Tired of making the same basic skirts over and over? Check out this super simple sewing tutorial for a mermaid skirt that can be completed in just a half hour. It’s so easy to sew with knits if you build up the courage to get started, so follow along this tutorial from The Girl Inspired,.. read more →

We love a sewing project that spices up an existing garment, and we have a great one for you today that utilizes existing denim pants. Follow along this tutorial from The Mother Huddle for adding ruffled cuffs to an existing garment, a great way to upcycle pants that may not fit well (either too long.. read more →

When we say sewing for little ones, we usually mean children which can be so fun because there’s a lot of variety in prints & styles children enjoy. However, today we’re talking little little, like teeny little: sewing for dolls! If you have a little one in your life that likes to play with dolls,.. read more →