It’s Bunny Season and I’ve found a bevy of wonderful, fluffy, itty-bitty bunnies for you to sew! Whether you’re getting ready to celebrate Easter and thinking about filling baskets or just looking for some adorable Spring décor, you’re going to love the tutorials I found for you. Let’s hop to it! Baby Bunnies Helen from.. read more →

Stuffed animals are a traditional, welcome gift and they’re fun to sew. But, why just sew the same old thing? These five little charmers each have a distinctive twist and I’m including tips and tricks for successful stuffies at the end, too. Come see what I found! Elephant Coin Purse This little pachyderm is as practical as.. read more →

If the precious girls in your life are always in need of 18” doll clothes, you know how expensive they can be! Handmade clothes for her 18” best friend make a wonderful Christmas gift and you can save loads of money by sewing up a dozen or so. I’ve got a quick review of free.. read more →

Hey. Rudolph! One of the most beloved symbols of the season should have a place in everyone’s home. And, this year, Rudolph can be homemade – times four! Rudolph the Fabric Deer Head Rudolph can light up any holiday occasion as he looks on from the wall and enjoys the party. This handmade Rudolph is adorable,.. read more →

The countdown is on, Halloween is frightfully close and you need a quick kids costume now. Like really NOW! I feel your panic! So, today we’ve got four cute and quick kids costumes for you to make from four clever Moms I found out in blogland. Keep calm and read on! Friar Tuck and Robin.. read more →

The easiest costume around consists of a simple, yet safe mask. So, if you’re already in costume panic mode, we can help you out today with lots of options for quick, super-clever Simple Masks to Make that your kids will love.  Let’s go! Star Wars Masks Originally designed to satisfy her daughter’s desire for a.. read more →

Your adorable meter is about to go over the top! I’ve found found four options for a super-super cute Baby Onesie Costume you can make and you’re going to love all of them. Most of these are quick enough to make in short sessions while baby naps. Grab a warm beverage, settle in and choose.. read more →

09 Sep 2016
September 9, 2016

School Days Comfort to Sew

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School quiet time comfort is essential for your kids, whether they’re off to school or you’re schooling them at home.  You’ll really enjoy stitching them a Sit Upon, Nap Mat or Back of Chair Organizer – and they’ll love it, too.  School Days Comfort is all about making education a handmade success! Many Kindergartens and Pre-Schools require.. read more →

You don’t have to have a green thumb to “grow” Handsewn Food! Your sewing machine and bits of felt and fabric are all you need to create delicious joy for your little ones. Let’s get cooking! First, we need a kitchen! Debbie Williams, a contributor to the eHow blog, wrote a well-illustrated tutorial for a Chair.. read more →

Monsters are pretty hot stuff with kids, big and little, these days. There are the huge, friendly monsters in popular animated movies.  And the little, crazy pocket size monsters many of us are chasing all over this summer. That means Little Monster projects like grinning monster bibs, tooth monster pillows and crayon gobbling craft tote pockets.. read more →

Don’t you just love a Summer Road Trip? There’s something magical about loading the family in the car and taking off down the road! Ineveitably, though, you start to hear little voices shattering the magic.  “Are we there yet?” “Mom, I’m bored!” “Dad! Olivia’s touching me!”  But, you, talented, skilled sewist, can keep the magic.. read more →

26 Jul 2016
July 26, 2016

Camp Stools for Kids

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When you’re a child the world seems so big and sometimes you wonder where you fit. I have sweet memories of my childhood camp stool as does Elizabeth of the Simple Simon blog. So, I was pleased to find her tutorial for easy-to-make Summer Camp Stools that are not too big, not too small, but just.. read more →

It’s summer and that means bumps and scrapes are inevitable as the kids spend more time running and playing outside. This charming little Boo Hoo Owl will soften the blow, help to calm their tears and become one of Mom and Dad’s best summer friends. Designed by Jenna of the Craft. Sew. Design. blog, Boo Hoo.. read more →

