Coats Outdoor® S971

Thread weight is 12. 100% bonded polyester. Ideal for heavier outdoor projects like sails, tents, outdoor furniture and awnings. Even saddles and baseball gloves. UV resistant.

Article Number: S971
Product Length: 200 yards Snap Spool/200 yds mini king
Machine Needle Size: 16-18 be sure to use the correct needle size and lengthen your stitch for best results.
Care Instructions:
S971 Care Instructions

Swatches (click to zoom)

S971_0100 WhiteS971_0100
S971_0770 SteelS971_0770
S971_0900 BlackS971_0900
S971_1430 CoralS971_1430
S971_2680 Red CherryS971_2680
Red Cherry
S971_4270 Monaco BlueS971_4270
Monaco Blue
S971_5820 Caribbean BlueS971_5820 Caribbean Blue S971_5980 Scots GreenS971_5980 Scots Green
S971_6920 ChartreuseS971_6920 Chartreuse S971_7630 TangerineS971_7630 Tangerine S971_8050 BuffS971_8050
S971_8890 Dark BrownS971_8890
Dark Brown
8 Responses to Coats Outdoor® S971
  1. What type of thread is used in the bobbin?

  2. I was told by the Singer Sewing Rep that this tread (outdoor) has a coating and I can not be used safely in my home machine, that it will gum it up and damage it over time. It should only be used on an industrial machine. Is this true? They also said I could use regular upholstery thread but ONLY in the top thread, never in the bobbin. My machine is brand new so I want to do the right thing. Please let me know. Thank you

    • The outdoor thread is bonded, the coating will not come off in your sewing machine. Heavy threads are a little more difficult to use, but this thread and the upholstery thread can be used on a home machine on top and in the bobbin. Be sure to use a large needle 16 or 18 topstitching is best, lengthen the stitch and increase the upper tension.

  3. What is the tensile strength of this thread?


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