General Purpose Dual Duty XP – S930

General purpose Dual Duty XP thread is a medium weight thread sized for most hand and machine sewing. It can be used on all fibers, knits and wovens. Dual Duty XP is a strong, smooth thread for consistent tension and excellent stitch formation. New trap spool holds the thread neatly and securely.

Article Number: S930
Product Length: 457 m / 500 yards
Care Instructions:
Wash in warm water
Oxygen bleach recommended, no chlorine bleach
Tumble dry, medium iron, high heat
Professional dry-cleaning in: perchloroethylene, hydrocarbons (heavy benzines); normal process

Swatches (click to zoom)

S9300_0100 WhiteS9300_0100
S930_0150 Winter WhiteS930_0150
Winter White
S9300_0900 BlackS9300_0900
S9300_1180 Light PinkS9300_1180
Light Pink
S9300_1210 PinkS9300_1210
S9300_1840 Hot PinkS9300_1840
Hot Pink
S9300_2160 Atom RedS9300_2160
Atom Red
S9300_2250 RedS9300_2250
S9300_2820 Barberry RedS9300_2820
Barberry Red
S930_3530 LilacS930_3530
S9300_4310 Icy BlueS9300_4310
Icy Blue
S9300_4880 Freedom BlueS9300_4880
Freedom Blue
S9300_4900 NavyS9300_4900
S9300_6770 Forest GreenS9300_6770
Forest Green
S9300_8010 NaturalS9300_8010
S9300_8020 CreamS9300_8020
S9300_8030 EcruS9300_8030
S930_8040 BeigeS930_8040
S9300_8050 BuffS9300_8050
4 Responses to General Purpose Dual Duty XP – S930
  1. I am wondering why Coats and Clark is not offering a medium grey or silver thread in 500 yd spools. It’s a common choice for quilters. My local store sells out of the 250 yd spools very quickly.

    • Thank you for the suggestion. We will pass it along to our marketing department. We do have a 500 yard spool in 450 Nugrey in our Coats Cotton Covered Quilting & Piecing thread. It will be in the Quilting section on a blue spool in the thread display.

  2. I am trying to find a red, white & blue verigated thread, and have not been successful in finding any. I am wondering if C & C makes this thread color?


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