Oh. My. Goodness. I am totally in love with the Balloon Animal Pillows I found on the Little Inspiration blog! Seriously, I want them for my couch or maybe my bed. Like a whole litter of Balloon Puppy Pillows. I suppose they’re really for children, but . . . There are several things I noticed.. read more →

I know we’ve all seen cute tag blankets at baby showers the past few years. They’re usually brightly colored squares with festive ribbon and trim loops spaced around the edge. And, if you’re a sewist like me, you’ve thought “Hmmm . . . I bet I could make that.” Well, yes you can – and.. read more →

Kid-Style Beach Wear is super essential for protection from the sun’s summer rays. Isn’t it great that we can make our own? The adorable Beach Towel Poncho I found on the Blue Closet blog is just charming! Plan a creative outing and take the kids to pick out their own poncho beach towels. They’ll love watching the.. read more →

28 Jun 2016
June 28, 2016

Penny the Fish Softie

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Well, apparently ADORABLE is now spelled F I S H, because this Penny the Fish Softie is just about the most adorable little plushie I’ve seen swimming in the ocean of stuffed toy designs out there in the “Land of Blog”. Abby of the While She Naps blog and podcast is famous for her amazing way.. read more →

Open up your “All Things Girly” file ‘cause we’re going to talk Tu-Tus! There’s just something magical about all that fluff, isn’t there? So, I’ve rounded up a whole downy stack of Tu-Tu Tutorials for you and your little women to enjoy.  Grab 10 yards or so of tulle and get ready! A few years ago.. read more →

I was so lucky when I was little to have a mom who liked to sew. The toys I remember now as an adult are the toys she made for me – I have a collection of dolls that I will always cherish thanks to her skilled hands! And oh, getting one of those dolls.. read more →

We’re super excited to share some of our favorite projects from Noodlehead‘s Anna. (It’s okay—that’s the name of her blog!) She’s a mother of two, a super sewer, and like a lot of us, she learned how to sew from her mother when she was just a girl. Now that she has two daughters of.. read more →

19 Feb 2015
February 19, 2015

Blog Crush: mmmcrafts


When you’re in the mood for bold, fun, and colorful crafts look no further than the super creative Larissa Holland’s blog, mmmcrafts. Go there to find free patterns, cheery tutorials, helpful alteration instructions, and lots of kids crafts. What sets this blog apart—besides the fun-to-read posts (thanks to Larissa’s cheeky humor)—are the professional-looking illustrations that.. read more →

Little girls look so sweet in little dresses and there are so many great dress patterns out there. These 6 sweet summer dresses saw over on Kollabora grabbed our attention and tickled our fancy so we thought we’d share with you. This yellow dress with its black buttons and fun patterned stripes makes us want to frollick.. read more →

Looking for a fun project to make with the kiddos? Try this DIY fabric scrap necklace from the Sewing Rabbit. All you need are basic sewing supplies to make a cute oversized piece of jewelry with bright colors, lots of texture, and a pretty ribbon tie. It’s the perfect project for spring! The secret to.. read more →

Sewing fantastical dresses for little girls is quite possibly the best sewing project to take on. After all, you get to see her face brighten every time she wears it. That’s why we love this sparkling celestial glitter dress dreamed up by Charm Stitch. Any girl would be thrilled to have this dress for summer… read more →

We’re loving the blog True Bias, the creation of a New York City mom of two who has been sewing since she was a girl growing up in the South. Kelli’s modern style and approach to sewing are super inspirational, particularly for those who love to sew for kids. You’ll find tutorials for fun projects,.. read more →

Nothing beats the feeling of a handmade plaything. Kiddos will appreciate the customized treasure, and you get to watch them enjoy something you poured your heart into making for years to come. We’ve been seeing a lot of fun and inspiring options out there, so we thought we’d round up our list of 5 favorites.. read more →

Jessica Abbott, of the Sewing Rabbit, and Celina Bailey, of Petit à Petit & Family, have teamed up to create STYLO, a new stylish magazine full of interviews with designers, tutorials, and photography that will make you want to pick up a needle and thread to create your own kidswear. Here’s a look at Issue One. We.. read more →

