3480 Mulberry WineS910_3480 Mulberry Wine S910_3510 Lilac MistS910_3510 Lilac Mist S910_3530 LilacS910_3530 Lilac S910_3550 LavenderS910_3550 Lavender S910_3570 Sea GrapeS910_3570 Sea Grape S910_3620 Lavender BlissS910_3620 Lavender Bliss S910_3660 Deep VioletS910_3660 Deep Violet S910_3690 PurpleS910_3690 Purple
S910_3740 AmethystS910_3740 Amethyst
S910_3760 Light PurpleS910_3760 Light Purple
S910_3800 EggplantS910_3800 Eggplant
S910_3820 Light IrisS910_3820 Light Iris
S910_3830 Violet DuskS910_3830 Violet Dusk
S910_3840 Wild IrisS910_3840 Wild Iris
S910_3850 Light Vintage PurpleS910_3850 Light Vintage Purple S910_3860 Vintage PurpleS910_3860 Vintage Purple
S910_3970 Deep PurpleS910_3970 Deep Purple S910_3980 MarineS910_3980 Marine S910_4010 Crystal BlueS910_4010 Crystal Blue S910_4020 September SkyS910_4020 September Sky S910_4030 Cielo BlueS910_4030 Cielo Blue S910_4040 HyacinthS910_4040 Hyacinth S910_4060 Thunder CloudS910_4060 Thunder Cloud S910_4070 Cloudy BlueS910_4070 Cloudy Blue
S910_4080 Firmament BlueS910_4080 Firmament Blue S910_4120 Light CornflowerS910_4120 Light Cornflower S910_4130 CornflowerS910_4130 Cornflower
S910_4150 True BlueS910_4150 True Blue
S910_4160 Crayon BlueS910_4160 Crayon Blue
S910_4190 AdmiralS910_4190 Admiral
S910_4230 Blue BonnetS910_4230 Blue Bonnet
S910_4250 PeriwinkleS910_4250 Periwinkle
S910_4270 Monaco BlueS910_4270 Monaco Blue S910_4280 Blue RibbonS910_4280 Blue Ribbon S910_4290 IndigoS910_4290 Indigo S910_4310 Icy BlueS910_4310 Icy Blue S910_4320 BlueS910_4320 Blue S910_4350 Baby BlueS910_4350 Baby Blue S910_4360 Miracle BlueS910_4360 Miracle Blue S910_4370 Medium BlueS910_4370 Medium Blue
S910_4450 Pilot BlueS910_4450 Pilot Blue S910_4460 CommodoreS910_4460 Commodore S910_4470 Yale BlueS910_4470 Yale Blue S910_4480 Caspian SeaS910_4480 Caspian Sea S910_4540 CopenhagenS910_4540 Copenhagen S910_4550 Soldier BlueS910_4550 Soldier Blue S910_4560 Blue JayS910_4560 Blue Jay S910_4580 Blue ChipS910_4580 Blue Chip
S910_4620 ChambrayS910_4620 Chambray
S910_4630 Azure BlueS910_4630 Azure Blue
S910_4640 Miniature BlueS910_4640 Miniature Blue
S910_4650 Sunwashed BlueS910_4650 Sunwashed Blue S910_4660 Faded DenimS910_4660 Faded Denim
S910_4670 Cosmos BlueS910_4670 Cosmos Blue
S910_4720 CielS910_4720 Ciel
S910_4740 Blue RidgeS910_4740 Blue Ridge
S910_4760 Blue SlateS910_4760 Blue Slate S910_4780 Blue StoneS910_4780 Blue Stone S910_4840 Dark MidnightS910_4840 Dark Midnight S910_4860 Indigo InkS910_4860 Indigo Ink S910_4880 Freedom BlueS910_4880 Freedom Blue S910_4900 NavyS910_4900 Navy S910_4920 Gunmetal NavyS910_4920 Gunmetal Navy S910_4940 Dark NavyS910_4940 Dark Navy
S910_4960 Night WatchS910_4960 Night Watch
S910_4980 Blue BlackS910_4980 Blue Black
S910_5020 Aqua MarineS910_5020 Aqua Marine
S910_5040 Blue HawaiiS910_5040 Blue Hawaii
S910_5050 Treasure BlueS910_5050 Treasure Blue
S910_5080 Global BlueS910_5080 Global Blue
S910_5130 Hummingbird BlueS910_5130 Hummingbird Blue S910_5140 Rocket BlueS910_5140 Rocket Blue
S910_5160 Radiant BlueS910_5160 Radiant Blue S910_5220 Light ParakeetS910_5220 Light Parakeet S910_5240 MallardS910_5240 Mallard S910_5260 Cruise BlueS910_5260 Cruise Blue S910_5270 ParakeetS910_5270 Parakeet S910_5280 Parrot BlueS910_5280 Parrot Blue S910_5360 Light Teal BlueS910_5360 Light Teal Blue S910_5380 Dark TealS910_5380 Dark Teal
S910_5420 Blue AquaS910_5420 Blue Aqua S910_5450 River BlueS910_5450 River Blue S910_5480 Oriental TealS910_5480 Oriental Teal S910_5520 AqueousS910_5520 Aqueous S910_5550 Mist AquaS910_5550 Mist Aqua S910_5570 Oriental BlueS910_5570 Oriental Blue S910_5620 Light AquaS910_5620 Light Aqua S910_5660 AquaS910_5660 Aqua
S910_5720 Spray GreenS910_5720 Spray Green S910_5750 BahamaS910_5750 Bahama S910_5760 Ming TealS910_5760 Ming Teal S910_5820 Caribbean SeaS910_5820 Caribbean Sea S910_5840 Light JadeS910_5840 Light Jade S910_5845 SeafoamS910_5845 Seafoam S910_5870 Dark JadeS910_5870 Dark Jade S910_5950 Misty SpruceS910_5950 Misty Spruce
S910_5980 Scots GreenS910_5980 Scots Green
S910_6030 Cloudy JadeS910_6030 Cloudy Jade
S910_6050 Powder GreenS910_6050 Powder Green
S910_6070 SageS910_6070 Sage
S910_6110 CeladonS910_6110 Celadon
S910_6120 CeleryS910_6120 Celery
S910_6140 MignonetteS910_6140 Mignonette
S910_6160 Light Green LinenS910_6160 Light Green Linen
S910_6170 PebbleS910_6170 Pebble
S910_6180 Green LinenS910_6180 Green Linen
S910_6210 Light OkraS910_6210 Light Okra
S910_6220 OkraS910_6220 Okra
S910_6240 PeridotS910_6240 Peridot
S910_6260 Light TourmalineS910_6260 Light Tourmaline S910_6270 KiwiS910_6270 Kiwi
S910_6280 New LeafS910_6280 New Leaf
S910_6320 Light OliveS910_6320 Light Olive
S910_6340 OliveS910_6340 Olive
S910_6360 Bronze GreenS910_6360 Bronze Green
S910_6380 SpinachS910_6380 Spinach
S910_6420 Nile GreenS910_6420 Nile Green
S910_6430 Dark Nile GreenS910_6430 Dark Nile Green S910_6450 Bright GreenS910_6450 Bright Green
S910_6470 LeprechaunS910_6470 Leprechaun
S910_6530 EmeraldS910_6530 Emerald S910_6550 Kerry GreenS910_6550 Kerry Green S910_6570 FernS910_6570 Fern S910_6620 Bright MintS910_6620 Bright Mint S910_6640 SpearmintS910_6640 Spearmint S910_6670 Field GreenS910_6670 Field Green S910_6740 JuniperS910_6740 Juniper S910_6750 Hunter GreenS910_6750 Hunter Green
S910_6770 Forest GreenS910_6770 Forest Green S910_6780 Dark ForestS910_6780 Dark Forest S910_6790 Dark SpinachS910_6790 Dark Spinach S910_6840 LimeS910_6840 Lime S910_6850 Bright AppleS910_6850 Bright Apple S910_6920 ChartreuseS910_6920 Chartreuse S910_6940 Golden OliveS910_6940 Golden Olive S910_6950 SafariS910_6950 Safari
S910_6970 Army DrabS910_6970 Army Drab S910_6980 OliveniteS910_6980 Olivenite S910_6990 Taupe GreenS910_6990 Taupe Green S910_7010 CiderS910_7010 Cider S910_7040 Jungle GoldS910_7040 Jungle Gold S910_7050 BrassS910_7050 Brass S910_7060 Burnished GoldS910_7060 Burnished Gold S910_7100 Pale YellowS910_7100 Pale Yellow
S910_7110 Lemon FizzS910_7110 Lemon Fizz S910_7120 Baby YellowS910_7120 Baby Yellow S910_7240 Banana PeelS910_7240 Banana Peel S910_7250 Sun YellowS910_7250 Sun Yellow S910_7260 MimosaS910_7260 Mimosa S910_7270 Rubber DuckS910_7270 Rubber Duck S910_7310 PrimroseS910_7310 Primrose S910_7330 YellowS910_7330 Yellow