Baby booties are one of the best sewing projects. They’re quick and easy to make—good thing, too, considering how fast those little tootsies grow!—but the end result is so super cute, people will think you spent days on them. They make great handmade gifts, and with these 7 DIY tutorials for the cutest baby booties.. read more →

Almost every young child has a set of memory flash cards at some point. You’re usually given them as a gift for baby, who ends up chewing on the corners, which means the cards get pretty ratty by the time the poor kiddo is old enough to actually play with them. Lucky for us, Sew.. read more →

Easter is right around the corner, but there’s plenty of time to get going on a super cute Easter dress for the little girl in your life. There’s so many styles out there that we had a hard time picking only 10, but we did it: Here’s a list of DIY dresses that can be.. read more →

We’re so excited by the awesome bag tutorials we’ve seen on Polka Dot Chair that we had to share them with you. Melissa Mortenson’s blog has lots of different modern DIY sewing patterns and tutorials, but the stylish bags she makes are our favorite. Whether you’re sewing for yourself or as a gift, these 5.. read more →

It’s not too early to start planning your summer and what you’re going to wear to the beach or pool. Making swimwear is easier than you might think and fun to sew because you can customize the look and get a perfect fit. Plus, it can be a lot cheaper than buying a store bought.. read more →

Project Run & Play (PR&P) is the kid bloggers version of Project Runway. Designers submit highly creative costumes to be judged by “celebrity” judges, and readers vote too. There’s plenty to ooh and aah over, lots of inspiration, and ample amounts of super cute kid looks, which is why we’re frequent visitors to the site… read more →

Brooklyn-based Liesl Gibson is the creator of amazing brands that promote simple, stylish patterns and projects for sewing enthusiasts. Before launching her first brand, Oliver + S in 2008, Liesl earned a degree from FIT and worked for Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger. Since then, she’s created the womens pattern line Lisette, available at Jo-Ann.. read more →

Right now we have our gaze set on the magic being created over at Pretty Prudent, a lifestyle blog created by two moms, Jamie and Jacinda, that features all kinds of stylish, whimsical, modern (and retro) sewing tutorials for grown ups and kids. Once you’ve landed on their site, you’ll stay there, spending hours and.. read more →

One of our newest contributors over at Handmade Charlotte inspired this roundup of easy-to-sew headwear for kids. Eri, author of the awesome blog Llevo el invierno, has a tutorial for this super cute turban pattern. I’ve been dying to make it for my girlies ever since it caught my eye. But there’s more: Grownup-style hats.. read more →

Made By Rae is a must-see blog for any sewer looking for useful tips and tutorials and quality downloadable patterns. It’s the creation of none other than Rae, a former physics teacher turned blogger who is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. In addition to running her blog, Rae keeps extra busy teaching sewing classes and.. read more →

One of our favorite types of sewing projects is the organizer. They’re the perfect projects to customize based on the size you need and the style you want. Whether it’s paper and pens, groceries and household products, or even remote controls, we’ve rounded up a list of super stylish, easy-to-sew tutorials for you to choose.. read more →

Softies make for great sewing projects—for gifts or just because. They’re easy to make, they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and are easy to customize. Now that we’re officially in crafting-for-gift-giving season, we thought we’d round up a selection of some of the most adorable free patterns and tutorials out there. From.. read more →

Chances are you’re starting to line up your 2014 project list, and if you’re sewing for little girls, you’ll want to put a few—if not all—of these darling dresses on your list. The best part about dresses is that they’re fairly flexible when it comes to seasonality. Even a sleeveless dress can be made warm.. read more →

You don’t often hear the word “hip” or “modern” associated with kids’ clothing — often our options center around the word “basic” more than anything. However, there are some truly inspiring people making beautifully designed threads for kids, and we’re excited to share a favorite of ours, Sophie of Cirque Du Bebe. Her clothing celebrates.. read more →

We love being creative with our children, rather than always expending our creative energies on making something for them — why not make something with them? We’ve picked six fun projects from one of our favorite inspiration sites, Kollabora, for you to share with a little one that range from personal style to decor. Ready.. read more →