S910_7360 Spark GoldS910_7360 Spark Gold S910_7410 PongeeS910_7410 Pongee S910_7430 Hay RideS910_7430 Hay Ride S910_7450 Temple GoldS910_7450 Temple Gold S910_7460 Spanish GoldS910_7460 Spanish Gold S910_7470 AmberS910_7470 Amber S910_7510 ChamoisS910_7510 Chamois S910_7520 MaizeS910_7520 Maize
S910_7540 GoldenrodS910_7540 Goldenrod S910_7560 SaffronS910_7560 Saffron S910_7570 Mine GoldS910_7570 Mine Gold S910_7580 TortoiseS910_7580 Tortoise S910_7620 PumpkinS910_7620 Pumpkin S910_7630 TangerineS910_7630 Tangerine S910_7640 OrangeS910_7640 Orange S910_7650 TangoS910_7650 Tango
S910_7670 Burnt OrangeS910_7670 Burnt Orange S910_7710 Orange WhipS910_7710 Orange Whip S910_7730 CreamsicleS910_7730 Creamsicle S910_7740 Light OrangeS910_7740 Light Orange S910_7750 KumquatS910_7750 Kumquat S910_7760 Dark OrangeS910_7760 Dark Orange S910_7810 Red ClayS910_7810 Red Clay S910_7820 RustS910_7820 Rust
S910_7830 Bright RustS910_7830 Bright Rust S910_7840 PaprikaS910_7840 Paprika S910_7850 BlushS910_7850 Blush S910_7860 TerracottaS910_7860 Terracotta S910_7870 Rustana RedS910_7870 Rustana Red S910_7900 Dark BlushS910_7900 Dark Blush S910_7910 Pale PeachS910_7910 Pale Peach S910_7920 Peach BlushS910_7920 Peach Blush
S910_7930 SalmonS910_7930 Salmon S910_7940 Coral RustS910_7940 Coral Rust S910_7950 Tomato BisqueS910_7950 Tomato Bisque S910_8000 PearlS910_8000 Pearl S910_8010 NaturalS910_8010 Natural S910_8020 CreamS910_8020 Cream S910_8030 EcruS910_8030 Ecru S910_8035 Dark EcruS910_8035 Dark Ecru
S910_8040 BeigeS910_8040 Beige S910_8050 BuffS910_8050 Buff S910_8060 PralineS910_8060 Praline S910_8120 TanS910_8120 Tan S910_8140 Golden TanS910_8140 Golden Tan S910_8150 SpiceS910_8150 Spice S910_8170 CoffeeS910_8170 Coffee S910_8180 Café BeigeS910_8180 Café Beige
S910_8190 Brown ChestnutS910_8190 Brown Chestnut S910_8220 Light CamelS910_8220 Light Camel
S910_8230 CamelS910_8230 Camel
S910_8240 HempS910_8240 Hemp
S910_8340 SaharaS910_8340 Sahara
S910_8360 Summer BrownS910_8360 Summer Brown
S910_8380 Seal BrownS910_8380 Seal Brown
S910_8390 EspressoS910_8390 Espresso
S910_8420 Dark LinenS910_8420 Dark Linen S910_8430 FawnS910_8430 Fawn S910_8440 KhakiS910_8440 Khaki S910_8450 Dark KhakiS910_8450 Dark Khaki S910_8480 TwigS910_8480 Twig S910_8530 DogwoodS910_8530 Dogwood S910_8540 MushroomS910_8540 Mushroom S910_8550 Taupe ClairS910_8550 Taupe Clair
S910_8630 DriftwoodS910_8630 Driftwood S910_8650 CocoonS910_8650 Cocoon S910_8660 ManateeS910_8660 Manatee S910_8670 DolphinS910_8670 Dolphin S910_8720 Raw SugarS910_8720 Raw Sugar S910_8730 Brown SugarS910_8730 Brown Sugar S910_8750 Maple SugarS910_8750 Maple Sugar S910_8770 London TanS910_8770 London Tan
S910_8820 Dark DogwoodS910_8820 Dark Dogwood
S910_8840 Copper MistS910_8840 Copper Mist
S910_8860 Spanish TileS910_8860 Spanish Tile
S910_8880 Cherry MahoganyS910_8880 Cherry Mahogany S910_8890 Dark BrownS910_8890 Dark Brown
S910_8950 ChocolateS910_8950 Chocolate
S910_8960 Chona BrownS910_8960 Chona Brown
S910_8970 French RoastS910_8970 French Roast
S910_8980 Cloister BrownS910_8980 Cloister Brown S910_8990 RaisinS910_8990 Raisin

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