Follow along with us today as we feature a fantastic tutorial from My Sparkle blog on how to create your own mock smock frock — a beautiful garment for any age. We know — the name’s a bit of a tongue twister, but we promise that’s the only confusing part of this great tutorial! read more →

These days it seems as if there has been an explosion in the world of sewing and crafting stuffed toys. It’s not hard to see why, the stuffed toy patterns out there are adorable. You can find everything from a tiny stuffed caterpillar (wearing glasses) to zippy animal pillows and stuffed food toys like donuts,.. read more →

Soon, the foliage will begin changing for the Fall and we must admit that we love the sewing opportunities during this season! Bundling up is the perfect opportunity for sewing, as warm fibers are a staple during the chillier months. Check out these awesomely autumnal, perfectly warm sewing projects for boys — wardrobe staples that.. read more →

We can’t help ourselves when it comes to things that roll up for kids — the on-the-go convenience can’t be beat! We’re still fresh in school mode, with kids all over the country from elementary school to college freshly settled into the academic atmosphere. Today we are excited to share with you a tutorial for.. read more →

Today we’re inspired by the wonderful blog, Sparkle Power, full of great sewing activities from a crafty mother of three. We thought we’d share our favorite projects from this fun site, a round-up of 6 sewing projects perfect for getting you out of a slump or inspiring you to make something out of your usual.. read more →

  Sometimes we sit and wonder where we would be without the internet in our sewing. We rely so heavily on both the inspiration for a specific project and the motivation to actually complete it from the people we follow from afar. It’s amazing to see just how productive everyone is, and makes us want.. read more →

It’s back-to-school time, a perfect opportunity to create a handmade tote for your child’s school materials! We love sewing for school, as it makes us feel like school is just a little extra special when they have a cool accessory. Check out this adorable backpack tote bag from Jojo & Eloise, appliqued with super cute.. read more →

We must admit, we spend a lot of time scouring the web for great creative inspiration. Sometimes, we are especially amazed at how many projects some people get through! If we had all the time in the world, it might all be spent sewing — or buying fabric & fantastic thread. We’re excited to share.. read more →

One of our favorite things to sew is toys for children. It makes for such a unique creative experience for a little one, especially if they can help decide what materials you use, or if it’s catered specifically to their personality. Today we’re sharing a really simple pattern download for a plush house from Ever.. read more →

The high summer sun always makes us run to the outdoors, leaving our sewing machines behind more than other seasons. However, everyone needs a break from the heat, and what better way to spend it than making something awesome? We’re pulling out one of our favorite summer craft references, Martha Stewart’s extensive library of activities,.. read more →

We’re always looking for quilted projects to keep our quilting skills fresh without having to make a full size quilt every time. If you’re looking for a fun quilting project, or if you’re starting out and would like to start small-scale, this tutorial from the blog, I Heart Linen, for a quilted checkerboard set is a great.. read more →

Every great sewist was once a child, and our greatest skills in creativity flourished in our younger years. They say it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert in any craft, so one would think the younger you start, the better, right? If you have a child in your life, we are so pleased to.. read more →

I love sewing pretty things in the springtime, and this year I have fallen in love with Amy Butler’s wonderful Barcelona Skirt pattern that my friend Holly sent me as a surprise gift. I just finished my seventh Barcelona skirt, in the green leaf & dot print from Denyse Schmidt’s Flea Market Fancy reprint, and.. read more →

We love a sewing project that spices up an existing garment, and we have a great one for you today that utilizes existing denim pants. Follow along this tutorial from The Mother Huddle for adding ruffled cuffs to an existing garment, a great way to upcycle pants that may not fit well (either too long.. read more →

Keep the kids warm and cozy this winter season with a handmade hot shoulder dragon, a super simple sewing project that can be made by hand or machine, perfect for a sick day or those chilly nights. This tutorial from Instructables was designed with the crafty kid in mind. It can  be sewn by machine.. read more →